Damon drops Caroline off for cheerleading practice. By Katherine Pierce on September 25, 1864 (transition initiated by Giuseppe Salvatore) [3] Later, they all are at Alaric's apartment, making arrangements to keep Kai unconscious. Later, Elena hallucinates Damon in a car, he wonders if she's not visiting Bonnie because he knows Bonnie would agree with Luke that she needs to move on. Rayna grows stronger with each life and as this is her last life she easily grabs Damon by the throat and throws him across the clearing. The vampire says "It's me, Beau! Damon thinks she's wackadoodle. When asked why he doesn't ‘sparkle’ in the sun, he replies that he has a ring, and that it protects him. Damon tells Elena that she looks stunning. He was unable to come back in the process but was thankful to Elena that she had became a part of his life and for falling in love with him. Having heard from April that the pastor knew Professor Shane, who suspiciously knew about the hunter's mark and curse, Matt decided to have Sheriff Forbes check the pastor's phone records. He kills Callie Gallagher, the daughter of a vampire hunter who captured Damon and used him as a circus act, when trying to kill Stefan. The brothers leave the shop, though Damon knows Nandi was lying—he recalls seeing a young girl in Val's shop whose name was Nandi, so she must have used magic to slow her aging. When it is time to switch partners, Damon ends up dancing with Rebekah. Then Damon suggests to play "Never have I ever." Like. Jeremy and Damon arrive just in time and Damon instructs Jeremy to take Katherine somewhere and not tell him. Sybil tells everyone that no one has asked her what she wants. Bonnie makes it to the ascendant. She states that she overheard Damon and Bonnie talking about the cure. But the version they tell others is different that Bonnie was never there with him so that they don't feel the pain of losing her all over again. When Elena arrives at the hospital worried about Caroline. Damon is the first to give in to her taunts, attempting to stake Katherine after pouring her a drink. She does the spell, in which she begins to fry Silas' brain. When she hangs up, Katherine assesses that Damon would never put Elena in harms way again after nearly killing her so he must have known that its Katherine. Enzo tries to understand how things are going with Damon and Elena. Someone was knocking on the door and it turned out to be Katherine. Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan figure out that if a vampire wields the dagger and kills an Original, it will die. He tries to stop Joshua but he uses magic and becomes invisible again. "Thrilling," Damon said. "Hey brother, long time no see," Stefan said. Damon tells her that Elena isn't a toy soldier and she tells him Malcolm wasn't a vase. As they, Alaric and Damon enter the house, they find blood splatters on the furniture and walls. At the Myrtle Beach hotel, they make a plan on how to capture Oscar and they go to his room. Somewhere in the writing of TVD, an error has been made. Damon is in New York with Elena's coffin and his. Damon said he’d slow the vamps down and ripped one's heart out. He catches Tyler pulling out the wires and oximeter from Kai, but Damon grabs his throat and hears what Tyler has to say and thinks Kai can siphon the magic out of Liz. She lures him away from the action into an empty room and feeds on him. They gaze at each other for a long moment, but Shane breaks them out of it and asks to talk to Damon. Elena finds Damon and gives him a speech about being ready to move on from her human past, and acknowledge that no matter what happens, she keeps finding her way back to him. Damon had crawled over to Rebekah and picked the stake shrapnel out of her back. Sybil asks her two loyal subject if they would mind if she were to take back her promise to spare Bonnie's life. Stefan tries to reason with him on all points. When Damon is apparently about to kill Matt, Elena attacks Damon to stop him, revealing that she has completed her transition and is now a vampire. Damon still remains skeptical but toasts with Alaric to their women making crazy decisions and them loving them more. She still had her camcorder on and plays it for him. He then tells him about being stuck in 1994 with Bonnie and that she sacrificed herself so that he could return. “Trying to stir some feelings in me? She promises him she's going to get her people back, no matter what it takes, and then he'll know devastation. The witches put a curse on them that kept them from settling down together as a tribe.

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