Sydney and Melbourne house more than 65% of non-English migrants who in general speak some 240 foreign languages. If they, however, mispronounce names that are supposed to be for audiences in their own language (e.g. I think I sprained my tongue training to say that, and I’m usually pretty good at pronouncing stuff. I need answers. There’s a video on youtube that shows many uses of his name in a Japanese cartoon. Below are two sentences with two different subjects, she and you. Gouki appeared as a hidden boss in both Super SF2 Turbo and SF3: 2nd Impact – in both games he has a couple of lines of dialogue before the battle, but this was completely removed in the overseas versions. Ha, oh man, I still say it the Bob Saget way too. I’ve never taken too deep of a look at Street Fighter localization stuff but always sort of assumed it was a big mess, even back in the day. The letter W often appears in Japanese text for no apparent reason. The US ending for Cammy has M. Bison reveal that he and Cammy were lovers before she lost her memory. For example, Crook means ill, game (brave), ring (top performer), shout (round of drinks), tube (can of beer), and globe (light bulb). Yay! I have to say though, as much as I would like to play up the importance of all this I can’t imagine it’d attract nearly the amount of ire that anything Pokemon would. But it’s easy to not have a vowel if you roll that /r/. Oh, forgot to mention that I’m a Japanese who’s been in elementary school both in USA and Japan. Let alone at the speed some of the games do it…. In the Street Fighter II games: Blanka’s US ending has his mother recognize him based on the anklets he is wearing, which she gave to him before he was lost AS A BABY, but the anklets aren’t mentioned in the Japanese ending. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Some words have the vowel e, or o added as seen in derro (derelict), reffo (refugee), and Garbo (dustman). Sweden was positioned just below, with a score of 68.74 out of 100, while Norway came in third with 67.93 points. The Street Fighter games would in my opinion be a great candidate for a closer inspection, by the way. save hide report. The “r” actually sounds more like the “d” sound. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Everything is abbreviated in Australia. I think hes speaking … The western-central dialect has masculine and feminine genders but no neuter gender. They sound like “ewww”. This reminds me of the camp 90s movie. The western-central language is known for its dialect names such as Kalau Kawau Ya, Kaiwaligau Ya, Kulkalgau Ya and Kalau lagau Ya. Such a strange ’90s childhood I had…. Brokan language is non-typical Pacific English Creole. I almost always get ninja’d for first since I actually try to put thought and meaning into my posts while everyone else goes in while they have the chance and shouts, “OMG FIRST!!! Since the people cannot decide on which English to use, misspellings such as labor/labour and Program/programme abound. The fuck gives. I almost never succeed, especially when kanji is involved. xD. There's actual logic behind all those Japanese game typos, and it goes beyond L and R. I already knew about Japanese pronunciation before reading this, but even despite that I found it really interesting. One of the really nice things about the Japanese language is that anything written in kana like this only has one possible pronunciation! The english voice is terrible when it comes to his grunts, and special move voices. That’s like somebody calling “Tokyo” “too-kai-yoww” and then claiming that “you can’t say I’m wrong” because it fits under the rules of English pronunciation. I own a number of old source books and strategy guides and stuff that I could provide scans from as well (or at least readable-enough photos). You most certainly can tell them that they are wrong, as it’s not an English name. The first issue I ever bought was #109, the “Video Game Special”. It’s r/l sound directly into a hard y (like y in yellow) into a long ooh. Ryu or Ry¨± can refer to: ‘Franglais’ (French-English), ’Denglish’ (German-English) and ‘Spanglish’ (Spanish-English) are well known terms, but is there a similar word for Italian-English? Pokémon names), then that’s a completely different story…. I think these were “Zane-Geef” and “Zahn-gee-eff”. The connection between ‘Shoryuken’ and the characters’ names is likely only coincidental, and doesn’t even really exist in Japanese in the first place. Maybe it just seems that way. This be book bad translation, video games! Interesting read, though I think that it’s only natural that people from, say, America, to pronounce foreign words differently from how they are actually pronounced. Other emerging languages include Punjabi, Filipino/Tagalog, and Arabic. 51%) including 65,478,252 native speakers and 191,397,968 non-native speakers, and would be ranked 2nd if it were included. As a result, about 1 million migrants cannot speak English which is a huge number especially in a country of about 20 million people out of which 15% (3 million) residents speak a second language at home. Yusuke is You-skay, not You-soo-kay. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. It’s sounding more and more like something worth digging into sometime, I guess with just so many games and so many variations and such, it feels almost as formidable and daunting as Pokemon. So while I don’t think there’s much of a connection to the word ‘shoryuken’, it does beg the question of what kind of jerks would name their kid ‘Fist’…. To be fair, most Scandinavians speak English better than the average American does. I’ll have to try and break a lifetime of mispronunciation. Hiryu’s name too. What does it mean? IT’s one of those types of things that I personally have trouble pronouncing correctly, even knowing how it’s supposed to sound. Though Australia has no official language, English is regarded as the de facto national language. Also despite it all, I find it annoying when English speakers use one of those totally incorrect pronunciations you listed above, but the worst part is, they’re completely right under the rules of English pronunciation, so you can’t really tell them that they’re wrong! How does Ryu have worse English than Synderyn? It is unknown if the lingua franca was a Creole, Koinem, Pidgin, or a mixed language. Well, I’d like to think I’m one of those “super mega experts” so let it go on record that if you ever consider going through such an endeavour, I would be more than happy to lend whatever expertise I can. , Haha, yeah, it’s like a combination l and r and d. If anything I feel bad for Japanese speakers who have to try to learn the l and r sounds :X, Fun fact: the Street Fighter announcer never mentions any of the characters’ names until the console version of Alpha 2. Even so, when I can easily translate, “What?! Mario Saraceni, University of Portsmouth. But if you want to get closer to the proper pronunciation, say “ree-yooh” but with the “ee” part shortened. Thanks for answering my question. But 拳 (Ken) does exist as a name in Japan. E.g., for “Chun-Li” there would be one voice sample pronouncing the “u” as “uh” and another where it was the same as the Japanese way (“ooh”). Yes, she does. Published last year, the analysis found that just 20% of school students in the United States were studying a foreign language. In the 2011 census, 76.8% Australian spoke English at home. Early European settlement in Australia almost eradicated the indigenous languages, and few of these aboriginal languages have survived today. The majority are non-native speakers with English as their second language, while it serves as a third or fourth language for hundreds of millions more.

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