This is in contrast to the others, particularly the girls, who do not like her because of her stuck up attitude and entitlement. Before the gang's last heist, Arthur, who has already planned secretly with John to steal Dutch's hidden stash for when he escapes with his family, tries to convince Dutch to let John, Abigail and Jack, as well as the other women, leave peacefully, however, Dutch takes offence to Arthur's insistence but feigns indulgence and promises he will do so after this last train robbery. They got their chance and they would successfully kill Micah. Arthur was one of the first to welcome Sadie into the group and he would try to offer his condolences for what she has been through, with Sadie mostly pushing Arthur away. Dutch, Sadie and Arthur work to ensure that the hanging goes ahead, with Colm escaping the previous two times. By this point in the story Dutch and Arthur's relationship has fallen apart and during the escape Dutch leaves Arthur for dead, only for Eagle Flies to come to his rescue, but gets himself mortally wounded in the process by Colonel Favours. He will, however, ask Arthur for some Burdock Roots in order to help the horses he is caring for, in return he will leave Horse Medicine at Arthur's tent. Awesome Games Done Quick Raises A Huge $2.3 Million For Charity, Resident Evil 2 Remake Set To Have Biggest Launch Of The Franchise, ‘There’s Plenty Of Stories Left To Tell!’ Oceanhorn 2: Knights Of The Lost Realm | Developer Interview, Essential Horror Video Games To Make You Poop Your Pants This Halloween, Little Nightmares 2: A Gleefully Grim Experience | Hands-On Preview, Here Are The Best Lord Of The Rings Games Of All Time, Rare, Please Give Us A New Banjo-Kazooie (Please), Dead Space is 12 Years Old and Still Terrifying. Arthur and Dutch have a long history together, with Arthur seeing him as a mentor and a father figure who taught him the life of an outlaw and embraced Dutch's view of a life free from modern civilisation and its rules. Arthur is given the choice to deal with the last hunter. Eagle Flies was apprehensive and skeptical of him and believed he was nothing more than a hired hand who only worked for the highest bidder, and had no real care for the well-being of his people. ", Dutch comments when going fishing with the two. I'm pretty sure R* confirmed they were originally going to have a relationship but they cut it. Believing that he owes it to Arthur to help John and his family, who Arthur gave up his life for. Pearson will then request Arthur and Sadie to pick up some groceries and to deliver a letter for him, showing his trust in Arthur, however, Sadie ends up reading the letter. After they return from Guarma and set up camp at Beaver Hollow their relationship begins to strain further when Arthur, with Sadie, rescues John from Sisika Penitentiary against Dutch's wishes. They both always loved only one person. I will play Arthur Morgan as my main character and a few side characters as needed from the RDR2 game. Upon giving her the Harmonica Arthur comments that he would love to hear her play sometime but Sadie tells him that she only ever played the Harmonica for her husband and would rather keep it that way, but thanks him. She is one of the first gang members to help Arthur when he escapes back at camp after he has been tortured by Colm O'Driscoll and his men. He tries to give Jack advice and, at the request of Abigail, asked if he wanted to go fishing with him. The world is changing fsst for arthur and john and hope and dreams of simple quiet life arent easily attainable for some. He behaves himself–for the time being. Years later, whilst he was living with his family on a homestead, Jack talks about Arthur with Abigail and tells her that he can remember Arthur saving them, if only a little. Arthurs love is his family.

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