Overall Ranking: 1/28 Normally, the Lanius' air-drain will cause enemy crew to stop combat and vacate into adjacent rooms when the air supply runs out, but If the room's doors have been locked down by hacking systems, the enemy crew will often be forced to stay in combat with the Lanius boarding party until they succumb to the mixture of air-deprivation and melee combat. Instead, it uses a pair of Ion Blasts to set up an ion cascade, with the goal of repeatedly hitting the enemy ship with ion damage and keeping its shields permanently offline. Slug C is unique for having both Hacking and Mind Control as starting systems, which no other ship can claim. This makes the ship almost completely invulnerable to damage from the rebel designs in Sector One and Sector Two. All of the normal systems are present and begin at the default levels. I generally don't like relying on drones to deal damage at all because they can't be controlled in combat. Not much fun. The Engi A might be great in the hands of newcomers, but it doesn't get much better when piloted by an expert player. Unfortunately, far too many runs fail to reach that point and get torn apart while waiting around endlessly for the Glaive Beam to fire. Mantis B is a boarding ship and it needs to be played that way to take advantage of its strengths. Readers of this website will know that I favor gunships over boarding ships, and while I've tried not to let that affect this list, I'm sure personal bias plays a factor in this process. Strengths: Hacking, Solid Weapons ), Lanius A About the best thing that can be said for the Kestrel C is that it doesn't have any crippling disadvantages. S is the top-tier, a grade above A, the "super" option. It's a fairly average ship that gets boosted towards the top of this group due to the presence of the Hacking system. The ship begins with two weapons: a Heavy Laser and a Heavy Ion. Weaknesses: Low Reactor Power. Turn off oxygen when the battery is on recharge, refill quickly when it's up. There they will die quickly, though after the effect wears off they will head to the nearest oxygenated room. I may attempt to add the new ships to the tier list (after some derusting and playing the new ships), however I am currently in college nearing finals and am also invested competitively in other games, so no promises. i not is s-d-b-c-... pls explained me these letters. The Lanius and Crystal cruiser do not have a 'C' layout. Two shots with the Anti-Bio Beam will kill everything other than Rockmen, and ideally the player can use it to get the bonus scrap reward for eliminating enemy crew without destroying their ship in the process. Ships were evaluated under the assumption of Hard difficulty with the goal of defeating the rebel flagship and winning the game as efficienty as possible. The weapon is paired with the Heavy Ion, one of the worst weapons in the game, which fires a two damage ion shot for the cost of 2 weapon power. You don't need a lot of weapons to effectively use this ship but to beat the Rebel Flagship you need either bombs or missiles to disable their Medbay, followed by a teleportation there immediately after so that they cannot repair it. The rest of the Rock A is fairly standard, without any major strengths or weaknesses. Without drones you have two subsystems to help round out your defenses, although they don't become necessary until end game. In the early game, the Burst Laser II alone will obliterate most ships. Still, that doesn't change the fact that Federation A is a much stronger ship overall. Weaknesses: No Sensors, High Skillcap. That leaves the teleporting shenanigans with zero standard weapons as the only option - what a load of fun. If Slug B becomes a decent ship after purchasing a Medbay, then how much better off would another ship be that *DIDN'T* have to waste 50 scrap that way? If the enemy has missiles, use the defense drone if you send your entire crew over. With that strong of a defense, you can probably forge through the constant stream of fire, and let your artillery beam get through the super shield. In other words, all of these ships can be good with the right upgrades. Even if you have poor luck in finding weapons, the starting setup will work reasonably well until enemy ships begin showing up with three shield layers in Sector Five. to have any dodge chance. Later, this ship can be enhanced a couple of ways. If you've got an important fight coming up and you've got a crew with low health (and a Clone Bay), it is usually wise to kill them from suffocation (or fire if currently present), in order that they won't get killed at an inopportune time. Well, Zoltan C has the same basic offensive gameplay, but with a much weaker/slower-firing ion weapon (Ion Charger instead of Ion Blast II) and an inferior type of drone (Beam Drone instead of Combat Drone). Never ... raw download clone embed report print. Unfortunately this is still a pretty mediocre weapon setup, and nothing particularly special to write home about. Enemy ships with Cloaking, high evade, or Defensive Drone IIs will shut down the Ion Charger in a real hurry. The ship starts with only 5 reactor power (the default is 8), but that's countered by begining with a crew of three Zoltans. Secondly, the Artillery Beam suffers from an extremely long chargeup time, which cannot be reduced by having crew operate the system. The rest follows the US grade system, of A, then B, then C, then D, then F for failure. The Ion blast and bombs can keep the shields down while your drones go to work on the hull. 2. This also leaves the ship prone to large boarding parties as it gives quick access to vital systems, as with fire. Again: To Make This Work, All Systems Must Be Functioning. Since this ship lends itself to a dedicated boarding strategy, a Mind Control is a superb additional system to purchase, however, this in turn requires the last slot available, and makes your ship more vulnerable to Automated ships, Slugs, or battles where cloaking is generally standard. FTL: Faster Than Light Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Fire doesn't affect Rockmen, but on detonation, the firebomb outputs a bit of damage that can kill low health Rockmen. If we're evaluating these ships from the perspective of a skilled player, Engi A is nothing special. Get a teleporter soon, as a Lanius pair makes for an excellent boarding team. While it can definitely turn the tide of a battle, it's not desirable for a boarding strategy. This provides a number of different ways to screw around with enemy crew, and Slug C can be a decent boarding ship if the player chooses to add a Teleporter. Some of the intra-tier ranking was truly splitting hairs, however, and these ships should be regarded as roughly even in strength. You need to complete predefined objectives to unlock additional layouts: Layout of the PC Ship list/Unlock Progress. Despite being a diverse group of ships, I consider all of them to be roughly comparable in strength. Seriously, this design is a total piece of junk. I mean, what are all those ships that start with Dual Lasers or Chain Lasers going to do when the enemy ships show up with two shield bubbles? The focus early-on should be on conserving missiles and scrap, for otherwise you'll end up expending both very quickly. The ion cascade also gets interrupted by any ship with Cloaking, and it feels like every other ship has a Cloaking unit by the end of the game. The lack of other sentient beings on board is a major drawback, and not only due to the obvious issue of dealing with enemy boarders. Even Slug B gets the Artemis Missile for targeted damage. The Lanius ability to drain oxygen together with Mindcontrol is an effective way of taking out enemy crew. The Beam Drones are even worse than the Combat Drones, as they do absolutely nothing unless the enemy shields have been broken, and that's 90% of the challenge in the first place. There's no extra stuff to micro for advantage - Kestrel B is a basic ship. First of all, that's not even true; Zoltan A has a Leto Missile which could be fired against enemy shields and eliminate one of the layers. This is one of your biggest advantages: since you don't need to take down the last shield to damage an enemy ship, all enemy ships have their shields effectively reduced by one. human, human, rock, to cause some chaos in the enemy ship. The boarding ships with a Teleporter don't get extra weight because of their ability to rack up a higher in-game score (although I have indeed factored in the additional scrap and other rewards that they can reap from boarding). You could refer to the Kestrel A with the term "bland", although that might be a bit unfair. As this build is so drone-heavy, acquire a Drone Recovery Arm - and your defenses become free! Strengths: Flak Artillery Beam, Teleporter With all those Mantis crewmembers and the Small Bomb, the Mantis A is set up about as well as possible for a boarding ship that lacks a four-tile Teleporter. Some other weapon should be the one getting past enemy shields, followed by the Heavy Laser adding on major damage from there. The only weaknesses on this ship are the weak starting weapons (requiring a one-time payment of 40 scrap to upgrade to level 2) and the lack of Sensors, which does limit the effectiveness of the Mind Control system a bit. Respond with the "or die trying" option, which will give the player a quest marker. However, Slugs can see the rooms they are adjacent to, and the locations of enemies onboard their vessel. We're now starting to reach the point on this list where the ships don't have much in the way of advantages, and they make this tier simply by avoiding the crippling penalties of the worst ships. Slug C Zoltan C rarely seems to be rated as the worst ship in the game; I tend to see a lot of Engi B and Stealth C popping up online in that position. Engi C slots its way into the final spot on this tier with a whole lot of hard work and elbow grease. We're starting to hit ships here that have major weaknesses and serious disadvantages. The player will be sent to the secret sector Hidden Crystal Worlds. At the start of the game, a successful hit from the Ion Stunner will remove a shield bubble and allow the Dual Lasers to get in two shots for free. The Artemis + Hull Missile + Rock Plating combination will sell for a total of 101 scrap, so there's money there to get another weapon layout. This is the sole reason why I have the Stealth C ranked here and not lower: for all of its massive defensive weaknesses, this ship can compensate for them by winning battles quickly with strong weapons. Crew provide passive bonuses for manning systems in FTL: 5-10% evade for engines and piloting, 10-20% faster cooldown for weapons, 10-30% faster recharge for shields, and a free additional system level for doors and sensors.

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