Posted November 5, 2020. Great running and straight flying airplane. D-20309-1 Factory new McCauley Governor in stock. Carry Through Spars need to be replaced. Get an email alert when new aircraft are posted matching On tight Edo 2960 floats with Kenmore hatches. We "guarantee" you will make the first runway exit every time! •. 6127604343 • This airplane has been flown frequently but it is time to let it go as the owner has bought something bigger. 1960 182C Complete Project O-470L. Perfect to learn in. Telephone: C150 Nosewheel assembly in good paint, good condition, near USA so can take to border for shipping, Telephone: KX 125, KY76-A, Sigtronics Intercom. AFTT 3379.9. Upgraded 550 engine with 3 blade prop. Posted October 17, 2020. Telephone: 8056498062 • Total Time: 5,832 Very nice Cessna 150F; Interior better than average; Exterior paint is average-to-somewhat-below-average; Aircraft is well-maintained. 3300TT. Skylights, light, bright interior in good condition, good glass, brand new Garmin 335 with ADS b, KX 155 720 Navcom, Bendix/King KLX 135A Comm-GPS, 406 ELT, 17,200 TT, 1600 … 8077380171 • Leak down test as follows: 1)72 2)74 3)73 4)75. Very straight airframe. Call/Text for details and additional photos. Continental O-200-A. TC IO-360D 210HP XP mod. VFR flight rules. PMA part from Aviation Fabricators. Cessna Model 100 Series Service Manual 1963 thru 1968 D637-1-13 9/74 Covers 150,172,175,180,182,and 185 Series with 4 and 6 cylinder Continental engines. 409-986-6409 • Aircraft flies regularly, so times will change. Garmin GTX 345 Transponder with ADSB in and out, weather and traffic, 3212587363 • Cessna Aircraft Company built 6193 Cessna 180 models. 907 243-1966 • Cessna 180 & 185 TITANIUM and STEEL Landing Gear • FAA & EASA PMA PQ5262NM STC’s SA01087SE and SA00800SE • NEW TITANIUM XP0741001-77, -88 Gear: Corrosion Resistant, Lighter, Stronger, Safer. 1959 Cessna 150 N7883E Serial 17683. 772-464-0088 • 831-245-5160 • Cessna 180/185/188, Telephone: Cessna 182 rigging for EDO 2960 or 2870 floats. Doesn’t lose its spring • NEW STEEL Heavy Duty PP0741001-7, -8 & STEEL Light Duty PP0741001-3, -4 with NEW Alloy, tighter grain, Higher Strength, Safer, Longer Time Life • Save considerable money over new Textron/Cessna sets for both Titanium and Steel Gear. Excellent winter project. Disassembled, ready to be put together. No Hail, No Corrosion PN 0732600-4 MANY other parts! CESSNA 150 F MODEL • $18,500 • FOR SALE BY WIFE • Very nice Cessna 150F; Interior better than average; Exterior paint is average-to-somewhat-below-average; Aircraft is well-maintained. Posted October 16, 2020. The aircraft is the only high-wing single-engined Cessna to have both fixed landing gear and a cantilever wing without strut bracing since the Cessna 190 and 195. New paint/bare aluminum. Posted November 1, 2020. Telephone: TTAF 2695, SMOH 748, Garmin SL10/30/60, IFR, Ann.due 8/2021, Hangared, all ADs, No damage, $35k! 207-329-9346 • Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel with 3LMB and 6 place Intercom, 919-696-5023 • Telephone: Fax: 9709287912 • 68 SMOH Cessna 150 J Bottom Cowling, New, unpainted, with holes for SouthCo. Dual Nav/com Radios, Glideslope Indicator, Two Place Intercom, Vertical Card Compass, Hobbs Meter, VFR GPS Included. We have 19 CESSNA 185 SERIES Aircraft For Sale. 704-202-8510 • PN 0712635-1, Telephone: Ideal for long-haul VFR / IFR cross-country flights or training. Plane rental is $105 per hour(C150). PN 0750161-89, PN 0750238-210. We have an overhauled McCauley C2A34C204/90DCB-0 Cessna 180K propeller in stock ready to ship. 5431tt, 361 SMOH, 361 spoh, 29 STOH, new slick mags/harness, rebuilt carb, skytech starter, reiff pre-heater, Millennium cylinders, new alt, adsb out (skyBeacon), Garmin 296, ky 97, auto gas STC, new mains, 406 elt, spin on oil filter, great time builder. 807-737-2668 • 1951 CESSNA 170A • $129,000 • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • 1951 Cessna 170A for sale. Starter switch, Clean & Straight. Shipping to Florida. Various models of the aircraft include the Cessna Model 180 , 180A, 180B, 180C, 180D, 180E, 180F, 180G, 180H, 180J, and 180K. DUAL GARMIN G5, GARMIN GNC420 COMGPS, ILS, VOR, DME, 15Gal AUX FUEL TANK(8 hrs endurance). Posted November 2, 2020, Never Used. King KT 76A Transponder with Mode C, Telephone: 807-737-2668 • 208-412-0166 • All logs. Telephone: 9703093334 • Very nice plane flys good. Telephone: Garmin stand-alone ILS/VOR/GPS CDI Indicator for #2 G5, 715-292-1517 • Telephone: Telephone: Posted November 2, 2020, Beautiful Cessna 1968 150 H Model. We source data this search criteria. Fuel scan 450 fuel flow computer, 860-608-4206 • Super aluminum alloy, sanded, primed, painted, all USA made STC FAA PMA, TW Tom approved. Pitot/static checks completed October 2020.

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