I really enjoyed watching the Resurrection Erthugrul show even though there were sub titles. Real Monsters television series, with Oblina being the deuteragonist; though they often change roles. They lived a quiet and unremarkable life, not much is known or written about them. It’s still that way. Islam will grow from strength to strength. So much talent and all of the actors are so handsome. great drama and the drama give the history of our muslim herooo . This made the love between Ertugrul and “Halime Sultan” “legendary” in the Turkish culture and when young couples marry people often pray for hundred of years to give those “new couples” the love and respect God gave to Ertugrul and Halime. Peace. I was curious and wanted to learn more. This is Kayı's game! may study the teaching of Quraan and re conciliate muslim characters . It is one of the finest productions for the world to view. please tell me some information of Halima Sultan and Ertugrul Gazi. My dua is that Turkish folk don’t just be proud of your history but live up to the Emaan and Takwa your ancestors had. May ALLAH bless you allz, I am much interested in watching Erthugrul Deleris . I too, love watching Ertugrul and similar shows like ‘The Magnificent Century’ and ‘Yunus Emre’ which teach so many great life lessons, not to mention incorporate Quranic stories and Hadith. His method of scaring humans is the ability to grow bigger. Resurrection Ertugrul is interesting, historical and Islamically educational. Brilliant! This shows the good and bad on both sides of the coin and how God should lead the way. I am enjoying this series very much! The love and the loyalty his tribe showed was fantastic, visa versa…yes he has his foes, but he never lost sight of his cause. How many wife of Ertugrul Gazi’s? Were you able to find any historical evidence of an actual Korduglu character? Apparently this Turkish soap opera/propaganda/ancient travelogue ends sometime but I’ve been watching everyday, and watching nothing else for several weeks. It is just like a soap opera. This actor has a beautiful voice and nice blue eyes. Hande Subaşı took part in the theatre stage for the first time in the musical called “Camelian Woman”, which was staged at the “Theater Cat” theatre in the summer of 2012. It’s the greatest show ever because it doesn’t only entertain but educate people with history. I gave cone to understand the muslim religion so much through this series. You can go during off season, my husband ones got a ticket for $600dls two ways, is almost as much as the cost to go to Mexico, food is not expensive there, you will be amazed of all the beauty, every way you turn you will see a massive mosque, words cannot describe how beautiful Turkey is. Engin Altan is a great leading actor, Mehmet Bozdağ couldn’t have picked a better actor to portray Ertugrul. Of course, the TV series is a fictionalized story based loosely on real history. Known as Ertugrul Bey’s right hand man in the TV series, but there is so much more to his story! The teachings expressed by Ibn Arabi were done in a beautiful, peaceful and informative way in the series. Contents . Ickis hugging Oblina. And the music soundtracks with traditional instrumentation compliment the plot themes as well. The perspective given of the Crusader and Mongol invasions I believe to be very accurate. Since when did wikipedia become authentic? He was a legendary hero; his life has been described in the book of medieval Ottoman’s chronologies of that time, titled ‘’The book of Dede Korkut” . Thank you! He was with Ertugrul in 13th century, not in 11th century. One of the most excellent series ever,it’s a story of a hero whom we didn’t know about,my next motive is to visit Sogut to pay my respect to Ertugrul and the others buried there,,we owe a lot to him and his efforts ,,none in the history has ever strived so much for his tribe and religion,,,a big shout out to Tekdin Films for spreading the teachings of our beloved prophet in an amazing manner,this is what out beautiful religion is all about folks ,,Allah Hu Akbar. Ertugrul & Halime: Aragorn & Arwen, early on Bamsi & Dogan: Pippin & Merry , white beard guy: Gandalf, Turgut: Faramir, Ural Bey: Wormtongue, thought eye=patch guy was Smeagollum, but he chose the Force instead of the Dark Side, Sadettin Kopek: Saruman…I don’tknow – helped me keep them all straight…Thanks Netflix…seriously…months, and no end in sight…, Interesante informacion me aclaro muchas dudas por favor si tienes mas compartelas. I now look at Turkey in a whole different way. Aaahh!!! I hope season 6 or maybe more Comes to Netflix soon, Its almost like longing for a lover lol Ive watched Syet and Suri and that was good too but not as good as this one Id like to see more, being a christian has’nt stopped my wife and I being hooked on this fantastic series, it has really brought home home many characters in both muslim and christian teachings are the same, we both believe in one God, both religions believe in the same values, it is a pity the fanatics from the same divide have caused so much sufferings and pain, I just finished season 5.

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