The closer the roll center is to the center of gravity, the less body roll the vehicle will experience and, in theory, if the roll center is on the center of gravity line, the vehicle would have no body roll. We know because this kit is on every Jeep we have here at GenRight, many of which are daily drivers! Quad-link, with our custom coil springs, creates a better ride quality for the short wheel base on the Early Bronco. Quad-Link adjusts from 0″-2.5″ lift and 2.5″-4″ lift! Anti-squat between 10% and 50% works well for high speed desert racing. In other words, the further above the roll center the vehicle's center of gravity is, the more body roll the vehicle will experience during a turn. CNC machined Left and Right-hand threaded bungs to weld into the control arms for easy adjustment. To find the street legal laws for your state including maximum suspension lift heights and tire size rules visit, Copyright © 2019 Crawlpedia All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, Find the horizontal center of gravity height of the vehicle or use the crankshaft. While it's rare to have a vehicle permanently set up at 100% anti-squat, many people choose to make their suspension systems adjustable to above and below 100% anti-squat. Unfortunately, vehicle's with low anti-dive suspension geometry may experience excessive nose-dive under hard braking. Heavy Duty 1/4 & 3/16" thick mounts are laser-cut and CNC formed. May 17th 2016, The Genright 4 link rear system works amazingly with the stretch corners and crawler tank. Check all of the options we offer with this kit, sold at a discount if purchased at the same time. No heavy modifications are needed for installation. Call 805-584-8635 to speak with a Jeep expert! This kit requires a substantial amount of cutting and welding to properly install it on your vehicle. The roll axis and roll center of a vehicle's suspension system determin how much body roll or sway the vehicle will experience when cornering. Don't Over-Think It: There are many thick textbooks, expensive software, and hundred-page internet forums out there on the subject of 4-link geometry and it is very easy to get lost and frustrated. Have you been thinking about building your own kit from scratch, or just upgrading to improve the ride quality of your Jeep Wrangler? In the case of a suspension with parallel links the roll axis line is simply going to be parallel with the parallel links. This is the 4-link kit from our Legend Suspension Kit. Suspension systems with 100% anti-squat values will have no effect on the chassis under acceleration or when the rear tires contact an obstacle at speed. Shock Tuning Guide Other 4-link systems are not adjustable. Can be used with 12" to 14" travel shocks and ideal for running bigger tires. How To Measure For Coilovers Genuine Currie-forged 1-1/4" shank Johnny Joints, at both ends of the control arm for easy adjustment! For most applications this change in roll axis is not worth considering and the calculations should be done at ride height. Anti-squat in a linked suspension system determines how the rear end of a vehicle moves under acceleration or upon the rear axle contacting an obstacle at speed. The mounts DO NOT tie into the transfer case skid plate. Which means you can install the Quad-link yourself in your driveway or garage with your general mechanics tools. Hydraulic Bump Stop Guide Coilover Install and Setup Guide One of the most common questions we get about suspension setup and tuning is how 4-link geometry affects the performance and handling of a vehicle. Want to see your banners and links on Crawlpedia? The Genright 4 link rear system works amazingly with the stretch corners and crawler tank. ): Have you been thinking about building your own kit from scratch, or just upgrading to improve the ride quality of your. Anti-squat between 70% and 100% works well for rock crawling and trail running. We've done several of these now and the results are always the same. Suspension systems with anti-squat values under 100% will cause the rear end of the vehicle to drop down (squat) and compress the rear suspension under acceleration or when the rear tires contact an obstacle at speed. No other 4-link system can say that! Mon - Fri 10:00am - 6:00pm Sat - Sun Closed Quad-link is a complete bolt-on system that requires no special tools or welding. Krawlers Edge is the premier innovator in Early Bronco restoration and fabrication with the best CNC mandrel bent custom Early Bronco chassis in the business. (Save $50! A set of 9/16" fine thread Grade 8 mounting hardware (Unitorque Nuts, Bolts and Washers).. Easy to follow DIY Installation Instructions. (This allows unobstructed access to the transmission and transfer case for service). Anti-squat between 110% and 150% works well for hardcore technical rock crawling and some styles of rock bouncing. Mike Wailes Anti-dive under 100% causes the suspension to extend and lift under 4x4 acceleration. The point along the roll axis that is directly above the axle center line is the roll center. Including Genuine Currie Johnny Joints (not like what is used by our competition), 1-3/4" x .120" wall DOM tubing for upper arms and 2" x .250" wall DOM for the lower arms make this DIY suspension kit easy to build in … Anti-squat between 80% and 120% works well for almost every street and track application (excluding drag racing). On trail prowess, and civilized on the road....these guys have it figured out, Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed, Universal Urethane Bump Stop (Pair) w/ Bump Cans, Double Triangulated Rear 4-Link Suspension Kit (Links Optional), Jeep Wrangler TJ & LJ Stage 1 Suspension Package, Jeep TJ Legend EXT Suspension Package (4-5" Stretch), Universal Front Coilover Shock Mount Kit w/ Removable Center Support, Rear 4-Link Rear Bracket Kit (Chassis Side) 3 Hole, 3 Link Front & 4 Link Rear Bracket Package, 3 Link Front & Double Triangulated 4 Link Rear Bracket Package, Double Triangulated 4 Link Crossmember Kit. The GR crew was extremely helpful with the install as well! (which are greasable & rebuildable). 100% anti-dive results in no movement and transfers all energy into the chassis. Coilover Spring Re-Calculation Guide © 2020 GenRight Offroad (Dotted Green), Draw a line from that intersection to the center of the front tire's contact point.

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