I can't see much of a scope to notice a mileage increase when the car is driven off-road... the V6's dont seem to gain all that much - maybe 2-3 mpg, that's all. Landfill? Not sure how or why I would remove only half the system, sounds like that would cause more issues than good. If you are like most, you are facing or have faced this choice of needing to find a way to clean the DPF, replace the DPF or remove it all together (which for the record Washington lawmakers, we do not condone!). As I said, I'm in favor of higher MPGs, even if that somehow translates to "more" pollution. It looks like you removed even the pre-dpf nox cat filter. We will see if it still puts adblu in the system over time. If your traveling in a specific steady RPM in 3rd or 4th you definitely know it is there but not annoying, and at start up it sounds awesome. And last but most important, we fine tune your diesel injectors so the car runs more economically and will not smoke, this guarantees a MOT pass!. I'm personally more annoyed with "headlight" upgrades than the far fewer deleting emission stuff. Havent decided yet. I apologize for not responding earlier apparently I did not have notifications turned on. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This TDI DPF Delete downpipe is built to last with 304 grade stainless steel and the world's most reliable aftermarket flex pipe. I also feel that their roles in what we do with our vehicles is absolutely no concern of theirs!, I don’t see how building a factory (which pollutes) to manufacture a plastic bag and a cardboard box (which will end up in a land fill or an incinerator) which needs to be shipped by multiple modes of transportation (which add more pollution) to a gas station so you can add DEF (another chemical) to your vehicle to “reduce” your emissions is at all a smart choice. Rawtek has engineered this downpipe to be as good as it can be. Why not drain (or remove) the tank? Rest assured that all your original sensors will be plugged back in where they belong in the new downpipe. Might just have an old fashioned fuel leak or exhaust leak. ***, *** Deleting your DPF is Illegal. Plus i would like to gain a little Sound and performance. 1997 Jetta TDI 5spd pp520 nozzles/vnt17 turbo/5spd, 1997 GTI VR6, built motor/transmission/brakes, 1998 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro 5spd, 1999.5 Jetta TDI fully built motor/brakes/5spd, 2001 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro 5spd, 2012 Tiguan SE 2.0TSI 3" catless downpipe, 2012 Touareg Luxury 3.0 TDI v6, Does that V8 have speakers in the exhaust? They have not been able to successfully tune it out completely. This is a huge debate and further more a daily moral battle for diesel truck owners. I have a 2012 V8 tdi and Im considering to delete the dpf since its hitting 200k km in a bit. the harsh and illegal reality is that deleting your DPF will get you better performance, un-restrict the exhaust flow and ultimately get you better performance since you need a tuner that can allow the vehicle to operate without the DPF in place, But ultimately the government is going to have to show us how “IN CHARGE” they are. There are claims of 10 MPG increase and I have not seen anything close to that, has anyone else done a delete on a 3.0 TDI Touareg or Q7? I would assume the loss of the DOC, NOx cat and h2s cat is possibly why it smells weird. I've done work on diesel trucks so just trying to flesh out the differences to decide what should be kept and why. This is that the vehicle fitted with a DPF is only suitable if the owner is doing at least 70% motorway driving, if the owner is not doing 70% motorway driving then you will definitely have this problem even if you get the filter replaced. Leaving it functional would reduce smell (and smoke?) Sensor is still connected and still need some data as to figure out if the sensor and tank can be removed without issues, but at this point it is turned off and other folks have been running it and state it doesn’t use any adblu fluid. Basically it is set to inject such a miniscule amount that the tank could last forever. JavaScript is disabled. Thread starter Coffeemade; Start date Oct 15, 2013; 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. You must log in or register to reply here. This filter traps carbon soot which is created from diesel burning in the engine. I take it that Malone eliminates the need for the adblue system also? Depends on stink details.. when, where, etc. , Id rather have the real Sound from the engine. *** Tagged: Diesel Particulate Filter, dpf, DPF Delete, Exhaust Filter. If you would like us to resolve this issue for you or you just need some advice please don’t hesitate to call our office on 0871 2887 666 or from a mobile call Gary on 07849 520 581, we are always here to help. This vehicle is only used for Off-Road Use. 'Plugging' should not be an issue, assuming there are no engine issues. Now currently up to date we have carried out over 150 DPF removals on this type of vehicle alone. If you are reading this you have or are thinking of deleting your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and before you do, you need to consider all possibilities and repercussions. NMS DPF delete for Off-Road Use Only. Logging via Fuelly, so we will see because the dash lieometer isn’t always right. Any smoke with normal driving? It sounds more like they are creating job security for themselves. The Volkswagen Golf 2.0GT TDi (170bhp) Was one of the first cars we worked on many years ago when we here at DPF solutions started up. The DPF Delete downpipe is built to last with 304 grade stainless steel and the world's most reliable aftermarket flex pipe. I am sure Mark will eventually be able to tune it all the way out, but until then...it has to stay, otherwise the PCM freaks out. Also whilst this regeneration is taking place it is best to drive in 4th gear with the revs at 2500 rpm, this allows the DPF to complete a full regeneration. We’re the online community for Volkswagen Touareg owners to share knowledge about their VW Touareg Sport Utility Vehicles and more! I might put a cat back in the system, but still not sure. Your email address will not be published. Joined Oct 22, 2011 Location Hoodbridge, Va TDI 2012 VW Passat TDI SEL Prem Oct 15, 2013 #1 This vehicle is only used for Off-Road Use. Pre dpf DOC is on top of the dpf. It’s been a headache since there are so few people deleting these engines but worth it in my opinion. 2011+ Touareg / Q7 3.0L TDI - JR AutoTuning Performance (AAR2277) $599.00. For all the tree huggers there are plenty of post and sites to list your opinion and discuss legality. Do you have Track only Fuelly numbers pre delete? Any DPF Delete device is intended solely for testing or Off-Road applications only. Start by replacing the restrictive factory DPF filter and exhaust with this mandrel bent downpipe and allowing the exhaust to flow freely! They were possibly the biggest name in diesel performance at the time and made some serious waves in the automotive aftermarket. Are you building a race car or converting a car to off-road use only? while reducing NOX without any performance impact would it not? Hi. Stink like raw fuel, or exhaust? Leaving it functional would reduce smell (and smoke?) The regeneration is a process were the DPF heats up to its optimum temperature to burn these soot carbon particles. Eventually we will all need them back on our vehicles to pass our inevitable inspections and mark my words, “They will be expensive if you need to purchase a new one”. Malone was able to tune it out completely as of last week. C. Coffeemade Veteran Member. Blinding someone with those God forsaken hid illegal upgrade kits is easily "enforcable" vs peeking under the hood/undercarriage. JR Auto Tuning. JavaScript is disabled. I'm not so much frustrated as concerned. But you could probably get 2-3 by changing your driving style. The Volkswagen Golf 2.0GT TDi (170bhp) Was one of the first cars we worked on many years ago when we here at DPF solutions started up. My track MPG always suffers compared to real world. A full upgrade. Here at Darkside Developments we offer a range of DPF Delete options for most VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda TDi engines. V8 TDI R line MY15, White, Panoramic roof, VW towbar. Supposedly it is all over the place in the programming. They crippled the H&S company and put a fear into the industry that forced WD’s and retailers to run away from anything that might get the attention of the EPA. As most of you know, the EPA has found the need to come down with an iron fist on emissions and specifically on the diesel market. Mine is however a Golf, don't see what big difference that would make though. I have just finished a DPF delete on a 09 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI. Get More from Diesel Ops! As an industry, I hope to see Top tuners and exhaust manufacturers start planning for this seemingly hopeless future so we can live on pushing the limits of diesel performance and seeking out the best performance tunes without the need for a DPF delete. Deletes #3 and #4 EGT and #2 O2 Sensors for increased reliability, ***Includes ALL required hardware and clamps***, 409 stainless steel from North America mills, Stainless steel installation hardware included, Chevrolet C10 powered by BMW M57 Diesel Engine. Do you mind giving a little background on any discussion with the tuners and/or reasons for removing pre and post dpf filters. People keep reporting the amazing new power for one reason. The common fault with this vehicle is, that when you go to buy this type of vehicle i.e with a DPF, the salesmen or dealer do not fully explain that there is a certain driving habit you need to have for a vehicle fitted with a DPF. So, did Coffeemade turn his Passat TDI into a Rally Car? The best thing about deleting the dpf is that you can use normal oil. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Here at DPF Solutions we are glad to say that we can remove the DPF (DPF Off), this is done by the following 4 steps: Once we have completed the full DPF removal session you will have no more dashboard lights relating to the DPF, no more Limp mode, no more regenerations and you can expect better economy and full power. Really? If you are reading this you have or are thinking of deleting your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and before you do, you need to consider all possibilities and repercussions.

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