So here’s the score with your Pluto cycles…. The smart way for people and organisations (even entire nations) to handle Ceres is to practise acceptance, tolerance and understanding. On his father’s or mother’s side there is a really healthy, together bunch of people. That is what you and anyone else involved should be thinking about here. Try to make him see that you and your daughter are part of that family tree and try to talk to them. Thank you!’n. You can do a lot with this, but of course it is your life and your chart. Superficially he, she or they may look like pawns in this transit. I have Minerva at 9 deg Virgo as well Trine my Neptune in Scorpio at 8 deg ……….which is in opposition to Uranus now at 8 Deg . A symbol of ‘the bridge’ between two powerful people or organisations. He empowered his wife Proserpina. 32 min. Thanks again x. Astrology and yoga are really linked in Indian or Vedic culture and you might want to ask my friend Sonal Sachdeva, from The Circle of Divine. Mediums who live alone and work alone sometimes have this placement. She shows where you tend to take the line of least resistance, to be passive or helpless, and teaches you the consequences of such unaware or unassertive responses. Strangely people always say they feel safe with me and calm, if only they knew what inner turbulence I have how is it possible for me to project peace and calm outwards ? This is a fascinating and informative post. Any advice much appreciated, thank you. Or something else entirely, like money? Proserpina Opposition Asc., Orb: 4 deg. Retracted statements, recounts, revised results. Okay, you need time out. A great deal of what troubles you is in your head. And it works the other way too. Rather than assume everybody and everything is fine, really look at each person in turn and pay separate attention to them. You need time out and so does your daughter, and should do that, or something like it, every day. In the same year, Ceres, the famous asteroid, was also given dwarf planet status, suddenly making her Pluto’s equal. In fact, growing up, we moved several times due to my father’s work and each move was rather traumatic for me (and my father is a Taurus…) Anyways, I am so tired of this arrangement. Thank you. What can you do right now? I am so sorry that you and your daughter had to leave your husband – and now you have a custody battle. As I grew up in a big family being alone doesn’t bother me, I love people and group work. I also have Psyche at 2° Gemini and Minerva at 2° Leo. You will find on these pages astrological charts of thousands of celebrities with Proserpina in Scorpio.. Just click on the celebrities of your choice to get their interactive natal chart, planetary dominants and excerpts of astrological portrait. ... @ValverdeFam @nicoleperlroth @Liz_A_Harris @JamesCarville Always put the prefix 're' in front of Mercury matters on the retrograde. Reiki can be found at my friend Kerry McNally’s excellent website. Not just a loner for the sake of it. When you become drawn into this crucial parent-child relationship, in some way, you are utterly changing things. The best use of Ceres in Aquarius is to push fiercely for your rights/their rights in a situation. Could you interpret this into more understandable way, please? Ceres in Aries has a strong sense of entitlement, claim, empowerment. She points to what you learn through the various transitions of life, which may or may not be painful, but which always entail a letting go of what has ceased to be viable, and carry therefore some sense of sacrifice. Horoscopes with Proserpina in the astrological. Next, look online, and on community noticeboards. If not, I wouldn't place your fears in them. Proserpina in Leo is the person who closes the gaps and builds the bridges. Proserpina and Chiron are really about solitude. Pluto is about empowerment. He is halfway there already – part of him knows he should go back there, and go back to them. These are very helpful suggestions. In looking at my chart I have: Ceres 15 degrees Sagittarius The same goes for Ceres, Proserpina’s mother. Fortunately for you, Uranus makes a stunning trine to Proserpina in Virgo. There are new needs all over the place now in 2020. You are currently having a Saturn in Aquarius transit (in your Eleventh House of friends and groups) which is picking up on this pattern, and so much more, in your chart. It is certainly the mark of a loner. They are individually and collectively solid gold. Before too long, though, there will be a shift in the balance of power which means someone plays piggy-in-the-middle, between two dominating people, places, organisations or situations. Had not thought about the linkage of Pluto, Ceres and Prosperina the way you have put. A switch in status, authority and control – up, down and sideways. Thanks for another wonderful lesson! I would also light a candle and ask the spirit world (your relatives and his) to help bring about wholeness, peace and healing to the situation. Because the Pluto story also involves Ceres, as you know. I have Pluto in Libra (I am a libra sun), Ceres in Aries (7th house) and Prosperina in Capricorn, which is my ascendant. For more on this look up Sacred Geometry on Search. Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper is believed to be Richard Ricci, a handyman who worked at their house the year before. Ceres in Aquarius is the key here. [See also Proserpina], PROSERPINA (26): Separation anxiety; leaving; going away; what you believe will happen if “mother's not there to take care of you;” the conditions you attract as you approach a transition or separation. I have Pluto in Leo, Ceres in Sagittarius and Proserpina in Taurus. Being logical, they are going to fall in one house or another. You have been drawn to nursing, which is not unusual with this pattern, and counselling and hypnotherapy are calling you, also not unusual. Proserpina 27 deg Libra and Uranus 26 Leo and South Node 27 Aquarius is that Power in relationships as a bridge in cycles ( South Node ) Opposite Freedom with Lovers (Leo ) . Proserpina is related to mysteries, revival and reconstruction, as well as cycles. What I am piecing together as a narrative from my own life starts to make sense. Proserpina, the struggling maiden (abducted by Pluto) shows how others individually or collectively will operate as a go-between, trying to please two powerful people, organisations or other entities at the same time. You present to others an adaptable and obliging soul, and if you don't have a realistic sense of where you fit, your kindness could be exploited. Powered by Infopop © 2000 Thanks again. Proserpina, sometimes referred to as Persephone, is a trans-Plutonian hypothetical planet. This causes me a huge amount of grief, guilt, and stress – really not healthy for me (Pluto in Virgo retrograde?). Asteroid Astrology – Proserpina Today’s asteroid lesson is Proserpina (asteroid #26). As you are becoming accustomed to watching planets in transit (travelling) and the zodiac signs and houses they are in, as they pass through, you can see for yourself what Ceres and Proserpina are up to. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn factors at 29, 29, 29 would be in a grand trine. Look up Sixth House when you finish reading this because it’s where you should be living now. Pluto is never understood in depth until you understand his wife and mother-in-law. Daily routine, lifestyle, and your health and wellbeing. In his chart, the asteroid Toro is conjunct Mars and Neptune in the 7th house of his chart. There is so much here that is precious, tune in, change your current stance, and start tending to the person and really getting as far into her/his situation and personality as you can. It was a good one. You are also spiritual. Really get rid of everything you can! If it’s about sharing control then Proserpina and Ceres will be there. It can be quite intense and draining. Someone who goes looking for God, or Goddess, or the spirit world, or the world of the Buddhists – through retreating. You may be dealing with more than just your brother. Have a look at what other wives and mothers in your situation have done, in terms of this. The asteroid Proserpina seems to manifest as an energy of innocence and ignorance that learns a very great deal by (often hard) experience. I will rise from the ashes this reply has made me even more determined Thank you so much Jessica have a great long weekend ! Possibly. I’m curious that Ceres with so many exact contacts wouldn’t express stronger than Proserpina in my chart? The old balance of power began to transform, giving rise to modern India. Most of all, though, I strongly recommend you look at something like meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, dream coaching or similar. Ceres always is, especially when Pluto is in the mix. Dates and Details, Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019. I tried but couldn’t piece it together. Hope you are coping with lockdown in a mostly sane fashion. But you may not be fully conscious of it. The asteroid Proserpina seems to manifest as an energy of innocence and ignorance that learns a very great deal by (often hard) experience. You feel guilty and stressed by your mother’s ‘begging’ as you say. You can look them up on Search when you finish reading this. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a,,,, As Pluto's wife and queen of the underworld, though, she receives the souls of the dead and as such, is also a guide to other realms and levels of being, and the deepest places of the psyche. Okay, so let’s look at the astrology. In fact Proserpina ended up with more control than either of them, because they wanted her both. The kind that leaves your jaw on the floor. That story (told in Lempriere’s Classical Encyclopaedia of Greek and Roman Mythology)  is also about the dramatic and irrevocable change in status of Pluto and Ceres. Pluto 13 degree Virgo, in retrograde. Astrology Asteroid Proserpina (26) and Persephone (399) profile | register | preferences | faq | search: UBBFriend: Email This Page to Someone! Put as much huge distance between yourself and anyone you suspect may be part of potential trouble, including your brother – as you possibly can.

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