Zoom in on the left one and move it, by moving it the edge of the small painting will fold, tap on it and drag until the whole picture folds and reveals a marble. Go right to the room with dresser and take a petal. You replace each item with his weight. Once you make it do this series of movements it will drop a feather, pick up the feather. In the first/human dimension of the room, you will need to find 4 candles and a fish. and the lower-left cloud will morph into a gecko on the upper right corner. In the room with the clock, there are three pictures on the wall. Also, slide the mirror around to see another symbol. It would have the same effect as in joining a portal consisted of candles and a heart (candles means you are already in the human/ghost(?) Hand will bring a heart, take it. It is a remake of their first game released under a previous name, for the fifth anniversary of the Rusty Lake series. Go to the room with the altar in it and you will see an upside-down chandelier. so far i know that worm = 0, gecko = 1, weight = 1, matches = 2, knife = 3, heart = 4, fish = 5 – but i don’t know what to do next. Go right to the room with a nest. The game takes place in 1935, directly following the events of Rusty Lake: Roots and William Vanderboom's rebirth through the cycle of life. Samsara Room Secret Room Walkthrough Video, Pirates Kids Room Escape Walkthrough (100%), Alice Beyond Wonderland Walkthrough [100%], The Secret Of Hollywood Motel Walkthrough Guide [100%], The White Bird Carnival Walkthrough Guide, Full The House of Da Vinci 2 Walkthrough (100%). Remember time. Never mind, you were ahead of me. 360° >> [270°] >> [360°] >> [90°] >>>> [0°] >>> [180°], Simpler explanation v2 (HEAD CAN ROTATE JUST 360°, YOU START AT SOUTH°): 18. Go left to the room with a phone. Go left to the room with scales. Go to the clock room again and move the clock hands to 2:15, this will reveal the third triangle key. Go right to the room with a window. Go to the altar and place the four feathers on the candle stands and place the baby on the plate. Lighting the candles will open the aperture. The holes on the circles on the left and right should be turned to the middle circle and two squares that block the third circle can be moved left and right releasing the middle wheel. 19. =======================================================================, Simpler explanation (HEAD CAN ROTATE JUST 360°, YOU START AT 360° ***): turn it to the left CW [+90°]* so the owl will be looking at you as of the default position, Take a triangle key. The third symbol can be found in Cube Escape: The Lake; https://twitter.com/rustylakecom/status/1254146470187499521. Enter the hole and you will see the familiar white box turning in space but instead of going into the room the white box will be floating in front of you tapping it, it will reveal that dimensions were just a one room that was this box and rooms were the walls of this white box. Go back to the room with a phone. Go to the phone and pick up the dial until letters fly out, write: rise up, with those letters. Go back and right to the room with a shrimp. Samsara Room is a free and brain-teasing escape room puzzle game with two endings and eight achievements. Take all stuff back from the scales. Place the fish on the plate at the bottom. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So it could work but it’d have no effect and since there is no zooming in or animation it would’t get recognised. Click on two hooks. Can’t find the seed. Samsara Room Walkthrough (Rusty Lake Remake). Put a knife into the hand and click on it. Go back and right to the room with pictures. When you solve it a matchbox will drop from the ceiling. The story of this game is tied to the overall lore of Rusty Lake so if you want to have a more complete experience of the whole story we recommend that you play other games made by the studio Rusty Lake. The best description of this game is in its name “Samsara Room”. Go back and click on a cabinet to unlock it. Go up to the clock and move the clock arms to 2:45, this will open the top department of the clock and reveal a vial. Go back and click on the sack three times to get a sand, a box and two plates. In the room, his soul is transformed into several forms until he finally returns to the real world as a newborn. 8. Pick up a earth. Can you find another way out? Be ‘0°’ / ‘360°’ the SOUTH and ‘180°’ the NORTH: Take the knife from your inventory and cut up the painting, underneath it, there is something like a sacrificial altar with four candle holders, a plate, and a circle with an aperture. Set time to 2:45. I’m in the egg cube, and I have the sunflower and have found the feather in the paper airplane. In this dimension, you will need to find 4 flower petals, a knife, and an egg. Click on his hand and a plant’s seed will fall on the ground. Ughhh I kept trying to use that time (2:00) on the clock and couldn’t understand why it didn’t work. Go through the hole again. That was my first Rusty Lake game, Iooking forward to trying them all out now. Look at the owl notes in the drawer and pay attention to the directions he looks: Right, Straight Ahead, Left, Straight Ahead, Back. About Step 63, I think it is supposed to be a stork instead of a heron, to symbolize the delivery of the baby. Everytime I do, I don’t get it back. Once you open the plane it will show a symbol of a phone handle with writing: “rise up”. Take a worm. Click on a flower pot and put sand into it, plant a sunflower. Place all three triangle keys into slots and press middle button. Pick the phone up off the receiver again. release the click/tap; Click on his head, To get to the book you will need to go back to the human dimension. Tap on the hole and then tap on the white cube. 6. Take a triangle key. 5. After you zoom in, press all bumps that are not surrounded by darker spots (we marked them with red circles) until the pickle breaks and shows a shell. Go right to the room with a chandelier. When I pick the telephone receiver in the last level, it shows a question mark and no letters. Keep tapping the X’s and then take the shell. Click on blue dark hole and click twice on white cube. The game made by the BlueMoonGame team is now available in stores. It will say LET IT SINK IN. Drag the piece of paper out to see a clue. Click on clouds and solve the puzzle by moving clouds around (see picture below or watch video at 19:00 time for more details). Move the clock arms to show 3:55, this is going to open a small door on the top of the clock with the triangle key. Back in the first room, where you started, go to the table with a telephone and a letter. change the time to four to fifteen : the night time then the owl will appear. On the bookshelf, there is a puzzle that when solved will reveal the result in the next room. SOUTH >> EAST >> SOUTH >> WEST >> SOUTH >> NORTH, *** (you define the direction by a ‘deal’, don’t you?). 7. In the second drawer, there is a solution to the forthcoming Owl puzzle and in the bottom drawer, there is a scale weight which you should pick up. Click on a bookshelf and take marble ball from the bottom left corner. Right-straight-left-straight-back. They re-released it with some new puzzles and it’s completely free without ads or IAPS. All of the symbols are found outside of Samsara Room and they have been shown in other games and videos made by the studio Rusty Lake. Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. If you figure out each time of each part of the day you can go from morning noon night and evening and collect items. Go back and click … Go right to the room with a window. Go back to the altar room again and replace the heart with a gecko. 4. Plant will grow bigger. 15. It takes three taps on each egg revealing a new puzzle, the order can be mixed up for different people but the object is always the same and this is the way that you should solve it: On the next puzzle, you have the cloud puzzle where you should move clouds until they morph into recognizable objects, an egg, a gecko, a fish, and a worm. release the click/tap; Click on the head, 2. The sun is not on screen for me to get the seed, I have water in the jar, so I cant catch the gecko :c I actually don’t even know why the water is in there? The second seashell can be found in the room with the big grandfathers’ clock, next to it a bottle is floating in the room, inside the bottle is the second shell, to get to it you will need to gradually crack the bottle until it breaks so you can take out the contents. Enter the hole and you will go into the Gecko dimension where everything is upside down and your head is that of a gecko. Click on a paper plane and unfold it by clicking on it. Click on a mirror and pick up a water drop on it. Open window and remove the heart and use the gecko instead. On top of the drawer, there is a box with a turning puzzle within it. In the book, it says that you should move the owls head to the right then straight back to you with dropped wings then move it’s head to the left and again straight back to you with the wings dropped and then make it look to its back. Click on sea cucumber and clicking on the buttons without dark circle at the bottom (watch video at 03:30 time for more details). Start lighting them from the right the small candles closest to the chain of the chandelier, then go to the small candle on the far right on the right side, next one should be the one on the right of the left side right next to the chain, light the big candle on the right side in between two small candles, then light the one on the far left side and finally the middle one on the left side of the chain. Nice page! You will find the owl at the top of the clock. Find another small orb on the right tree and click on it. I dumped the water in the planter to be able to pick up the lizard, but when it comes time to water the seed, i have nothing to water it with. HINT 2: Gears must mesh, not overlap or have gaps, to transfer movement. Return to the First dimension and water the small sprout, once it grows go to the gecko dimension. 9. In the Gecko dimension, you will see that the sprout has grown into a flower, pick off all the petals to reveal a worm, pick up the worm and go to the altar, place the worm on the plate and enter the worm dimension. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. turn it to the right CCW ** till the owl is looking to the left (-270°), Solve Samsara Room owl’s puzzle by moving owl’s head: move the owl head to the right (faces right), move the owl head to the left so it faces you (front), move the owl head to the right (faces left), move the owl head to the left so it faces to you (front), gently (slowly) move the owl head right so it faces north (away from you) and pick up a feather (watch video at 24:41 time for more details). Open 3rd drawer and read it.

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