He asks if Hee-sung likes his gift, and Hee-sung forces a smile as comments on how valuable the watch is. General information - Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online - Korean Drama These actors obviously speak English as a second language. Young Yoo-jin is so adorable, and I hope that we can get a little more out of these kids before we get into the heartbreak that will surely ensue in adulthood. I am so torn because. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Although it’s a shame to lose such a young life, Ignobleman finds this public beating to be a great lesson for his other servants. Meanwhile, the daughter-in-law has gone into labor. A nefarious traitor shows great interest in Hui-seong and Eugene. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! In case this comment gets lost (since I couldn't hit "reply") I'm talking about creating fictional kingdoms as you mentored Chinese dtamas sometimes do. She asks about Sang-wan, and Song Young reports that they have a traitor among them. God! Didn't do a thing for me emotionally. The chase ensues, with Yoo-jin traversing fields and creeks, day and night, with the captors one step behind him. 1) Classics: The Norwegian in The Thing, who was an American and spoke so bad not even Norwegians noticed the "Bilingual Bonus". Tragedy strikes – Chu Xia finds herself orphaned and homeless. And Kim Tae Ri is always a welcome face to see on screen; like listening to her talk alone is like heavenly ASMR to me. I just saw an opera, of all things, about this very subject based on the true story of a Chinese-American soldier who was driven to suicide by racial bullying. Heh, I was wrong. We only got 5 mins of KTR this episode but the next one completely makes up for it. Keep ‘em coming!! Eun-san tries to console Seung-gu that his father’s death was intentional, that his father died so that his children can live on this land. 3) An episode with Swedes in Brooklyn 99 not only had the weirdest and most unfamiliar stereotype of Scandinavians for me, but the way the actors used the accents and pronounced English names in a "Scandinavian" way was just distracting (also rude AF because unless they were deliberately rude I can't imagine them ever saying "Yeik" when Jake clearly said his name. What is the significance of the blackbird and the sky in this show? The shoe in the well slowly sinks, indicating Mom’s death, and Yoo-jin can only mourn for a moment before he continues his escape. The next 10 minutes (the whole slave scene when the boy runs away and his parents die): Usually l'm totally emotional with this kind of scene in a kdrama but I felt nothing. I'm so excited!! All facets of this production seem to be top-notch, and I don't expect that to change in later episodes. Ae-sin apologizes to Eugene, but he hopes that she’ll keep fighting for her Joseon. And that autumn, the Joseon that they died to protect fell to the armed forces of Japan. Ae-sin shows Dong-mae compassion, Hui-seong returns to Joseon, and Eugene considers revenge. He came from Africa and fought alongside a mighty feudal lord in brutal 16th century Japan. The emotion, the details, the visuals are so strong to the point that I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to recap this show. There were so many distinct moments in this first episode that somehow stood out independently and also blended into the overarching story. A middle-aged engineer working at a company where his college junior, Do Joon Yeon (Kim Young Min), is his boss, Dong Hoon is anything but happy. I rarely comment here but this drama need to be talked about. Eugene makes a surprising move and Hui-seong probes his past. there will be inaccuracies in these dramas, yes. :D. @wishfultoki But why can't Koreans do the same thing? They’re interrupted by a foreigner, an American man in a suit and top hat, who speaks to the man in broken Korean in attempts to buy some ceramic pieces before he boards the ship back to America that day. An American soldier approaches Wan-ik and informs him that the righteous United States forces have decided to release all the prisoners, out of respect for the Joseon people’s loyalty. If you're going to be in the U.S. use American actors who have the proper accent. and a learning experience, and i do not intend to belittle anyone's experiences/perceptions. . I truly didn't mean for the conversation to go into this when I made the observation about the scene in Mr. Sunshine. But a group of boys approach him from behind and jump him. I think they (either England or USA) did the same with "Let the Right One In", where it all took place in Sweden but were played by non-Swedes. Indeed it was KJW. They have yet to establish diplomatic ties with Joseon, and the general regrets his method of force — which worked with Japan — in trying to establish diplomatic relations with Joseon. Okay, we get it. Because of the way it ended, it left room for Song Tae Ha and the swordsman, Chil Hoon, to work together. ><;), P.S Okie I mean I know there's only been two episodes so far, but still!! As someone who did a bit of genealogical digging into the family tree (and got stuck around this time period) I discovered that it wasn't obligatory to carry passports to and from USA back then. The period that KES chose is a difficult one between each country's interest (America, Japan, China, France, etc.) Our writers don't get it right about African Americans and Native American First Peoples and we're right here for them to ask!) You know, I was wrong. If errors re-appear then report to us. comrades or enemies, not romantically involved. The passersby point to the young foreign boy as he follows the American man through the streets. I just have to say I LOVED every minute of this opening episode from acting to dialogue but most of all that epic cinematography! The beauty and agony of setting a drama in this period is that these characters will inevitably pour their hearts into the movement that they believe in — whether it’s out of loyalty or revenge. this small japanese community was targeted as the "guinea pigs" to see just how the process would be played out. appId : '127538621120543', Eun-san nods in understanding, and Seung-gu continues to cry in sorrow. I think the father was mute. Emperor Gojong asserts Joseon’s authority. The king struggles to accept this confusing interpretation, and one of his loyal ministers SONG YOUNG (Jin Seung-hwan) argues that they must save the war prisoners taken from the battle. Eugene responds that he was hoping to get a promotion out of his noble deed, and Kyle informs him that his wishes have come true — they’re promoted and off to Washington to meet with the president. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Thanks for the heads-up! In summary, this is weird but everything about this drama is nice but but not emotionally moving.. and there is nothing i can point and say... if they improved this or that.. super weird experience. Other than that, I loved the start! I think before that scene, I'd only heard ancient Chinese and Japanese stringed instruments and vocals and this felt totally different. Joseon remains steadfast. I've no clue. And it's obvious the baby will grow up to be the young girl. The minister from the Joseon court asks Wan-ik to translate, and the irreverent Wan-ik purposely mistranslates the tone of the general’s statement as a more offensive one about Joseon stupidly resisting enlightenment and prosperity. Whether it meant to or not, I felt an emotional response to that scene. He’s crying in mourning, when Hwang Eun-san (the man who refused Yoo-jin’s ornament) finds him. Mr. Sunshine is comprised of everything you would want in a drama. And by heartbreak, I mostly mean the emotional pain that these characters will experience in their exploration of identity and allegiance. Age difference doesn't usually bother me but it surely did in Goblin (not the thousand year difference but the apparent physical age difference). I'll definitely read. Did anyone else feel a tad bit overwhelmed by this episode? It is nice but it wasn't breathtakingly awesome.. Then the story, never watched either in anything.. (watched Kim tae ri in handmaiden but that movie is over hyped.. it was nice acting.. nothing out of the ordinary)..they are good actors..that's the good part.. individually both were good in their scenes.. but together, i don't feel any chemistry.. whatsoever... Lastly, the so called emotional points.. again there is nothing wrong with them , everything is perfect but it did nothing ... the jokes were not funny, although i recognize that the banter or internal monologue is meant to be funny in a sarcastic way or is a satire.. crying scenes don't have an impact either.. The next morning, Eun-san is met by the captors looking for Yoo-jin. He could have made the same realization. He knows just what to say to make me laugh and calm me down. Please enter your username or email address. The American isn’t pleased with this exchange, but this seems to be the deal for him to get his hands on the ceramic. as a japanese american (sansei, third generation), i did not stand during the national anthem since my high school years during the civil rights movement to this present day. The Joseon man with the Americans, Lee Wan-ik, speaks in English as he updates the general in a meeting with a representative from the Joseon royal court. There's nothing to decipher from her very short appearance in this episode so I'll wait till the next recap to share my thoughts on her character. Of course now with more kdrama experience I realize that's a normal thing. Play EP.1; Search I’ve never witnessed such a raging and fierce battle.”. ohhh, you're saying there were blacks, but they were not "integrated" with the white troops, therefore, that black soldier would not be (merely walking) with white soldiers? The mother screams for her boy, “Yoo-jin!” (Aha, this is a flashback for Eugene’s background story.) He also asserts that amity between the two nations would be betrayal. When Zhao Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) was at university, she fell in love at first sight with law student He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung). I was going to do a fan wall post about the segregation of races in the US Military until 1948, but you took care of that. I haven't seen it yet as my tv is going out. A resilient housewife, her husband and their marriage therapist become mired in a toxic love triangle and a plot to obtain an antique manuscript. I confused her name with another actress but I see she’s a newbie. Kim Hee-Sung was the kid on the belly of the Ignobleman pregnant daughter-in-law. Caught up in a tangled web of personal struggles and internal corporate rivalry, Dong Hoon and Ji An find themselves fighting for the chance to make life better as they struggle to free themselves from their current misery and find a way to heal the wounds they each carry. well i dont think i'll continue watching this. With this plan failing, he wonders if he must resort to the Japanese now. But Ignobleman isn’t willing to let his property just run away from him. The American forces take over the fort, and a Joseon man is in their midst. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Was thinking of waiting till it’s finished so I could marathon it but no due this post I decided to watch it now because it seems so cool, I was able to see only 2 episodes so I guess we need to wait for the rest of it.

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