WASHINGTON — The Latest on the presidential campaign (all times local): Or you can print out scripts that you can find online that help a call go faster, no one says you can’t do that. ___ But should they? A second contest in Georgia and races in North Carolina and Alaska remain undecided, leaving the chamber now deadlocked 48-48. For Collins, it was the hardest-fought race of her career. [Limited Time] Claim Your 50% Discount From this Market 3X'ing Stock Picking Service. As he notes in this interview, when his peers think about digital transformation, often it is code for enhancing the ability to foster digital sales and e-commerce. Four of their five losses have been by five points or less and easily could have gone the other way.Tyler Boyd (54 catches, 584 yards, three TDs) has been Burrow’s favourite target, but in each of the two games before the break the quarterback completed passes to seven players. When building products and technology to support customer-facing products, there has always been a strong focus on what the end customer experience is. Innovations include a voice remote that allows customers to speak to the remote control in order to find programming. Prior to your current role, you were the Vice President of Video Product Engineering and the Senior Vice President of Comcast Metadata Products and Search Services. The Associated Press called the Michigan presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden on Wednesday evening. Additionally, we have dedicated a floor to one of our partnering companies, which is an accelerator program called LIFT Labs. With Republicans now controlling the chamber, 53-47, three or four seats will determine party control, depending on who wins the presidency. The former vice-presidenttravelled Thursday afternoon to a theatre in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, where his campaign has set up a makeshift studio. McConnell, who secured a seventh term for himself in a costly campaign against Democrat Amy McGrath, a former fighter pilot, has said he he felt “pretty good” about the remaining contests. But the chat is entertaining enough. Thank you for your feedback. That’s true, but for consumers to turn to bots on a mass scale, they will first need to trust them. Comcast Labs is an internal organization that is part of Comcast Cable, and it is essentially our R&D team. Trim’s hope is to create specified bots to deal with many different service utilities. We are using that to interpret what folks are saying and to figure out intent, and we are using other parts of machine learning to make these recommendations for agents. As you compare your digital transformation with CIOs of other organizations that are less digitally-centric, do you find that the beginning of your journey began at a higher plane? Meanwhile, Comcast’s “rep” behaved like a bot as well, giving non-answers, in stilted English, to my questions. As it looks across the industry and works with startups, it is often looking for input from my team and other technology teams as to our interest in many of these companies. The Canadian Press, COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's all about Joe.Coach Zac Taylor says rookie quarterback Joe Burrow was the one piece the Cincinnati Bengals needed to get the other pieces of an already good offence to coalesce and play at a higher level.Taylor's framing of the narrative is meant to recognize some of the guys who slogged through a 2-14 season with him last year, while acknowledging that the linchpin is the 23-year-old newcomer whose dynamic play has brought some excitement back to a franchise that was stuck in the mud.The 2019 Heisman Trophy winner has made the Bengals interesting to watch again, and arguably better than their 2-5-1 record reflects. Trim’s new, separate bot for dealing with Comcast functions as a Google Chrome extension. So far, the vote count across the country has been conducted efficiently and without evidence of any misconduct, despite Trump’s public complaints. Securing the Senate majority will be vital for the winner of the presidency. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. When you toggle into manual mode, a pop-up from Trim alerts you again, like an anxious parent: “Don’t get upsold! What are some areas of your roadmap that are being filled in as a result of some of what you learned from this? Every time I jumped back into autopilot, the bot would remind the Comcast rep that I wanted to lower my bill. It has all been about putting the customer at the center of it, thinking about their journeys and experiences, and building out products in that manner. While the bot didn’t help me save on my mom’s bill, Smyth says it has had a 70% success rate with getting bills lowered, and has saved subscribers an average of $10. 4) I never receive the promised follow-up text after 10 minutes, so then I … We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. That was still the case Thursday. “Contextual information is what will keep chatbots from being the next Clippy,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO of AI-driven chatbot platform Botworx.ai. When a customer calls in or reaches out through our chat-bot or text, we combine the intent we learn and machine learning together to provide recommendations that are consistent no matter what channel they contact us on. We combine this with contextual information we have about you, and we use machine learning to say, "Typically, when we hear this from customers with this type of customer context, these are the types of solutions that solve their problems best." Audible, Smyth says.) De Silva also envisions a future where chatbots can understand human gestures, allowing motion to be used as a sort of interface. Trim, which offers a finance bot that monitors your bank accounts, thinks it has one: Comcast service calls. A judge is holding a hearing Thursday in Phoenix in the lawsuit by voter Laurie Aguilera, who also alleged that ink from the marker bled through the back side of her ballot and that poll workers refused her request for a new ballot. But Republicans held on to Susan Collins in Maine and other key seats. Do we dare invest ourselves emotionally in this young man?'" Republicans were confident they would keep Alaska, where GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan was challenged by newcomer Al Gross, a doctor and Democratic-backed independent. This also includes our big data platforms and our enterprise IT, so it cuts across the entire company. A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has ordered the U.S. These are the best gifts you can buy from Wayfair this holiday season. High: You have a great deal of product experience in your background. In the following 48 hours, you should get an email with the extension request letter. Our DTA box stopped working yesterday - no light on the front (I believe it used to have a green light), no signal being received by the tv. Record-setting mail-in voting, which Trump has been railing against for months, made for an especially unpredictable election night. ___ Gloria says Clark County has at least 63,262 ballots left to count, including 34,743 returned in drop boxes on Election Day and 4,208 returned via the U.S. It looks for trends in technology five to 10 years out, and it starts to prototype some of the technology, evaluate technology, and help us think about where technology is going next so we can align our strategies to what it is seeing. That’s a goal any cable customer can get behind. The tower has 40 floors of open floor plan, and we have numerous great spots across the building with tons of collaboration space. The extraordinary statement by an incumbent president to voice support for ceasing the count of legally cast votes came in a Thursday morning tweet, saying only: “STOP THE COUNT!” 9:40 a.m. I had to do that a few times just to stop the bot from continuing to overplay it. Throughout these programs, we pair each startup with mentors, which are Comcast and NBC Universal employees, and they partner with them over the 13 weeks. High: What are some areas of your roadmap that are being filled in as a result of some of what you learned from this? If that time slot opens up, we can let them know through text, and they can switch their appointment by texting. We have been on the customer experience journey for nearly three years, and digital is one of the key components in creating great customer experiences. I have heard a great deal about the applications of AI, and some of the startups helped us think about how we might be able to scale it up from an underlying technology perspective. Joe Biden is getting virtual briefings on the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout from panels of experts, sticking to a routine he’s had since March, even as the outcome of the presidential race remains in doubt. (To listen to an unabridged podcast version of this interview, please click this link. Postal Service to perform twice daily sweeps of processing centres in states with extended ballot receipt deadlines to check for mail-in votes and to expedite them for delivery. It’s possible that President Barack Obama will be preserved as a bot based off his social media data. Understanding your Comcast bills better. My prior team built the voice remote, which combines with the X1 so that you can talk into your voice remote and control all of your X1. You may share on the following social sites below. The bot hilariously provides you with a choice of games (Pong, Snakes, etc.) Democrats had tried to tie the moderate to Trump and criticized her for her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. “And it felt like Comcast was a great place to start.”. They do not even have to go into our app or call us. The Associated Press says Biden currently holds 264 of the 270 votes needed to claim the presidency, although several other major media outlets have yet to call Arizona and its 11 electoral votes.Biden could get there without Pennsylvania but Trump, whose narrow lead in that state has been steadily dwindling, could be shut out of the contest if it doesn't break his way.As a result, his campaign has been mobilizing supporters and lawyers alike in the remaining battleground states, including in Pennsylvania, where Trump claimed a legal victory Thursday. "We are supporting teaching and learning nationwide whether done in person, fully remote or hybrid," CEO Jack Lynch said in a statement. When I came into IT, I brought a slightly different perspective. “You are going to see an explosion of bots that talk to a business for you,” he says, “because no one likes picking up the phone and making this call.”. At its core, Comcast is a digital business, as most of what it delivers to residential and commercial clients is through digital channels. To read future articles like this one, please follow me on Twitter @PeterAHigh.). As we deploy more digital capabilities to our customers and our internal employees, digital provides a double benefit: it not only drives greater customer experiences, but it reduces our internal costs. 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