Forget the Côte d’Azur, this was the Côte du Snore. I objected in the strongest terms possible.”, According to Jordan, the project has moved closer to the slick glamour associated with a 1980s soap and away from his plan for a darker drama, exploring how the art market can be used to manipulate high finance. Sun-drenched melodrama Riviera (Sky Atlantic) was making its “highly anticipated return”, so trumpeted the publicity material, splashed everywhere from the London Underground to British Airways lounges. Riviera has pretensions to be a televisual Bond film, down to its torch-song theme tune, grandiose title sequence, glamorous locations and bikini-clad femme fatales. About Our Ads Credit Igal Naor (The Honorable Woman) for managing this best — he's an actor that steals countless scenes and should get more chances on American television in a hurry. When he told Sky Atlantic about his concerns, there was an attempt to address them, but Jordan took “a back seat” from then on. McGuinness’s representatives responded this weekend with a statement: “Making a show of the scale of Riviera is inevitably a team effort. Jordan and Banville then set about making a two-hour pilot, which Jordan told The Guardian was much darker: "It's [now] being described as Dynasty sur mer. While you may think that only amazingly great things happen in the south of France, that wouldn't be very dramatic, so trouble comes quickly to the paradise the Stiles finds herself in. That’s because, according to the director himself, it isn’t. McGuinness collaborated with Liza Marshall and Kris Thykier of Archery Pictures to produce the series. Tim Goodman The French Riviera must have a murder rate to rival Midsomer. The series, available on Sky Atlantic and Now TV, has set a record for new box set downloads. The show is the most successful premiere on Sky Atlantic this year. TV’s youngest widow and least convincing art curator, Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles), sashayed back into high society, fresh from stabbing her psycho stepson and tossing his  corpse into the Med. If I had been in control of the thing it would have been quite different.”. “The first two episodes that myself and John wrote were very dark and complex, and that’s what got everybody attracted to the project in the first place,” Jordan said. Is this the same John Banville who won the Booker prize?’ The two episodes we wrote together were reworked by others, after I pulled out,” the director told the Business Post. “In my mind, there’s no reason why things can’t be both very popular and very good.”, Millions have viewed or downloaded the drama, but director says his ‘darker’ version was reworked by others. Phil Cornwell on John Sessions and the making of Stella Street, Unpredictable, dangerous, adorable: John Sessions was the Richard Burton of comedy, John Sessions, actor and comedian, dies aged 67, All the Great British Bake Off series ranked, from worst to best, Last night’s TV: what Telegraph reviewers made of Don't Rock the Boat and more, What’s on TV tonight: Trump vs Biden, Bake Off, Life, and more, Who will win Strictly Come Dancing 2020? Sitemap | There were various sexual scenes introduced into the story and a lot of very expository dialogue. The box set, released this month, has already been downloaded by 5.3 million viewers. But then the producers decided to go in a different direction.”. Judging by the opening double-bill, the answer was  a resounding “non”. “They were changed, to my huge surprise and considerable upset. Jordan is working on a film starring Isabelle Huppert called The Widow, which will begin shooting in September. There is a stiffness to almost every interaction between characters and you're left, in many moments, hoping that they otherwise had a wonderful vacation in Monaco. Blank-faced and monotonal, she was presumably intended to be enigmatic, but instead sucked the life off the screen. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved.”. Cast: Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, Andrian Lester, Iwan Rheon, Dimitri Leonidas, Roxane Duran, Anthony LaPaglia Plenty of good actors are wasted throughout the 10-part series. YOUTUBE. “Am I annoyed with Paul McGuinness? There were various sexual scenes introduced into the story and a lot of very expository dialogue. A jet-set Eurosoap about a super-rich family in the south of France, it was all superficial style and no narrative substance. Everyone wore all-white outfits to show off their teak tans and because when you’re this minted, who cares about coffee stains? “All I can say is, good luck to them,” Jordan said from Spain, where he is working on a new film. “What happened to these great writers?”. Jordan co-wrote the two-hour pilot for the series with Banville after McGuinness, who has a home in the south of France, approached him with an idea. The trouble with Riviera begins after you stop fantasizing about wanting to visit there and be on a yacht while doing it. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. In Riviera Stiles plays the second wife of a billionaire banker who dies in a yacht explosion. Neil co-wrote the first two episodes with John Banville. By the end of  the first episode, someone else had been bloodily slain. Since then, Sky’s drama output has been on the up – see recent gems Chernobyl, Save Me and Patrick Melrose – so perhaps Riviera had raised its game too? Privacy | S2, Ep3 23 May 2019 I objected in the strongest terms possible.". 3:48 PM PDT 9/13/2017 Adrian Lester (London Spy, Hustle), Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), LaPaglia and other fine characters actors from around the globe do their best to service the script but can't overcome that obstacle.

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