I love how she creates authentic aged looks on new pieces. That’s called bleed-through, and it comes from the tannins in the wood. Durability: Chalk paint cures thoroughly in 30 days and Dixie Belle brand is self-sealing. Looks like you already have an account! For the dark wood, since you’re going cream, I would recommend the white BOSS. Stays looking fresh and new longer than other paints because of proprietary additives. With a hint of gray, our Mud Puddle color looks like . I am about to redo our bedroom furniture. My favorite color is Fluff! You weren’t working on that piece, it was in the background, The legs are iron patina paint as well, gator hide was sprayed on the entire body. Aubergine is a dark eggplant purple. Seriously so good!!!! We are based in Milton (Alpharetta) Georgia in the USA. For heavy stains, test for stain bleed-through by applying Silk All-In-One as a topcoat to a small section. Midnight Skyis a dark blue black. If you have a coupon code, please apply it below. Wow!! Mix well; working in 10” x 10” sections and using a chip brush or sponge applicator, apply the glaze to your taste. This color truly works for any style! The thicker the application, the bigger the cracks will be. Rinse with clean warm water and wipe again. I love using Dixie Belle Paint because it is so versatile. Used to add extra protection to your finish, Allow paint to dry 1 hour before top coating, Brush on a very thin even layer in 1 direction (not back and forth), Wait 1 hour and, if desired, add another coat, Apply with a lint free cloth, paint brush or paint sponge/applicator. Caviar5. There was a problem calculating your postage. Please read my disclosure and my privacy policy here. Dixie Belle Paint is a chalk mineral paint which has superb adhesive qualities allowing you to paint over practically anything without any sanding, priming or prep work, and it will stay put! You can find that here! Holy Guacamole is your color!! Please try again. Yankee Blue Our deep blue chalk mineral paint is a beautiful navy color. Shake Patina Paint to mix metal particles throughout. I will be adding the option to download a PDF of the Guide soon as well. Mason Dixon Gray is charcoal gray with lavender undertones. However, if you haven’t used BOSS first, you can still use it over your first coat of paint, and it will prevent bleed-through on the second coat. Haha, no way!! Amethyst is a rich, deep purple. After 6 hours, you may choose to topcoat it if desired. We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. It seems like everyone is using Dixie Belle chalk paint on everything now. All Things New Again teaches us how to use crackle medium in this video. Note: Since this Dixie Belle Color Chart was last published, new colors have been added to the color pallet. I don’t actually carry the paint in my Etsy store, but you can order from Dixie Belle using my link http://www.dixiebellepaint.com/?aff=81 and that supports my small biz. Peony is a bright, hot pink. Make Your Furniture Shimmer And Shine With Our Newest Metallic Paint Line! This new paint line of Dixie Belle is a true all-in-one paint! Can be used on furniture, glass, fabric and so much more. xo Kathleen. Bunker hill blue Mermaid tail Rebel yellow 3. I hope to help you find a little inspiration for your next painting project. I truly believe anyone can paint a piece of wood furniture and get a beautiful result. Rest under a beach umbrella and look out at this coastal color. Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Thank you so much for putting all this helpful info together. Rebel Yellow is a vintage yellow. Peacock is a rich blue (with a hint of green) color and so much fun to paint projects! I don't know why lately it has just been harder to keep up with the actual tutorials. Thank you. Tea Rose is a soft rosy pink with a hint of tan. Hey girl! Chalk paint adheres well to wood and lots of other surfaces. You must have been reading my mind. BlueBerry When you look at blueberry Dixie Belle Color Chart, you will see a beautiful periwinkle blue gray……soft periwinkle, a calming color. Colonel Mustard is a retro, goldenrod yellow. Paint over it! Intermediate Kit (the Beginner Kit above, plus these items): Advanced Kit (the Kits above, plus these items). You are viewing the latest Dixie Belle Color Chart published by the Paint Company. Coverage: Chalk paint has excellent coverage; dark colors cover in 1 coat, and lighter colors in 2 coats. I have used about 6 different types of chalk paint, including the popular ... (name removed to protect the innocent, lol!) * This post may contain affiliate links. Built on American values and true Southern Hospitality. My goal here is to give you easy go to colors for both a classic look, or a bold statement! Bondo dries so hard and durable, you can actually use it to replace whole sections of missing trim or even a leg. Dixie Belle has a great blog post on how to do each type of distressing and the differences between them. Thanks, Brooke from Heartland Vintage Market got a little crazy with moulds on only her second use. Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer has been a favorite blogger and furniture painter of mine for years. It’s generally older pieces with Cherry or Mahogany finishes. You’ll want to use a spray mister water bottle to thin your paint … For pieces or sections of pieces you aren’t painting, you can restore old wood finishes with hemp oil. Mix up to another ½ scoop if needed. Check out Pinterest for color ideas. These are all so amazing! Honey, keep doing what you do and creating these beautiful pieces. Using a clean short‐bristled brush, dip into Dixie Dirt powder and brush over the surface, especially the nooks and crannies. Thanks so much! These special additives give your furniture a harder stronger layer. Dixie Belle Paint has 60 beautiful colors to choose from and that’s the perfect recipe for any color you can dream up. If bleeding continues, longer dry time is needed before top coating. Cotton is our purest white on the Dixie Belle Color Chart, perfect for a clean and classic look. Contact the shop to find out about available delivery options. Use to add durability on high traffic table tops, cabinets or outdoor furniture. This citrus color will infuse energy into any room. Limeade means Springtime!! Gravel RoadWe wanted to cut to the chase to help you pick from the best of the best of our 64 delicious colors.Dixie Belle Paint is the best paint on earth. Thank you Crys’Dawna for the kind support! Please reload the page and try again. Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. Using a paint brush to form crests and valleys, like ocean waves on the piece. This rich and royal color reminds us of exotic orchid flowers. Collard greens is smooth and pleasing to the eye and a perfect fit to your earth tone and rustic decor. If you purchase I could make a commission at no charge to you. Today I created a list of my top 5 favorite colors from Dixie Belle. Using a lint‐free cloth, very gently buff your piece working gently from the middle to the edges, for an authentic time‐worn look. Having said that the piece (#12) you recently posted on social media blew me away! No Sanding or Priming Needed! I tried to purchase some but it was crazy expensive. We are registered Dixie Belle retailers We sell Dixie Belle's productts online and also via our store inside Out of the Cedar Chest Antiques at 129b Merchants Square Cumming, GA 30040. Like more information about how to paint with Dixie Belle Paint see our FAQ, Shopping is so much more fun when you buy Dixie Belle, information about how to paint with Dixie Belle Paint see our, No Sanding or Priming Needed! The color of a burlap sack! This is the number one thing that will make or break your final product. You have quite a few good ones in there! My vision is for everyone to be able to enjoy the fun and therapy painting can bring without breaking the bank. Barn Red is a warm, deep red. Dispatch items back within: 30 days of delivery. I am painting it Fluff. Apply crackle with a brush in a cross-hatch motion. And did you use the same topcoat as you used on the entire piece? This means you can completely finish a piece with a couple coats in a single day. Finish: Dixie Belle paint is self-leveling, and it’s easy to get a smooth brush-stroke free finish. Lemonade is a light and airy yellow. $5 Regular Post for orders up to $50. Do of Do Dodson Designs has some of my favorite creative staging ideas ever, and she also has this great tutorial on using patina. This creamy color will add a buttery and warm touch to your home. It grips to the shiny surface, and gives your paint something to bond to as well. Make sure you clean your piece really well to avoid adherence problems. Other people want this. Thank you so much Brandy, you are just awesome! Reach for our Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax. Use this crisp color to make a grand statement in your space. Dusty Blue is a soft blue. I think of the eraser as a small feather duster that just whisks away those transitions between colors. Sea Glass*********************Find these other best sellers in our store10. Drop Cloth 3. Simply clean and paint! I am often asked about my favorite paint colors that I have used to blend together on furniture. This espresso color can anchor any space and add a warm, inviting feel! $10 EXPRESS Post for orders above $50 to $150. Pink Champagne is a pale, delicate pink. Trust me! This piece here, your number #15? Your talent is amazing. Dixie Belle Blue This color is beautiful, bright, fun, tiffany blue. step-by-step instructions on how to make repairs using Bondo, how to use Big Mama’s Butta from this tutorial. Our paint comes in 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz sizes. So any help you can let me know about on that piece would be awesome! *Features*Beautiful rich colorsIncredible coverage - you will use less paintBeautiful finish - buff to a smooth as butter texture No prep neededNo VOCs = no harmful fumesNo wax or sealent requiredHighly affordableMade in the USA*Coverage*Our paint covers with just one coat on most of our colors. This rich color makes a statement in any space, especially when paired with blues and greens. […]. Holy Guacamole Whether you want that 70’s retro avocado green or the Eclectic green pop of today . This is the first time since I’ve been doing furniture that I have found a paint that is streakless and self-leveling and goes on smooth as butter.

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