This year, only 29 percent of families are planning on the door-to-door treat-collecting tradition. These Halloween 2020 Costume Trends Are The Inspo We All Need RN Old-School Kim K & Paris Hilton. Two million bucks may not be your thing, but drink startups may consider striking a deal with haunt production companies to provide energy drinks, soda, water or novelty foods. Yes, June. The U.S. is one of only three countries where Halloween festivities are a big deal. According to the National Retail Federation: 18.6% of adults 18 - 34 turn to Pinterest for ideas and shopping. Last year, we watched as brighter, bolder hues were unveiled in anticipation of a year filled with optimism and confidence. Bennett’s team spent time gathering feedback from their customers, and the consensus was that when Halloween is on a weekend, more parties occurred. Check out these expert predictions. By 2018, people were spending more on their streamers, ghoulish cardboard cutouts, plastic cauldrons, dangling skeletons, perpetually hissing black cats and other creepily creative Halloween home decor than they were on candy. She’s no unicorn. NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show – Chapter One Jan 12-14, 19 and 21-22 NRF Retail Leadership Series More events View Calendar Related Sites Menu. On average, Americans spend about $87 per celebrant on Halloween stuff. candy sales were expected to be $20.10 per person, recent post on Halloween marketing ideas for the local small biz,, 1 in every 10 Halloween searches on Pinterest, $1.17 billion of that was specifically for children’s costumes. Know what would be cool? Its price, of course! But the best part about this is that we can prepare in advance. “When the world experiences events that cause unrest, anxiety and grief, we tend to naturally gravitate toward compassionate colors that allow us to create a personal retreat from the world,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager, architectural and industrial coatings. Whether or not you happen to be a Halloween buff, Halloween is actually a pretty important event for retailers, both online and offline. It can be seen in a chic, sporty, glittery and even pop color variation! From attending parties , to driving nearby streets to see the decorations, to walking the streets to check out the costumes - Halloween is a visual holiday. So, you can rest assured, this is not the Sweetest Day of the world, where your next door neighbor has never heard of it because he only moved here from Tennessee a few months ago. Corporate backing and sponsorships of haunted attractions is on the rise. The move away from centering Halloween festivities around candy gives brands and marketers room to create experiences or sponsor local events. Each year, paint giants from Behr to Sherwin-Williams tap their resident experts for their predictions on which hues will make a splash in the coming year, based on everything from current trends to the collective mood of the moment. In this way, retailers can “share the expense of an ad or coupon,” Berkowitz said. One of the contributing factors may be something we talked about in our back-to-school post and that’s that there are fewer school-aged kids in the neighborhoods these days. A model in yellow, red or orange will be ideal to give a boost to your mid-season outfit. Haunted attractions are a great way to be afraid and in a safe place at the same time. Let them test the products for free at your event and you will get parents who are happy to add your product to their weekly or monthly shopping lists. They are distinguished by a slightly airy and inflated structure. It makes sense to assume the haunted attraction market has experienced growth as well. 24 percent of Halloween celebrants shop smart by planning their Halloween purchases in advance. Nearly 40 percent of U.S. households have companion pets - dogs, cats, birds, and/or horses. Experts Predict Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021 [Infographic] Snapchat Adds New 3D Body Scan Lenses for Halloween; Facebook Shares New Insight on Ad Performance Based on Frequency; Instagram Extends Length Limit for Instagram Live Broadcasts, Adds Live-Stream Archive We are aware of all the trends that will mark the end of the year without having set foot in the fall. Nutrition also factors into trick-or-treating. Lush has run some pretty eye-catching social campaigns (there was even one where everybody was naked! These two epic Halloween weekends mean retailers need to plan for increased sales and more traffic. The trend toward gender neutral costumes pushes against the idea of traditionally girl or boy costumes. Experiences are the bee’s knees, man. President and CEO Steven Silverstein talks about the unique challenges of celebrating Halloween this year. Of all the moms and dads who get dragged out on Halloween to beg strangers for sweets, Millennials are one group of adults who may be doing it willingly… without the kids. Interested in reading Party & Halloween Retailer? Halloween 2020 & 2021 ... several industry suppliers to understand what they’ve seen in past years with weekend Halloweens and what current trends will also add to the buying equation. This means starting to send e-blasts and post on social media about the exciting costume, accessories and décor ideas being offered. Exit the beige and well belted models! By adding a wig, shawl, shoes, headband, earrings and stockings, a flapper costume can include a stock dress and look like it’s a custom costume. Experts Predict Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021 [Infographic] Snapchat Adds New 3D Body Scan Lenses for Halloween; Facebook Shares New Insight on Ad Performance Based on Frequency; Instagram Extends Length Limit for Instagram Live Broadcasts, Adds Live-Stream Archive Something like…. Indispensable for rainy days, the faux leather trench coat will make a comeback during the fall of 2020. I remember the fun I had as a kid dressing up and trick-or-treating. A 10-minute cursory view of both platforms once a day will do wonders for you marketing strategies. We’re pretty fond of Lush Cosmetics. Chances are pretty good Millennials are bringing their A-games to the Halloween bash because for good or for bad, pics of them will inevitably end up on social media. But there’s no CTA. And costumes aren’t even the most popular category for Halloween spending! To cater to the family costume trends, merchandise all characters and sizes from each licensed set together, allowing families to get in and out faster. Source: HGTV Handmade YouTube Channel. The science behind haunted attractions is that they provide a way for people to be downright terrified and to legitimately feel threatened but have an “out” so to speak. This year bold and bright colors are the trend. And since we love its XL look, we don’t hesitate to adopt it during the fall winter 2020 2021. There is an opportunity here for marketers to zero in the focus for this Halloween on the furry friends who are considered members of every two in five households in America. Ok, just me. Source: Some fashion designers have even adorned them with sparkling sequins and crystals. Older Halloweeners are further solidifying the “experiences” trend for Halloween by throwing costume parties and participating in fashion shows to display their costumes. In order not to overdose, we only opt for two chunky pieces – a bracelet and a necklace, or a bracelet and a pair of earrings. We’ve put together a list of the things we see in the data that are shifting in this space. However, several other brands are already offering similar models in faux leather and at an affordable price. Remember when haunted houses were literally a 4-person cart zigzagging on a rickety track through the detached container of a 18-wheeler? And that’s part of what makes it effective as a Halloween marketing post. If you’re interested in getting to kids and parents, supplying local stores with branded, reusable canvas bags strong enough to hold treats on the big night then be reused after Halloween can get your name in front of parents. That means your content strategy has to get you found in searches for popular search terms like…, Halloween costume ideas (enormous number of monthly searches for this one with very little competition, comparatively), Halloween costume ideas for couples (another big one), Halloween costume ideas for groups (another surprisingly big one). Women are more than twice as likely to go to Pinterest than men, and men are more likely than women to default to YouTube. Credit: Marking the return of the 70s, the wide leg pants tucked into the semi-high black ankle boots promise to twist every classic or too basic outfit. Parents today are more concerned about gluten, nuts and sugar consumption for their kids than were Boomer and Gen X parents. So, did anyone else have to take their candy to the police station to be scanned by the officers growing up, or was it just me? I would estimate today, the haunted industry rakes in close to $1 billion a year, which backs up. The 95 percent of people who will buy candy will spend about $2.6 billion, while the 68 percent of people planning to buy Halloween costumes will be responsible for $3.2 billion in Halloween spending. 10 fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends you absolutely must embrace, Fall winter 2020, the “Slouch Boots” season, Fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends: The chain pouch. Not bad. While candy is definitely the most popular item people will buy for Halloween, it doesn’t account for most of the Halloween spending. If a shopper can only get the bundle in one store, then they are more likely to stop by and make a purchase at that store. The fluid, unbuttoned PU coat will dominate this year.

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