They’ll deny their heartache, enter new relationships without processing their pain, and use social media to make you feel they’re doing better than they actually are. Iv tried talking to him telling him I want to feel loved I want freedom to go out but it doesn’t seem to register with him. With men, things are a little different. The easiest way to realize if you’re being abused by someone is if you feel weak and stressed around them. His temper and I looked pass it. So fast forward again to May(5 months) …times were hard and I was happy we made it, BUT since classes were over he would suggest I come over EVERYDAY and I would because when things are good they’re great no fighting. We have been able to get her to leave him severl times she even started divorce procedings but she is with him tonight. See, he can’t get you out of his head, but he also doesn’t want to seem desperate by calling you and asking how you are. I wasn’t proud of our relationship. Guys will be guys. Do mourn over the loss of your loved one, but don’t stay alone. You take your time to think over the situation because your heart and mind will take a time to get into an alignment. im so alone , 6 years i gave him everything my love my time my heart my everything , every single one of these listings i can look back and think “yup he did that and that and that etc.” i know i need help but im so alone hes all i got . All Logos, Images & Trademarks Are Belongs To Their Respective Owners. According to me, the most difficult time is when the person whom you love hurts you emotionally. See also: Read This Every Time You Start Comparing Yourself With A Prettier Girl. Fear losing him. Actually we had some up time which hasn’t happened in a long time. Do comment, don’t hesitate. Only a firm reply will! Im not me anymore. So, I ask you people the same question, ‘What you will do when someone you love will hurt you emotionally?’ ‘How you will address the situation or what steps you will take?’ I am waiting for your response guys. There was no me in this relationship. If the change is gradual, and you choose not to see the changes, you may never ever realize it. My oldest son has anger issues at school and the teacher called me in to speak to me about it. He would always abuse me in every way he can. I dont know who else has this similar problem!!! Its helping me. [Read: 16 abusive relationship signs and traits of a devious lover]. Your partner may even give biased examples just to convince everyone else and turn them against you so no one would take your side against theirs. You’re the one who held his hand when it wasn’t easy for him. He controls me. Your partner always has something negative to say about your friends, especially if they’re of the opposite sex. I decided that the kids deserved better than listening to us and so i took my son and we moved out. With every pregnancy after my first born. It brings out so much shit that he’s just not ready to deal with. My Mother in Law does most of those things to me every few weeks. I’ve just started over and I’m not looking back! And finally, it reaches a point where you feel suffocated and weak, and don’t even know why you’re feeling so helpless. Thank you so much for this article. Instead of facing his shit head-on, he feels the need to show everyone how tough and manly he is and the best way to do that is by being seen with another girl. We always had each others back, so when his drinking escalated, his personality changed, and no matter how hard I tried, the alcohol took him away from me. I am married 10 years (1 Nov) I have 4 wonderfull kids princes (9), (6), (4) and princess (3). When love separates or when someone hurts you emotionally, it is you who have to make the decision, whether you want to take up the opportunity and walk away or allow the feeling to destroy you or allow it to make you stronger. Staying alone will make you miss the person more. I feel like a frailer in everything my life. God please give me the strength to devorce my husband, keep me beside You and don’t let me go. [Read: The consequences of making someone a priority when you’re only an option to them]. forgive him and just go on with our lives .. What is my reason you ask? My jewels ! I broke up with him when I decided that I would not put up with any more of his emotional abuse. I dont have anything of my own! At times he was almost child like with sweetness and being close. anyways I just really needed to talk to someone, i will just go back to hell now and hope my liver or heart fails soon, I dont want to die….. i have not experienced anything good in life, i want to see the world have fun smile, know what it is to be happy. And before you realize it, your partner may carefully isolate you from everyone who was once close to you. When I left I was confident I was making a good move. You have to achieve those goals. They’re only human and if you think your ex-boyfriend has magically risen above his heartbreak and entered a new relationship with a healed, happy heart, you’d be dead wrong. plan it and then do it. But when one partner cannot deal with the aftermath of the breakup, they tend to create their own version of the truth. If you ever experience emotional abuse, you need to realize that you can ask for all the help from others, but unless you strengthen yourself from within, no one can ever help you change your life. You would believe you’re being emotionally abused only if you convince yourself of that truth. 15 types of really toxic relationships you could be experiencing right now! We do get hurt from different people in our lives. I never thought of writing this article, but received few queries from my readers who want me to specify the things which can be done to stop loving man or women who hurt you emotionally. Actually, tends to destroy us within. You CAN do it!! Soon, they may tell you to avoid that particular person. But they would never be able to understand your state of mind, how helpless you feel or the emotional mess you’re in. When you see him this way, just walk away and feel sorry for him. I stand my ground a lot now… but i always go back :'(. So you went to check his profile and what do you know… he’s deleted you from Insta! [Read: 10 types of toxic people who’ll make you feel weak and used], Emotional abuse can change your life forever. She is post-graduate in English Literature. We have a son together which also worries me as I don’t want him to pick up on these vibes anymore. He’s hurt, angry, and perplexed, and very likely to resort to anger and yelling because you are the reason for this pain. I have no friends, I dont go out, i am not allowed to, she may say its okay but then tells all kind of excuse why i cant go, like nobody will see about the child, because she has to look for some makeup special? Cheating. let my son do it, even encouraged it. Car. please forgive me. Guys’ brains are just wired differently. I will pray for all of the woman in the world that suffers from this. It’s been said that if you drop a frog in boiling water, it would jump out immediately. The name calling on my bfs behalf is too much (bit#h, cu#my, p.o.s gf, worst gf ever), it’s a daily thing for him now. My daughter is in an abusive relationship that breaks my heart. They couldnt get to me to help the situation. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this. This is the worst type of behavior a guy can exhibit after a breakup. But what if someone you love hurt you emotionally? 3. In all the years that both of you have been together, do you think your partner’s behavior has changed over time? Give Your Career a Kick-Start! Saying things that seem like yelling but without raising his voice when I did nothing wrong that humiliate me in front of others. I just want to tell all of you out there!! It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” ~ author unknown. Don’t take it personally. So the first thing you need to remember is to stop feeling ashamed. You are still in love with the person and your heart will take you through a replay of all those happy moments. This website is just for information purpose only. Ok. I’m in a relationship at the moment and have been for almost 6 years. I can’t .. Iv been married 13 yrs hav three daughters my husband says society is bad and my eldest specially should be dressed appropriatly all times he makes me feel I’m not a good role model he dislikes my family and constantly tells me how he works all hrs to support us and make our lives comfortable he tells me I can’t work and who I should avoid even neighbours he tells me he is above me as he is a husband and I’m a wife and I should make him feel respected and comfortable ie meals on table and cleared up after clothes socks shoes cleaned clothes press ironed. It’s because he’s so hurt and feels betrayed by your breakup that the only way to feel better is to be the victim in other people’s eyes. relations with to smoke some pot, & my boyfriend really hated this Guy and I understand why but he found out and although NOTHING happpened between me and the Guy. Avoid having any contacts with the person who no longer loves you. I’ve read through all of the comments and come to the conclusion that I am in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. how will I survive financially if he brings all the money home. And one fine day, you’d see that the only person you can go to for help or depend on is your partner. See also: 8 Long-Distance Relationship Problems (And How To Make It Work). #4 Constant confusions. I never thought in a million years my life would have turned out this way. Last time it happened was last friday. I have two kids and know one to turn to. anyways thanks for listening world. my real dad left me and my mother i knew i could never trust a man because of him . #16 Physically abusive. Him so I then started to feel betrayed by her because how do I knoww she wouldn’t steal from me?! He is living in another city, 3 hours away and since he has a job, we could only see each other on weekends. You’re afraid to ask for things or tell them something because you just don’t know how they would react. It’s like the metaphorical boiling frog syndrome. Most of the times people hurt you emotionally as it comes out of anger. A year into our relationship he had a dating profile on a dating site. If they truly loved you, they wouldn’t abuse you. They just want you to think that they do. Like us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest and we promise, we’ll be your lucky charm to a beautiful love life. Be it a councillor or someone that knows what there talking about as I can’t hide it anymore. No one should ever be abused. It may seem like the hardest thing to do right now, but you’ll feel your strength and confidence seeping right back into you the very instant you put your foot down for the first time. Don’t put up with it because it isn’t normal or acceptable! There are so many complications involving money, kids, family, etc. I was won over by her again but stuck to my guns this time with staying in my own house.

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