Then I tried to contact that same sales guy (Jacob) again a week later and of course, no response.This investment was borrowed and the inventory is sitting on a credit cards that collects interest every month, I need my money back. His DFU (Done-For-You) FBA service can be really enticing (due to the complexity of Amazon FBA) despite the fact that you are essentially entrusting your financial future to a company you don’t know. It took a lot of money to get it moving and the profit margins were hardly half of my lead generation business. Now I focus my time on developing my lead gen business as well as this blog. Read user reviews from verified customers who actually used the software and shared their experience on its pros and cons. I signed up with Valiant in the beginning of June 2019 (well over a year ago) and followed every single instruction by Steven and the Valiant Consultants Team which included the following:- Sent wire of investment- Submitted all the required information very quickly (was one of the first)- Finished the business creation and Amazon Store creation as requested, along with store permissions - Paid all monthly invoices immediately- Paid all recurring monthly software that was required- Responded to emails from Valiant team the same day - Provided multiple Credit Card authorization forms for inventory purchases- Helped the team (VAs / AMs / Support) be able to make my store a success as much as I possibly could- Was extremely patient and understanding with results and dates being pushed back endlessly.At this point in time, the Valiant team has not grown my store over the past 14 months which is over 427+ days (next to no results). When they are broken down, Steve has helped over 500 students: 2 have generated millions, 100 earn six figures, and almost half of the students have been able to quit there 9-5 jobs. They had said they made a mistake and my store is not ready to purchase stock as of yet.Today I saw that Valiant has shut down. But there’s more to making an Amazon listing than posting a picture and a few words. I started with Valiant consultants and paid US$30,000 to start my amazon wholesale automation store.There was a long list of requirements and it took me from Jan until july to complete a portion of this list of requirements including a new amazon account, US-based bank account, and LLC, which they told me that it would take roughly about a month to get everything set up and start getting sales but it’s been 7 months and nothing has happened.I contacted them and asked for a refund as we haven't started anything as promised, but there has been no response at all, completely opposite of what they claim to have a 100% refund guarantee policy before I signed with them if they were not able to achieve what they claimed.Then the nightmare began. We are having the same issue, we are $40,000 in debt with this stupid scam and we have made a entire $300. According to information in BBB files, this business is no longer in business. Once you've chosen your product, it's time to show it off in an item listing. BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Shopify And Also: Which Ecommerce System is Right for You? Learn more via the button below. I am thinking about going for a class action suit. Would you support if we can get more people? It is very clear what is happening.I have no plan to slow down until I get my investment back so I will take action on the next steps now. Your email address will not be published. Instead, you develop digital assets like this tree care site, Every 30 days you’ll have multiple businesses sending you checks because of your services. I am concerned because I purchased the store and now out of luck. If you are wholesaling, you purchase inventory in bulk from a manufacturer or supplier, and then have it shipped to Amazon‘s fulfillment center so it can be delivered speedily to your customers. Please check out resources available to you at Learn more via the button below. Did you see how he’s built his lead gen business now having more than 50 clients in more than 20 different states? As for Steve Mayers “Valiant Consultants, he’s got a solid amount of reviews that say his services are less than trustworthy, so if you’ve got the 25k burning a hole in your pocket, I’d encourage you to spend your money elsewhere. Hey guys. Steven Mayer is a Con Artist. This is the phase that you want the store to get to, as that’s when you finally see a return on your investment. Why not pay the experienced professionals, right? I sent emails to Valiant and the Andres but no response back as of yet.Update as of September 18th. Cookies help us deliver our Services. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AmazonFBAOnlineRetail community, Continue browsing in r/AmazonFBAOnlineRetail. #spreadsheets. Why does reddit space out all reply messages to 10 minutes?? His efforts were finally rewarded when he found unique product selection method for Amazon FBA. Original source:, What Valiant Consultants Does For You (In-depth), Valiant Consultants Social Commentary & Reviews, Be careful, should you choose to do the complete DFU, Passive once Ranked – Just Deposit Mailbox, Facebook Ads Agency Accelerator Review – Wu Brothers Course (7 Figures with FB Ads),, Windows Motion Picture Manufacturer 2020 v8.0.8.2.

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