z-index: 1102; Just by Still Waters Speaking wp. // .off('keyup.gallerywidgetclose') switches off the listener as soon as it matches ESC, LEFT or RIGHT 3: { name: "Night", link: "Day and night", bg: [122,134,171] }, margin-left: -1px; } 3: { name: "Ooze Pits", link: "The Ooze Pit Trials", chatlink: "[&BPgLAAA=]", bg: [ 98,177,234] }, Complete the light puzzle in the Southern Mountains. } output.appendChild(input); var patternQty = Math.ceil( (fillDuration - partialDuration) / patternDuration); /* Guild Wars 2 Wiki: Widget:Gallery */ jb: { otherHourOffset = otherHourOffset + 22; var hour = Math.floor( time/60 ); } // Allow reordering of elements }); // Use viewer preferences immediately where possible input.spellcheck = false; // Allow closure of event bars Earn gold participation in 20 Trial kodan cairn cleansing events. $('#event-container').html(''); .event-time { // Just one object, with the ending after the future line + beginning on or after future line image.title = image.alt; .append($(document.createElement("h4")).text(imagename)) sequences: { } $('.event-pointer-time').click(function() { } Deer Meat Chunk 10: { name: "The Shatterer", link: "Slay the Shatterer", chatlink: "[&BE4DAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] } These chests are a source of great confusion among many players. if (metaKey == 'ds' && r == 1) { var hideChatLinks = getEventTimerPreferences('hidechatlinks', uitext.checkboxes.hidechatlinks.defaultvalue); } } ", }, 'PM' : 'AM'); } .append($(document.createElement("span")) Some points do not appear unless the map is zoomed in enough, so the map must be zoomed in enough for those to be highlighted. } width: 6.6em; On a ledge, above the previous brazier. display: block; var cssText = $.map(eventData, function(metaEventData, metaKey) { // Chatlink right: 0; hover: "If checked, the timer will display times in the 12 hour format with AM and PM suffix. Go through the Raven Gate on the west side of the room at Rime Glen. 2: { name: "Dredgehaunt Cliffs", link: "Dragon Bash Hologram Stampede! } return function createEventBars(useEvenHourStart, metaSequence, otherHourOffset) { // Run once if (paused) { There is a Champion Boneskinner at the end. Just by Koda's Tears PoI, south of Still Waters Speaking wp. case 3: } #event-wrapper.hidechatlinks .event-chatlink { display: none; } Delivered Bear Flank. $(document).on('keyup.gallerywidgetclose', function(e){ 0: { name: "", bg: [242,215,162] }, }); } 'use strict'; You have to train the correct Icebrood Saga mastery track to “beat” the chest you’re trying to open. [1] It was once taken over by a powerful female jotun leader. // Minimum number of pattern repetitions required }); Click on the top left corner of the player below to see the whole list or click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

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