(8) This part of Russia has been experiencing UFO sightings more than other parts of the vast country. The top secret files tell us much of what I’ve written above while the official Soviet files agree: It was a meteoroid. In ufology, it’s believed that the Russian site was the equivalent of Area 51 in the US, having housed UFOs during the Cold War. This was the second thunder. If it was a meteoroid, NASA estimates that one of that size may hit earth about every 300 years so we have another 200 years to wait and see if the next meteoroid hits and forgets to leave a crater as well. (1) A cigar shaped UFO had reportedly crashed in the vicinity of Kapustin Yar, after it got detected by Soviet radar and was eventually pulled down by the MIG fighter jets. (3) Before crashing onto the ground, the alien aircraft had counterattacked and had fired particle beams towards the Soviet jets, which did injure the aircraft and pulled it down as well. The base was so secret that the nearby town ofZhitkur was completely evacuated and then razed to the ground. The impact was this great and yet there was no crater. The enormous radial destruction makes this hard to believe. Your clothes are so hot that you have to take them off, they feel like they’re about to burst into flames! The blast from whatever Tunguska was hit the earth with 15 megatons worth of TNT explosive power. The morning was sunny, there were no clouds, our Sun was shining brightly as usual, and suddenly there came a second one! It sounds almost worthy of the originally released reports from the USSR. I’m not sure if there would be any of Japan left if they had. La base era talmente segreta che la vicina cittadina di Zhitkur fu completamente evacuata e poi rasa al suolo. They claim that the disc is still housed near Kapustin Yar. It seems that in 1948 the Soviets had their own UFO incident called the Russian Roswell.. Kapustin Yar is a military complex and the site of the Soviet’s secret space program. It’s always good to see if we can do anything to make everyone’s reading experience better. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. La base venne alla luce grazie alle rivelazioni degli scienziati tedeschi tornati in occidente e confermata dai voli degli aerei spia, il primo nel 1953. Three web fingers were at the end of their long, slender arms. Il caso più famoso relativo a questa base risale al 1948 quando i sistemi radar della base rilevarono un UFO. The incidence had happened in 1948, one year after the much famed Roswell Crash in America. Sull'oggetto venne inviato un MIG che confermò l'avvistamento definendo l'oggetto di forma sigariforme e di color argento.

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