One day, a small, faraway cultivation sect sent him a young puppy. “His corpse hasn’t rotted because I’ve been maintaining it with my spiritual energy. I haven’t seen him for so many years! Peacock Or are you trying to remind me how he stood in my way for your sake, for the sake of unrelated persons, preventing me from accomplishing what I wanted several times?”. i’ll still watch it for my man luo yunxi <3, mdzs and scum villain was one thing, but how the hell is erha going to get censored?? He was the only one willing to stand with Xue Meng and take his side during the disaster of Sisheng Peak as well as when he wanted to face off with Taxian-jun in the dimension splitting battle. [Extremely loosely based around the myth of Hades and Persephone and Parmenides' version of the Eros creation myth. We’ll set up a banquet at the foot of the mountain and wait for you to bring Mo Weiyu’s head back, isn’t that nice.”. Power dictated rights. In the night, the grave stood open. It’s not like a random “I have suddenly decided to be loyal to you unto death and beyond” with no emotional groundwork laid for it - there’s reasoning and development in those relationships (however twisted some of them are), Character development actually sticks \o/. During his youth he was called the "darling of the heavens". Before him, the ten major sects of the cultivation world stood as equals in high places. Zhou Qi Once my holidays start, I’m hoping to update more regularly for HHWCS (short form of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun AKA this novel). Back then, he and Mo Ran had been under the same master. In my own opinion, the narrative does an unusually good job in finding a balance between “I understand why you’re doing this” and “but understanding why doesn’t mean you’re actually justified in making these choices.” That said, some parts were really emotionally difficult and everyone’s got their own threshold around this sort of thing, and that’s also okay. Thanks to Eik and Silvaya for helping me along with the first chapter here and there. He didn’t believe it. Such ways of referring to him only disappeared abruptly when he became the emperor of the cultivation world. [5] After Hua Binan is defeated, Mei Hanxue visits sect leader Xue Meng often and Mei Hanxue continues to stand by his side.[6]. The silence stretched on for a long time. Mo Ran had been the biggest prankster of them all. BTW, Would you give me permission to traduce your English version to Spanish in wattpad? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. If you‘ve already been following my works, you wouldn’t be asking about update schedules. He’d probably be able to see his Shizun for the last time. Do you have any recs for similar novels to 2ha? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Day 25: Disorientation; 0.5 Gen, implied Shuangmeimeng. I personally think its quite readable :), Eh excuse me but, where is it mentioned (in what chapter) that Xue Meng gave Mei Hanxue an erection? Follow. He lifted his head, looking at Mo Ran who sat high above in his throne. Alive Ten-odd years ago, he had been the talented young man whom everyone praised, the favoured son of the heavens. No, I do not allow re-TL at the moment. It is 2ha canon material that Xue Meng had given Mei Hanxue at least one (1) erection then offered to massage it. And makes all those cowards awkward by bringing up the truth! After countless drafts, the most shocking, most earth-shaking era name was born—-‘No Stick’. But all that awaited them was an empty Wushan Hall, a deserted Life-Death Peak, a Xue Meng who lay on the bone ash-covered ground next to Red Lotus Pavilion, having cried so much that he was numb. Live Action If it had been over ten years ago, Xue Meng would’ve laughed out loud when he saw this outrageous scene. The first year was called ‘the first year of No Stick’, which sounded wrong no matter what. After months of bloodshed and battle, the revolting armies finally reached the foot of Life-Death Peak. Spoiler warning!Content beneath this line contains spoilers. Xue Meng turned, his figure becoming one with the night. Lord TaXian = 踏仙君. You bunch of cowardly good-for-nothings!”. He has good self-restraint and can professionally take care of sect matters despite the circumstances. Be it an extremely shameless ‘Emperor of the Ages’, or something as ludicrous as ‘Stir-Fried’ or ‘Steamed’, he didn’t write anything.

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