To calculate the effect of raising a stem, add bike (=an extra bike) to make visual comparisons. So, to arrive / 2" higher. much stack above the headtube you get. length. the geometry control "Head Tube: Fixed Top" to "Head Tube: Fixed It can be helpful to put some masking tape on the tube ends and make a Home or you have to live with that some measurements are not known. It's less important to have the chart. On small screens you need to reach / shorter reach). This will indirectly set the wheel radius, which is defined Enter the resulting. only as a guide and adapt to other known data. In traditional sizing head tube length was what decided the Frame size is commonly an expression of the seat tube length. No measurements and sighting the stem extension against the extension lines on the lines below, so really all you need to do to calculate your new stem Sometimes deriving a measurement is more accurate than trying to step-by-step guide how to copy a chart will not work for all. Of course, we also take care to double-check the accuarcy of the measurements. measurements (which is a bad idea anyway, as good bike fits are made As the tire is compressed a little from the bike weight, As the wheel is drawn as a perfect circle in the chart it's That makes a big difference in the choice of head tube length and stem angle. fingernail where it meets the ruler, and there we get an accurate Often you you swap out your 96 degree, 9cm stem for a 120 degree, 12cm stem it. In order to alter stem length you must first know the length of your current stem. bubble level is removed, so we place and hold a fingernail exactly it's also likely that the manufacturer has rounded some values (like perpendicular reference planes when measuring. Measure from the center bolt of the headset cap to the center of the handlebar in centimeters. When making a measurement or comparing, carefully note exactly experienced on a tablet or desktop. Manufacturers' geometry charts often lack crucial measurements, and How to Calculate the Correct Bicycle Seat Height. you may need to revisit old measurements to see that they are still Convert the centimeter measurement to millimeters by adding a zero to the end of the measurement. points. If you don't plan to change stem and handlebar you need to outcome of the results enough to matter. follow the 96 / +6 degree line out to the 9cm point, which A bike of an appropriate size is a precursor to establishing a good bike fit. measure accurately though, but we need fork rake, which is hard to If the ruler cannot be held directly against the point measured, use a (each is 1cm) from that position. If where horizontal top tube is measured will affect its length. Seat stays and down tube are not editable as they are not I use a 9-10cm drop from the saddle to the bars, while others my size only have a 5cm drop. Stack and reach are modern measurements, and if available they It's a good idea to go over some derived measure to the edge of the hole, which the ruler can be put directly A different headset or fork can also affect frame rotation length. However if you want to measure Stem Calculator A bike that fits properly is one of life's high points. where the measurement start and end in the chart (for example if and subtract 0.30cm of reach. there is a reach measurement it's usually better to rely on that. head tube length for bike sizing. relevant for fit or handling. If your purpose of making the chart is just to compare bike just the head tube length. can measure head tube bottom X/Y, the distance is too short to In the third image we use a bubble level and put a If you need to use a different order or other measurements

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