Because you can wear them in so many different scenarios, I think they can simplify your closet. The NY Giants Laughed At The Cleveland Browns Reported Trade Offer For Odell Beckham Jr. →. They asked for 250k for a whopping 1.5% stake in their fledgling company. ... Reddit's largest men's fashion community. In my opinion, they are some of the best underwear out there, so I am very hesitant to ditch them in favor of something else. Most importantly, they taper them in the right places. I found the material to be very soft and comfortable. Birddogs recently branched out into pants. However, they changed my mind quickly. Just wanted to let all y’all know that my pants did fit and I learned way too much about dogs in the process. @media only screen and (max-width: 1400px) { display:block; Times are tough for everyone with massive unemployment as well as financial issue for many. How tall are you and what size did you get? I need the stretch in my life. Yup! Nothing has given out. For a long time, men were resigned to boring, uncomfortable pants, that never fit just right. So how’d the class clown of marketing ace product design? They all claim to reinvent things like socks, t-shirts, and every other essential item. For golfers, I think they add another layer of value. Shorts are essential to me. You can sweat in them while working out or playing golf on a hot day. You can learn more about Birddogs and purchase their products directly on their website. Yeah, it’s a miserable feeling that leaves you being “that guy” who can’t stop tugging on your junk every few minutes, which warrants lots of stares from people. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Reddit's largest men's fashion community. That’s because Birddogs are designed with your package in mind, offering a built-in liner on all their shorts and pants that free men from having to wear underwear. The pockets. They’re not cheap, but also not insanely expensive like some of the other premium direct-to-consumer brands. Loose, slim? Did you order them a size larger? 91% Upvoted. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. My favorite part of the Birddogs pants is the cut. Marketing $ at its best. How would you say the fit is? Your email address will not be published. I first saw Birddogs when they premiered on Shark Tank back in 2018. Birddogs give you some more room around your thighs, and taper in around your lower legs. Over the past few years, I’ve gravitated more towards these designs because I genuinely dislike traditional work pants. We'll also send you a free copy of our bestselling eBook on course strategy, Copyright © 2020 Practical Golf | Powered by: WP Engine | Built on: The Genesis FrameworkAdvertise With Us | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | Site Design by 3200 Creative, /* ----------------------------------------- */ You feel a lot of freedom down there at the same time; it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing since the material is so light. One thing that has always slightly bothered me about wearing any shorts is the weight of my phone, keys, and wallet. I hadn't been able to find any solid reviews elsewhere, so I'm thankful for your input! Despite having my concerns about the built-in liner, I dig them. Are these ok for riding a bike?I had this great pair of Lost Clothing shorts that I found at Marshalls, they sort of looked like nice khaki shorts but the material was slightly stretchy. If you want them fast, just pay for shipping. } You can find him on Twitter here - @practicalgolf, where he is happy to chat about golf with anyone. Stays dry as well. While I liked the idea of Birddogs’ versatility, I was a little skeptical because of one thing – I am not a fan of built-in liners. Cookies help us deliver our Services. top: 250px; I have asked for a full refund as there does not appear to be any caring customer service. Over the years, I’ve built a stockpile for every situation – working out, lounging, golf, and for casual outings. KEEP GETTING DOGS THAT HUNT BIRDS AND STAY COOL BIRDDOGS REDDIT. Looks like I'll be investing in a pair or two! 40%. This is just the review I was looking for. The shorts range from $54.95 – $59.95 and the pants are $89.95. A common theme emerges – Birddogs make the most comfortable shorts and pants out there. There are a few specific reasons why these shorts can be separated from the rest: The built in liner is comfortable and stays comfortable for an extended period of time. Awesome! Whether it’s the “Bi-curious Georges” (seen above) or the “Seattle Pounders“, Birddogs have a handful of pants styles to choose from, too, complete with the same liner as the shorts, as well as the phone pouch. display:none !important; I’m a 31 waist so that equates to medium shorts and the size 30 waist pants. A place for redditors to sell, buy or trade their previously-owned clothes, shoes and accessories. Their signature gym shorts promise a comfortable, underwear-free experience combined with a versatile style. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So whether I was wearing them at home or playing golf, I grew to enjoy that feeling. MASSIVE Birddogs Shorts fan. That’s because Birddogs are designed with your package in mind, offering a built-in liner on all their shorts and pants that free men from having to wear underwear. The result is a stretchy, comfortable and wearable pair of pants that guys can’t get enough of. Their advertising is so fratty it's laughable, but I think that's the point. Here’s the thing, though, Birddogs doesn’t just make shorts, because they’re here to make sure you’re comfortable as ever even when the weather’s making your package shrivel up from the cold. They were the perfect summer shorts because they were light but without bad-looking baggy legs that catch on my bike when I ride. Sure, all that stuff sounds F’in phenomenal, but there’s more to Birddogs than just the substance they give guy. They seem to be a small company that has been getting really popular. I struggle to find golf pants that aren’t too baggy or too tight – there is a happy medium here. The stuff sits on top of your thigh. I've worked with their customer service and they are friendly. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. All for gym shorts with a built-in underwear liner. The website has free shipping service for all orders over $ sent to USA. I'm always worried about shorts with a lot of pockets out of fear of the cargo-short effect (bulging pockets with buttons and zippers galore). All rights reserved. This is not untrue for myself. You can wear them when you’re lounging around the house, working out, and even on the golf course. I own a bunch of 2 UNDR boxer briefs. These shorts are sure to replace those boring-ass things you’re currently wearing during a workout. After wearing Birddogs for several weeks, I am impressed by their product. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Join more than 30,000 golfers and receive email updates when new articles post. Gym shorts for free-balling crotch crusaders. I will not order from them again and I would advise any future customers to be aware of their poor service. More posts from the MaleFashionMarket community. Most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. Yep they have some stretch to them. Every time I try it's all in HTML and no pictures show up. Still look the same. Anyone holding any birddog shorts or … share. I would love to get some other colors of their pants, but many of the sizes and colors I want are back-ordered – something to keep in mind. How's the butt sweat situation? Even the names of Birddogs are as outrageous as the looks, with the “Black Out Barts“, “The Mermans” and “Tony Softnuts” among the variety of options for bros to scoop up and add to their wardrobe. Also, there are three inseam lengths to choose from – I went with their longest option of 9 1/4″ which kept them a distance from my knees that I was comfortable with (not a fan of short shorts). For several weeks I wore three pairs of Birddogs pretty much everywhere – even swimming. } Even more reason to put in a purchase now. /* ----------------------------------------- */ While not all of their shorts can do it, a lot of their colors have “chameleon” possibilities. The BroBible team writes about gear that we think you want. I think Birddogs’ strongest feature is their design versatility. save hide report. Hoping they expand their line to pants soon... How would you say the fit is? I ordered 2 pair of these Birddog shorts for my son’s Plus, with features like a phone pouch and, finally, a ball pouch, you won’t be left readjusting yourself at the gym all the time. As of now, they have some pretty extensive back order dates. Thanks – I’m usually between small and medium in most brands (waist size 31, and I’m 5’8″), so I went with the medium. No frills design and look. Anyone holding any birddog shorts or pants that’s looking to move them on? I got the Billy Buds (I think) and they look almost like normal flat front shorts, so they could be double duty besides as a gym short. Brought to you in partnership with Birddogs. .code-block-2:nth-of-type(even) { Biggest Birddogs Shorts Fan. That’s because Birddogs are designed with your package in mind, offering a built-in liner on all their shorts and pants that free men from having to wear underwear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Another small feature that caught my attention is that the drawstring did a better job of adjusting the tightness around my hips than other shorts I’ve had.

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