You have to read this dua for victory over enemy continually for three days don’t make any gap between the days you read this dua for your enemy. Please continue feeding your curiosity, and find more info in the following links: Will Allah Forgive My Abuser If I Don’t Forgive Them? O Allah! [Quran 39: 10]. It will change the thinking about you if you do this dua. Allahumma Ameen. Grant victory to the Muslims all over your Land. O Allah! d.write('Criteo.DisplayAd({ "zoneid": 35999, "async": false});'); if ( width-x>=440 || width>=1425){ It will remove all the anger from their mind if you read this dua for your enemies. Dua'a 138 To destroy your enemy recite the following du-a … You have to read this dua for two days continuously if you want the complete result of this dua. Lay not on us a burden Like that which Thou didst lay on those before us; Our Lord! Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, wa adhillash-shirka wal-Mushrikeen, wa dammir adaa'ad-deen, wahmi hawzatal-Islami Ya rabbal Alameen. Indeed, He does not like wrongdoers.And whoever avenges himself after having been wronged – those have not upon them any cause [for blame].The cause is only against the ones who wrong the people and tyrannize upon the earth without right. POWERFUL BEST DUA TO GET RID OF ENEMIES Spells to form Someone Fall crazy With You Who are happy to determine your growth and success yet there are some folks that are jealous of you. Ask Allah (SWT) with His infinite Knowledge, Wisdom and Mercy to guide you and mend your affairs in the way that is best for you in this world and the next. x = d.getElementById('content').offsetWidth; Allah is also telling us something beautiful. d.write('Criteo.DisplayAd({ "zoneid": 35999, "async": false});'); He will totally under your control whatever you say he does that your enemy is under your foot. O Allah! Innahu la yadhillu ma walait wa la ya'izzu man 'aadait , This dua will protect you from your enemies who are occurring problems in your life day by day. That’s why we should be careful not to commit injustice against anyone in our dua. They will never occur problems in your life. Dina Mohamed Basiony is a writer based in Cairo, Egypt. Have mercy on the Ummah of Muhammad. All Rights Reserved. d.write('