The Verdehile does not have to be on violent to have a successful ToaH twin team. Some things to consider when runing a DoT team: 1. Therefore, stacking HP can benefit your team. Verad/Poseidon/Charlotte – Shaina – Sabrina – Chasun – Mav/Gany, Verad – Belladeon – Spectra – Mav – Hwa/Verdehile, Water Homunculus/Baretta – Spectra – Belladeon – Mav – Hwa, Sigmarus – Bella – Mav – Spectra – Verad/Charlotte/Poseidon. Basalt can be used to tank Akroma stages and apply defense buff for tough rooms that require a healer. Poseidon provides two AOE sets. A classic Toa normal and Toa hard unit. One of the best ToA monsters in the game. Skill 2 self-heals himself and provokes a single target which is needed on a lot of boss stages. Her heal will also boost your teams attack bar making it easier to keep the enemies CCed. Single target buff strip with a stun or defense break. Prioritze SPD > ACC > HP – if your set up is solid, you will need much HP other than dealing with Jultan rooms. I was using that same team but water homie instead of verad. – Can be very slow in the higher level rooms, – Only fire damage dealers; therefore, water heavy rooms can be difficult. A stronger version of Baretta but Rica can slow and has 2 AOE stuns with multiple effects on each. Press J to jump to the feed. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Verad, Chasun, Lora, Martina, Shaina. Defense break is also a minor benefit on boss stages to take them down faster since they are immune to DoTs. AoE Increases skill cooldown time of all enemies while putting up attack speed slow debuff. However, her base spd can be difficult to rune because it requires spd substats. Luxury stats: Def > Flat HP > Res – avoid CR if you can because CR on Jultan rooms can be an issue. What runes are you running? Her passive also increases the damage she and Shaina does by 35%. The DoT team has a lot of choices to choose from and it is considered the safer route for ToaH. Violent/Broken Set – SPD HP HP or SPD HP DEF, same as above. The king of CC in ToaH. Although Violent set is most optimal for ToaH but do not force yourself to make your Verdehile Violent. Puts 2 stacks of AoE DoTs with his third skill. ToA is one of the best ways to get rewards in Summoners War. Therefore, Tyron is ranked 5 in CC units. However, it is ranked 6 because it can conflicting to use Sigmarus in CR punishment rooms such as Jultans and Artamiel. King of CC and ToA, the enemies will be unlikely able to take a turn. Leader skill: +19 Crit rate (good if you’re going for a full damage comp). Single target attack speed slow + freeze. CD brings more value to Sigmarus’ nature of scaling. Provokes the enemy with an 80% chance, great for bosses but Mav is better because his is 100% chance. Leader skill: +25% Attack Power (good if you’re going for a full damage comp), First skill has a 50% chance to AoE put up attack speed slow, Second skill single target silences the target which is great for boss stages. I did 100/100 stages this rotation and 99/100 stages last rotation on auto. Fire twin team: Shaina – Maruna – Chasun – Jeanne – Verdehile, Baretta leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Verad – Rica, Baretta leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Verad – Water Homunculus. Is your briand max skilled? Shield Shield Blade – SPD CD ATK (Will discuss this in detail below). Additionally, she can despair stun proc enemies with two AOE skills. You can also use Basalt as a niche monster on the Akroma stages because you need a dark monster to tank Akroma. Please do not overstack on dot units because two is generally enough and there is no need to add more dotters as there is a limitation of debuff being landed on a single enemy. 75% chance to put a DoT on a single target with his first skill. Other stats are considered luxury such as attack power. However, Chasun provides very low cooldown and consistent healing. First skill puts up heal block debuff which is needed for some niche stages. However, this is unlikely but I have a few suggestions to make. Both grim reapers are used as pure dot damage dealers. Verdehile may be the most tricky unit to rune in this team. The usage of Jeanne does not change at all. The other skill is helpful for silencing enemy mobs especially for Toa hard mobs with cleansing. I’ve got all your mons and don’t own a verad, How far can you auto with this team? Great for speed clearing lower floors because she does huge AoE damage and will be able to use his AoE again if he kills one of the enemies. Third skill stuns the enemy with the highest ATB. Amazing for tanking stages with Ragdoll because he is a light monster with a passive that makes it so he doesn’t take more than 20% of his HP as damage per hit. 180+ SPD (Verdehile does not have to be last because the battle in ToaH are much longer and having more speed can mean more turn cycles in the long run).

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