He might realize that her expectations are a burden to him and retreat, leaving her confused and in some cases, broken hearted. I checked all my stored charts and only have it with one person. Pure Pluto. It also analyses the relationships between the planets in that natal chart, so-called, aspects. When the Sun lands in the 7th House of a partner then the connection is natural and magnetic. They are usually good looking and have impeccable style. This relationship requires compromise and the partners might not be ready for it. More intricate astrological analysis may reveal more insight but provided below are basic contacts between charts that are most often an interest to clients. In addition, the day I met him, transiting Mars was conjunct my natal Venus exactly. Pluto is attracted by the charm of Venus and its affectionate and caring manner. How about in transits or synastry? His Juno conjunct my Vesta and Eros. Venus conj Karmat. If the planet Venus is afflicted in the natal chart, she might act carelessly and hurt Neptune’s feelings making an emotional scar that will last a long time. (function(){ Natally i have union conjunct exact my mars. The North Node person is strongly attracted to the Venus person’s beauty, grace, and charm. Regardless, the couple enjoys spending time with one another. The willingness to invest in the relationship is present, due to the fact that they feel they are “going somewhere” with each other. ( Log Out /  Neptune is the ruler of water and all matters related to water, just like the Roman god Neptune whose name it carries. Jupiter may provide the Node person with material wealth, good luck, support, and spiritual guidance. Although, I'm still a little lost on who feels what: so, in a Union-Lust conjunction, the Union person would feel lustful towards the Lust person, and the Lust person would feel....?? Strong aspects color someone’s personality or a relationship. I put in Uranus with Carmen there, cause she wouldn`t commit to one man alone. This is often a contact where the Venus partner falsely believes Neptune is her soul mate. Both partners tend to fight and clash for power and who holds the upper hand in the relationship. There are many other overlays found in synastry that are supportive or favorable to a marriage just as there are unfavorable aspects. The House person often views the Sun person as their ideal partner. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com © 2000 The North Node person is strongly attracted to the Venus person’s beauty, grace, and charm. On the downside, conflict, and even violent situations, may plague your relationship due to the combative and aggressive nature of Mars. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The North Node certainly feels there is a future with the Sun person and is attracted to the growth the relationship represents. The North Node person is highly receptive to the Mercury person’s ideas, and admires their intellect. Its influence is strongly felt by people who have Neptune as their ruling planet. Valentine/Lust trine natal Union/Uranus, Posts: 1984From: AustraliaRegistered: Apr 2009, In synastry we have:my union square his NN/valentine (1)my union quincunx his vertex/union (1)my union sextile his eros (1)his union trine my moon/venus/saturn/NN/amor (4/2/2/5/1)his union quincunx my proserpina/valentine (1)his union trine my amor (1). They enjoy each other’s company and the feelings between them are genuine. The conjunction and oppositions are the strongest. If Neptune is afflicted, they could exhibit the darker traits of Neptune, such as lies, manipulation, and deception. Regardless, the Nodal person is likely to feel somewhat uneasy in the presence of the Sun person, mostly because the Sun person brings the Node person out of their comfort zone. The Mercury person opens up the North Node person’s mind to different ways of thinking. There is a beguiling and irresistible attraction between Venus and Pluto. Jupiter R10 and Neptune conj my mom's name asteroid, t. asteroid Karma conj Unionmy dad's name asteroid conj Jupiter R7 and DSCt. Sun-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense and…, Mars-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense…, Moon-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense…, Venus-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense…, Venus-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The loving…, Pluto-Ascendant Aspects in Synastry Chart: The…, Pluto Transit on Natal North Node: The transformation and rebirth of your soul in discovering your life’s purpose, Venus Transit on Natal North Node: How openly and clearly you express yourself and emotions to others, Moon-True Lunar Node Aspects in Synastry Chart: The deep emotional attraction between the Moon & the True Lunar Node person. It is a very bright planet, and second brightest following the Moon. var D=new Date(),d=document,b='body',ce='createElement',ac='appendChild',st='style',ds='display',n='none',gi='getElementById',lp=d.location.protocol,wp=lp.indexOf('http')==0?lp:'https:'; Synastry determines the aspects between their planets and the houses where the partner’s planets fall in. My Union conjuncts my Eros/AscTo the pisces fella my union conjuncts his Mercury. The Neptune person might not be the ideal partner for Venus, but she might take very long time to realize that. ( Log Out /  There is a great dose of emotional and physical attraction between these two. They are usually very intuitive. However, if there are other strong aspects (especially to either person’s Nodes), the likelihood of forming a lasting relationship in this lifetime is increased. his Pt. The beauty is the veneer,if you will, for the power. The Pluto seems to have a strong special connection into Venus’ soul that when these two forms a bond, it will create a relationship that has an intense magnitude that is both fascinating and frightening at the same time. In some cases, this aspect could be an indication of true love and if other aspects between the partners’ charts support that, it could be a lasting union. In my personal experience, I’ve found this to be true. When someone’s Venus is conjunct to someone’s Neptune that is a true romantic connection. I have had this connection in Synastry, wherein my North Node was conjunct his Venus. Perhaps barriers to love exist between the two of them, which deny the formation of a love relationship. Neptune is a cold planet; second coldest following Uranus. Pluto’s energy is consuming Venus because of its intense need for love and affection. Each problem you face in your relationship pushes both partners higher and higher to become enlightened, allowing them to grow and strive to become better versions of themselves. Venus people cannot stand being alone and prefer any kind of company than being by themselves. Sun/Venus & Venus/Venus Contacts: Often the Sun and Venus are sought to measure marriage potential. Indeed, since North Node aspects represent the “future,” perhaps the sexual exchange between the couple is too “new,” and will thus require a lot of work to ensure mutual satisfaction. astroladyconsultations@gmail.com. Very fascinating. It FEELS like power combined with beauty like a beautiful automobile, a Jaguuer. The union of Venus and Pluto will first undergo extreme emotions with nasty arguments and disagreements before coming into an entirely harmonious relationship. Nevertheless, the North Node is undoubtedly strongly drawn towards the Sun person, and vice-versa. The Neptune partner might abandon the Venus partner without explanation, leaving her broken hearted. He might appear as Venus’s romantic ideal. If other synastry aspects agree, this aspect also indicates a strong amount of physical desire and passion. Amazing. His Union sextile my Saturn, conjunct my Uranus, semi-sextile my Vertex. Posts: 36881From: Pluto/house next to NickiGRegistered: Sep 2010. Hmm I guess that when we met, he might have idealized me a bit in a Piscean way, while I liked him too yet I'm not exactly sure how I really felt back then (it was all too sudden!!). The relationship may define personal identity which could pose potential problems. Because Neptune also rules religion and religious authorities, it could make the person very religious or choosing an occupation related to religion. The union of Venus and Pluto will first undergo extreme emotions with nasty arguments and disagreements before coming into an entirely harmonious relationship. The Spiderwoman one FEELS,to me, like the person who HAS it in the natal FEELS. Wow Nadia, again, you outdid all the articles i have read on ‘vesta in synastry’. Indeed, the two of you have a “clean slate” upon which to build your relationship. Indeed, this is a very serious union! ( Log Out /  And the planets / asteroids which are being aspected seem to indicate the nature of the (desired) bonding. The strong attraction of Pluto towards Venus has a tendency that these two will be overpowered and consumed by their strong magnetism towards each other. PPS NOW I am working on figuring out Aphrodite conjunct Pluto --in someone's natal. Your bond becomes stronger each time you solve and settle the issues and conflicts within your relationship. The North Node person may become frustrated with the Mars person, especially if the North Node person is not ready to follow Mars’ direction.

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