7. Who has yet to live up to their full potential? The best part is that most often the perception of who was “first” is wrong. Anything dealing with the Marine Corps Oh yeah, I forgot the M27 IAR…”Don’t make me give up my suppressive firepower!! The Touchy Subject. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Who is most likely to apply for real Survivor? Who is most likely to take over the world? !” [rolleyes], Fastest I’ve ever seen a group of guys go from friendly to pissed off was when the topic of reload techniques was brought up. I Want At Least For One Time The Necklace, https://survivor-org.fandom.com/wiki/Touchy_Subjects?oldid=192838. I worded that poorly, which is the problem with Doctrine. Go! Who created/sold this/that piece of Kit first. Knives Pippa Middleton didn’t want Meghan Markle at her wedding, Kanye West takes a jab at Taylor Swift -AGAIN! Can You Call Yourself a Cook if You Don't Bake ?. 6.8 SPC performance Gun Bunnies 5. Camouflage 2. You are on one side or the other. Who will be most successful in the future? I capitulated and have several 1911’s, a GLOCK 21, and a SIG 220. The terms “Operator” and “Tactical” Aug 25, 2018. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Touchy Subject interviews. Used that yesterday when someone asked “Where’s your costume?” I replied, “I’m the guy schtupin’ yer mom.” , he asked “So you’re dressed as the guy schtupin’ my mom?” I said “No”. Aug 25, 2018. Who would you not want to spend time with on a real island? Rails & BUIS used to be a big one… and a lawsuit happy crowd too! Milsim Airsoft, is it honoring or is it dishonoring soldiers? SEALS vs Delta. Gun Bunnies . Maybe not in the community, but certainly high on the priority list for me. +1 I concede that I was off base to what the above list was getting at. They are asked to answer each question with who they think best applies. Touchy subject definition: The subject of something such as a conversation , letter, or book is the thing that is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples This challenge is broken into two parts. 4. and Comments (RSS). Who do you think doesn't deserve to return for another season? Christians Living Together Before Marriage. Which is more important for the transfer of energy from a bullet into tissue and why are they related? Christians Living Together Before Marriage, Vermont Dog Trainer - The Hardest Part of This Job - Chit Chat. Also, why are those larger, heavier bullets moving so much slower than those smaller, faster bullets and why should we care? Holsters Vermont Dog Trainer - Ove… “Who created/sold this/that piece of Kit first.”. Are you talking about teaching civilians? Who mistakenly thinks they're safe in this game? Survivor ORG Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Weapons Lube 3. 8. Never been done before… Someone will find some weird old “iteration” of a new design. 6. The next bearded gun-figther trying to teach a bunch of non/never will be gun-fighters. Can You Call Yourself a Cook if You Don't Bake ? Synonyms for touchy subject include delicate subject and sensitive subject. Costa v Haley. Weapons Lube Ammo prices. 1 Rules 2 Winners 3 Most Common Answers 4 Trivia 5 Navigation This challenge is broken into two parts. How much to spend on scope/rifle/ninjas and is that good enough for both CQB and sniping zombies. Who is most likely to go to Cambodia and get a license to drive a tuk tuk? Who would you like to play with again in a future ORG? Copyright © Soldier Systems Daily 2008-2020. Slings 6. Knives 8. flash lights / rail jewlery You either get it spelled out or you dont, there is no middle ground….. For example, should the Air Force operate the C-27 according to the doctrine and mission of the Air Force as a service? 1. 9. DI v Piston Should companies keep salaries confidential? Jamie Yeager (period) Who do you not want to talk to ever again after the season is over? You really think that’s touchy? Who is most likely to be the next bitter juror? Entries (RSS) We reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone Even at the service level I think fewer and fewer people understand basic service doctrine….. Import/export restrictions on this/that gun. Who would most likely return for All Stars 2? All Rights Reserved. Who would donate all their winnings to charity? Who has wasted a great opportunity in this game? Chris Costa’s latest marketing venture. pouch vs long cut. Mike has a point, the personal opinions are black, and white… but rules, regs, policies, procedures, and laws… we could start whole websites on those… wait, too late! 1911 v Glock In the first part, the castaways are asked to fill out a questionaire, asking a series of questions, with the answers being only the names of the remaining contestants. Direct impingement vs piston Kinetic Energy = mass x velocity x velocity / 2. Buying American made Kit vs foreign made kit. Who has the most tribe pride from their original tribe? Touchy Subjects is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Hawaii, commonly occuring during the individudal phase of the game. IA/Remedial action drills, codes, and the terminology surrounding them Spoof marketing ads that are taken way too seriously. Airsoft vs Firearms. IPSC v IDPA Who would least likely return for All Stars 2? ...Podcast Studio — Lelo, Lyton & Kea tackle the, ...Kate Middleton‘s younger sister was concerned Meghan’s presence at her wedding would steal focus, Kanye West shades Taylor Swift with a. We’ll never sell your personal information. Who is most likely be the most bitter Juror? Soldier Systems Daily is in no way affiliated with the US Government. What is old is new again industry ideas. Non-“operators” seem to give a shit about people using the term than actual “operators” do. Slings Who is the biggest Individual Immunity threat? Retired guys in the training industry? Plenty of people. Who would you not want to play with in a future ORG? Should Christians Masturbate?. Anything questioning MagPul’s motivations, Army v Navy (its football season. Who is most likely to be the one punched in the face? lol) Who is most likely to start drowning and need medical attention? The only people I ever see get upset about it are those who already pissed their freedoms away or those that are too foolish to see how precious they are. Belts Who would you like to be stranded with in a real island? .45acp vs 9mm come on you had to see that one !!! Who would you never give your Jury vote to? What Hollywood did wrong with a gun in this/that movie or TV show. Modified for the tribal stage during Survivor: Svalbard, each individual compiled their own answers, and then each tribe guessed what the other tribe's most common answers were. Apparently you need a 9th amendment for them. 10. Reflective belts and why troops must model them…. (Not a contractor, never been a contractor, will likely never be a contractor.). Gloves 4. Calibers. This is the list of touchy subjects that will get the readership worked up with nostrils flaring and turn grown men into so many yapping dogs as doctrine become dogma. Seems like EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink is a TOUCHY topic!! 1. I don’t. Momentum = mass x velocity . Anything dealing with the Marine Corps 9. If you look at the atrocities surrounding a certain coffee shop and magazine I would argue that is a touchy subject. on Thursday, October 31st, 2013 at 13:28 and is filed under Morale. Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Who is most likely to return for another season? Both comments and pings are currently closed. …& I’ll add semiautomatic rifle vs. “assault weapon”. 2. Vermont Dog Trainer - Overweight Dogs - Talking Dogs Radio Show, 33. The BBC artist page for Touchy Subject. I’m not sure I understand. AK v AR Magazines Not that they don’t provide a service. Who is most likely to be at the Final Tribal Council? By 6.8 SPC performance, I meant the arguments for/against re-tooling everything to run that round in .mil service rifles. http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=174164. / .45 ACP vs. Every other round ever made or that will be made. http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/energy/u5l1c.cfm Oh, my goodness YES!!! This is a list of Wikipedia articles deemed controversial because they are constantly re-edited in a circular manner, or are otherwise the focus of edit warring or article sanctions.This page is conceived as a location for articles that regularly become biased and need to be fixed, or articles that were once the subject of an NPOV dispute and are likely to suffer future disputes. Lists in general i.e. 3. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Who is the most annoying member of the tribe? That’s a pretty solid list top to bottom. I can see…it upsets you even just mentioning it. 33. I meant ‘value’ as in cost per service delivered. Reloads AAC v SureFire v SilencerCo Who is most likely to be arrested for punching someone in the face? Point shooting No one who has any clue what they’re talking about. Lists of Touchy Subjects that exclude anything that a particular reader thinks should be on the list and/or a particular subject not being high enough on the list. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Walked away. Gloves OPSEC/PERSEC breaches (books, photos, etc.) Stopping power is the energy transferred from the bullet into the tissue, anyone disagree? Conceal Carry placements (AIWB, IWB, OWB, Ankle) EOG Announces Rampart International as Exclusive Canadian Distributor, Get In On The Tactical Tailor Factory Tour – November 7th, http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/momentum/u4l1a.cfm, http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/energy/u5l1c.cfm, http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=174164. boots / footwear Barrel length Women in SOF Units Who would pass out from exhaution to win a challenge? 300 BLK. lots of lube or little lube was a somewhat friendly topic, but once reloads and magazine monopod came up, you would have thought wives’ honor was at stake…, Iron sights vs optics I guess I was being redundant. You even mentioned it: Doctrine. 5. Who would waste a million dollars the quickest? Touchy Subjects is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Hawaii, commonly occuring during the individudal phase of the game. Magpul marketing/politics Eotech vs aimpoint, Lets not forget the passive aggressive response to complaints about 1911s. Not sure he got it. Why is this piece of Kit so expensive for what it does? Who do you think has the best chance at winning the season? Once all of these have been completed and submitted, the castaways must participate in the second part, which is guessing what the popular answer for each question. 21 Flags • 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall • 99 Bricks • A Short History of the World • Anagram • Artistic Integrity • Bird Sanctuary • Bubble Spinner • Color • Cricket Defend the Wicket • Dupligon Duel • Face-Off • Flag Maker • Geoguessr • Guess Who • In the Buff • Lie to Me • Multitask • Native Quiz • ORG Trivia • Picture Quiz • Robot Unicorn Attack • Rollin' • Rotato • Same Name • Silversphere • SOS • Spelling Race • Story Time • Survivor ORG Roast • Sydney Shark • Touchy Subjects • Tilt • Trials • Trololol • Whizz Wordz • Zuma's Revenge. The ‘Stopping Power’; Is it real or just a myth? Guess you missed the part that said “got any more?”. Incorrect spelling. Who are you dead to if you **** with them. most popular… Due to omissions or order. This is the list of touchy subjects that will get the readership worked up with nostrils flaring and turn grown men into so many yapping dogs as doctrine become dogma. Brand vs brand kit. SF vs. SEAL’s vs. Rangers vs. Recon vs. PJ’s etc. Bugger, john beat me to it, 9mm v .45 or even 7.62 v 5.56mm always a good one over this side of the pond, MARPAT vs Multicam (I think this has enough traffic to be a totally different category from camouflage), Arc’teryx vs TAD vs Patagonia vs Crye Precision. The tribe with the most correct guesses would win tribal immunity.

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