For many game veterans these are a lot of things for the antique dealer. On the way you will encounter items hidden within fog which might be of value. If you are lucky you may find 10 pieces of Tickets or 20 pieces of Tickets instead. Sie haben den Winter-Express genommen, nicht wahr? InnoGames have used the 2020 Halloween Event to reintroduce some avatars from previous Events. Once the City is fully illuminated, the City will be refreshed and the assigned Grand Prize will be credited to the player's inventory. The Lower Numbers in brackets are for BA. These tickets are then used in the event window. Betty Lou, Annabella, Triexiebelle and Psychopomp Pete seem to be found less often than the bears of the upper row. Tools - Individual tools, i.e. FandomShop Ad:TrekHistory GalaxyQuest. You can find a list of Daily Specials as they appeared on Beta here. There are five types of prizes in this event. This gives you a whole range of additional tasks at once, but they are often the same. The quests have to be solved in the order they are presented and no quests are abortable., Light Bulbs - They contribute to the Grand Prize total. This chest contains 2. The player should use the matches collected to light up the City. However, it doesn't clear those tiles which are Travel Cases. Hee! It is important to keep in mind that tools cannot be purchased using diamonds. Any solitary match might randomly provide 1-3 candles for the city. So no one can really complain and InnoGames benefits from this. The event features two questlines presented by the The Creepy Ringmaster. The player uses stars to open the presents and claim what is hidden inside. If there is a Travel Case tile in the way, it will be blocked from reaching any tiles below or above it. The House of Horror will be a small, cute building with a 3×4 floor space, daily coins, negative hapiness and inhabitants. This event will be mostly similar to previous fall event – the beta server where all quests will be identical. Each aspect is explained in detail in the following sections. Daily Special Prizes can be won in presents the same day. As you can see, the event window contains 6 main elements. The found light bulbs are then displayed in a progress bar at the top of the event window. Rewards a Mad Scientist's Lab when all quests are completed. But there are also 2 times the Black Tower, the Cemetery Kit, the Dark Doorway and several towers with combat bonuses. The player has to manually click on the prize so that it is finally obtained. If you want to upgrade them to a second building, you could do that with about 12,000 diamonds. At the beginning you get 7 candles, 3 flashlights and a lantern. Pumpkins - They are like the chests of other events. The following table lists all the events that have occurred as of date in the game, categorized by year and type. The second number in brackets is for the SAAB.To get a better idea of your exact requirements Click Here and use the Tables provided, please be aware that the Final Table is incomplete as we do have players from those Ages that could help. Milestone Bonus of 1,200 Tickets Players who think about whether it’s worth using a candle for each pumpkin, or whether it’s better to skip one in favor of more light bulbs and dolls, should take the hint that the friendlier the pumpkin looks, the better the chance of getting a good reward, i.e. Candle, Torch/Flashlight and Lantern may be also obtained from the fog. The Reindeer Collection Window can be accessed by selecting the reindeer in the Winter Event Window or by selecting the reindeer sleigh next to your cities tavern (The reindeer sleigh will reflect the number of currently collected reindeer, as for each collected reindeer, a reindeer will be added to the sleigh). Over here, it plays an indirect role. Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Level 4 Future Era [Battle Guide], Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Level 4 Tomorrow Era [Battle Guide]. Read all about it here. This contains:-. That’s what we find so cleverly solved. They are: The mechanics of this event are similar to last years Halloween Event. The fourth kind is the Grand Prize, which is rewarded upon collection of 20 Light Bulbs. Clicking on a clear avatar icon presents the player with an avatar., Some Incidents in and around your city, will give between, "Show 2" reveals two random presents on the board and gives the player. If, for example, one task requires the use of 30 Forge points, another requires 45 Forge points and a third task 60 Forge points, all 3 tasks are completed with the used 60 Forge points. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One of this years Presents is a Calendar Kit. It cannot work on Travel Cases. There are 3 types of Pumpkins in this event. The player begins with 7 Candles, 3 Torches/Flashlights and 1 Lantern. If you find a key you can open the next box on the calendar, one key per day of the event. Now, it is coming up with its seasonal event Forge of Empire Fall Event 2020. How was your journey here? It looks more like a storage tent. Instead, they have to be bought using the event currency, Tickets. Note: Where the word "some" appears in the quest text below, the amount differs depending on the Age the player is at. These Quests will stack until you have completed the Main Questlines. The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes. The player can activate the found toy's respective quest line in the Circus. Whenever the player opens a present, they will receive a match. Quest Toys - A chance to win additional Prizes. Like last year it comes with Daily Quests as well as the Main Quests that can be completed straight away, to collect much needed Event Currency.And includes a minigame where you will find all the Rewards and Prizes. The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2020 is coming! Depending on the number of days the player takes to complete the main quests, that number of quests will stack when the daily ones start. You use a candle to illuminate a single field, with a flashlight you can clear a whole column and the lantern then removes the fog around all the neighboring fields. Open ALL 32 Boxes to recieve the key to open the Chest. There are four different "Normal Toys", three different "Silver Toys" and one "Golden Toy" to be found. The player can open as many presents as they can afford, and win everything over and over again. The second and further rewards do not contain the Creepy Clown's avatar though. The Daily Questline, you will give you one quest per day, for the 21 days of the event. Besides a portrait of the clown, there are 30 candles, 10 flashlights and 10 lanterns. The advantage of this is that a large number of tiles can be cleared in one go, while the disadvantage is that if a Travel Case tile blocks its path, it cannot work beyond it. "Shuffle All" resets all the presents. Rewards a Haunted House when all quests are completed. But the prizes in this event would be better for sure. After completing that, the player will then immediately receive 5 quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day. When "Shuffle All" appears, the player needs to press "Start" again and in addition claim. Three upgrade kits are then available for milestones 15, 40, and 51, which is the successful completion of the quest series. Of course, the incidents in and around the city also occasionally provide tickets, mostly 5, with luck even 10 or 20. This is a special deal offered during the Winter Event. After accepting the deal, the collected Reindeer will reset and you can start collecting new Reindeer for the next deal. Collect the Stars, open the Presents, find a key and collect the Matches, light the candles to illuminate the homes and collect more Rewards. There are 38 Main Quests are available which can be completed as soon as possible.

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