Baby turkeys are called poults. Trick or Treat! In Alaska, whale meat may be served instead of turkey. Celebrate Christmas anytime of the year with our list of amazing Christmas facts, including history, mythology, symbolism, and much more! 3. Even more widely practiced than Christmas, most families use this time to get together and reflect on their year. The Huffington Post. While giving thanks for what you have is obviously an important part of Thanksgiving, there are so many other traditions that come along with it. Traditionally, people serve their Thanksgiving turkeys stuffed and roasted, though some may also opt to deep-fry it. Many Native American activists don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and criticize the holiday and its background. So confidently eat your leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes, because you won’t be the only one doing so. Historians have no record of turkey being eaten at the first Thanksgiving.. Why Thanksgiving Is on the Fourth Thursday, 11 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Jane Austen. 1. One of the most unexpected Thanksgiving facts is that it originated from pre-Christian times. Black Friday has been a tradition since the 1930s. Sam from the "101 Facts" trivia series serves us a huge portion of interestng facts about the origin and carb-filled traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. try { _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); However, there’s more to this holiday than the Turkey and cranberry sauce on your table. The parade was originally known as Macy's Christmas Parade and was created to help spur the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. I think it's such a shame that the true meaning of Thanksgiving is practically ignored in this day and age. University basketball leagues actually hold their elimination tournaments over Thanksgiving weekend, before the start of the conference season. There are many things that are especially related to the celebrations of the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving day is the busiest travel day of the … Several years earlier, a plague brought by Europeans had killed the inhabitants of the village. And although Franklin didn’t have his wish granted, his letter inspired a song performed in 1776, the Tony-winning musical about the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Discover the history and origins of this festivity with these Thanksgiving facts. Not only do they think the first feast occurred earlier, in 1598, but that it also took place in San Elizario, Texas, near El Paso. In 2001, the U.S. Over the course of its history, Thanksgiving has become associated with a number of unique practices and traditions. "Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Is Biggest Drinking Night of the Year." November 26, 2013. 2002. Accessed: November 10, 2010. The best way to determine if a cranberry is ripe is to see if it can bounce. This is the Worst Time to Leave, Census Bureau Facts for Features: Thanksgiving Day: November 25, 2010, Gobble, Gobble! if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { CNN. The reason? The tradition was inherited from the British, who got it from the Romans, who adopted it from the Etruscans who believed that birds had oracle powers. The atmosphere on Thanksgiving Day is unlike any other: the kitchen bustling with last-minute cooking, the dining table set with the best china, and a football game playing on the TV. Times are changing, however: 30% of Thanksgiving dinner hosts have served something other than turkey as their main course (pork is the second most popular option). Eventually, children running around  in costumes became part of the Halloween tradition in the USA. (Why, you can only imagine.) If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Did you know the first-ever TV dinner came from Thanksgiving leftovers? How’s that for historic Thanksgiving facts? How’s that for neat Thanksgiving facts? The Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday largely because stores hope the busy shopping day will take them out of the red and into positive profits.

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