The NFL returned to Houston 13 years ago with an expansion team at a brand new stadium. Open since: 2002 | Capacity: 69,000 | Surfrace: FieldTurfRevolution 360. Arrowhead Stadium is home to the defending Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs. There's something special about Ford Field, considering Americans are so used to seeing the stadium every Thanksgiving Day on television. Open since: 1975 | Capacity: 73,208 | Surface:FieldTurfRevolution 360. Let’s hope they can find a home with more downtown mojo again soon. The parking lots surrounding the stadium are where fans first encounter inhabitants of the Black Hole, dressed like castoffs from a Rob Zombie production. Derrick Branch is the owner … The Vikings' new venuesetthe tone for the next wave of NFL stadiums. The renovation's second phase, to be completed for this season, include more concession and concourse upgrades. The dirty birds willplay out their string at the Georgia Dome before moving to a new stadium next door in 2017. Just how bad is the Saints' salary cap hole? The 42-year-old facility completed $130 million in renovations last year as the Bills set their sights on developing a new stadium in the future. The Texans have had plenty of good recent memories at the old Reliant. One side of the goes out further than the other. 1. And when they built it, it seems as if they forgot to build in any sound absorbing material. The design of the place invites screaming as most of the fans are further away from the field than in most places. Long-time rival of the Seahawks and CenturyLink field for the title of the loudest stadium in the NFL, Arrowhead is the home to the current Superbowl Champion Chiefs. A few years ago, the stadium underwent about $27 million in renovations, covering among other upgrades, two new monster video boards in the end zones and a dozen high-speed elevators, music to the ears of Titans fans in Music City. State Farm did an excellent job taking on the Arizona Cardinals stadium, as it's used for multiple sports. Everybody wants to experience Jerry World and the team's stadium tour business provides a major revenue stream for the Jones family. For this season, that particular space becomes a premium seat experience as the Steelers keep up with demand for seat upgrades. The new stadium is a big improvement, even though it carries the same title sponsor as that of the home of the Falcons'archrivals in the Big Easy. In fact, both teams used the same architect and construction firm to complete their respective projects. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, NFL fans still have a reverence for the Mile High Stadium by keeping the old name in the title for the Broncos' newer facility. Despite numerous injuries to key personnel, the San Francisco 49ers continue to push through... Green Bay Packers Versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview and Prediction Two of the top... 2020 NFL Top 15 Team Power Rankings: Week 9, What We Learned From the Saints’ Season Opener Against the Raiders, The plug and play dynamic with the San Francisco 49ers, Packers vs. Who knows where the Chargers will call home over the next few years. The Banks, a mixed-use development along the Ohio River near the stadium, has several bars and restaurants to congregate atbefore the game. Johnny Manziel may have retired his "money" gesture,but the team and the city invested $125 million to bring the building up to par with newer facilities. This has the same opening vibe that "Jerry World" once had for Cowboys, making Dallas the ideal first opponent. It's more than just a football stadium. He's had various roles within sports including sports reporter for Owl Access, Producer at ESPN West Palm, radio host at FAU Owl Radio, and various other freelance opportunities. It's always unique when teams have to play at Empower High at Mile High, as the stadium is over 5,000 feet above sea level. Packers fans, who may not have invented tailgating but who may have brought it to an art form, have ties with their team that echo back through the decades. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City. The seating bowl, featuring some of league's best sightlines, was left untouched. However, it's simply not as nice as some of the other indoor stadiums. Derrick Branch is the owner and lead writer of Sports Talk 365. But since that time, newer stadiums have opened and the Bucs face a challenge in upgrading a 14-year-old facility to get the Big Game back in town. Kickoff between the Patriots and Chiefs is set for 6:40 p.m. Open since: 2001 | Capacity: 76,125 | Surface: Kentucky bluegrass. Indoors, there are plenty of sponsor zones, and at one time, you could order appliances at the stadium from HH Gregg, a hometown brand. The Twins are gone, but the Vikings remain, and the fact is that the fans have never lost their taste for making noise that gets caught up in the roof and thunders back down on the field. By far, Green Bay’s Lambeau Field is considered the shrine of the NFL. Over the past two years, the building has added the biggest video boards in sports, swimming pools and cabanas and bikini-clad girls fronting The Clevelander Deck, another sports spinoff of the famous South Beach establishment. The jewel that sometimes seems like it will consume Arlington is another dome. The NFL, on the other hand, has a really good chance of resuming sports with fans in the stands. ET. Tailgating is a mix between stadium parking and lots up the street at Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers. The rankings cover fan amenities tied to seating, concessions, technology, parking, tailgating and neighboring destinations, all key factors that feed into the game day experience. NFL stadiums are some of the most awe-inspiring buildings in the world. The new venue features a radical retractable roof design influenced by a popular children's toy. The NFL's newest facility took a big hit for its parking issues last year during its first season of operation. Related Topics AFC Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs loudest stadiums in the NFL New Orleans Saints NFC NFL NFL loudest stadiums Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks top five loudest stadiums in the NFL. They added jumbotrons in every corner of the stadium, along with a nice awning above the fans. Ranking the 10 Best Stadiums in the NFL By Jeff Weisinger | Jul 25, 2019, 12:00 PM EDT As stadiums try to find every way to increase attendance every year, some stadiums stick out more than others. It's a beautiful open stadium, that a lot of people are already referencing as the Death Star. The only thing fans might not like visiting this stadium for is that Eagles fans get really crazy. Whether there's any connection to the natural grass surface ranked as the league's best by NFL players is another question. The powerful winds of late fall and winter are a noise creation of their own in this wind tunnel. Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs. Three years from now, after the smoke clears over the future of the Chargers and Raiders, this list could undergo some dramatic changes. Other … The Rams and Chargers don't have the same Hollywood appeal yet as modern NFL franchises, but spending a few billion on a premier venue, even without fans, gives them something different than a college football or soccer feel. Give team owner Shad Khan credit. MORE: Having a team in LA a high priority for NFL. Open since: 2009 | Capacity: 80,000 | Surface:Hellas Matrix Turf. That doesn’t stop Broncos fans from expressing themselves, however, and may in fact add to the level of noise. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The defining feature is the seating bowl's wavy design. It's unique how there's a lot of things to do on the ground for fans prior to kickoff. It’s a good mix of what Green Bay and Seattle have. A prime example of that would be during the 2018 NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. They like to chant "we’re going to beat the hell out of you, you, you," and when they aren’t chanting, they’re screaming. Also outside the stadium, theRavens Walkoffers food and drink concessions at reduced prices compared with inside the facility. The venue itself has had a long history of being one of the top disruptive stadiums in the history of the NFL. It’s a cozy place made for the league’s smallest-but-most passionate market. They make jet engines in Seattle, and many of the workers who spend Sundays paying devotion to the Seahawks seem to bring that same noise level to the park.

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