There are no limits on the distance you can travel to exercise in regional Victoria. Fish may be caught from a private pond using any methods, except for substances which could escape, endanger or kill fish in other waters. Information on regulations, registration, carrying out your role as a building surveyor and more. Information about building and plumbing matters for property owners, residents and renovators. Water efficiency labelling and standards scheme, Erector or Supervisor (Temporary structures), Fit and proper person – external administration, Options if a respondent doesn’t pay or respond, Mutual recognition for building surveyors, Terms and conditions and privacy collection notice, Apply for a specialised or restricted class, Apply for Fire Protection restricted classes, Construction induction training and white cards, Inspections during coronavirus (COVID-19), Checklist 1 (for pools and spas installed before 8 April 1991), Checklist 2 (for pools and spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010), Checklist 3 (for pools and spas installed from 1 May 2010), above-ground pools and spas, including relocatable and inflatable pools that are. The checklists are based on the relevant barrier standard associated with the date that the pool or spa was installed. There is no time limit on exercise and recreation, and there is no limit on the amount of times you leave home per day. safety barriers must comply with AS1926.1-2012. Barriers are required for: As a pool or spa owner, you have an obligation to maintain the operation of your swimming pool or spa barrier to prevent access to the pool or spa. Information on plumbing regulations, becoming registered or licensed, fees, enforcement and more. On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. If you already have a pool or spa. As a pool or spa owner you need to complete the following: Checklists - If you already have a pool or spa. Copyright © 2020 State Government of Victoria. NOTE: Regulations listed below may not reflect fish species actually found in the lake. baths used for personal hygiene and emptied after each use, spas inside a building (e.g. The third and last steps in the Roadmap to Reopening will no longer be defined by dates in the calendar. For information about the government's roadmaps for reopening, click here. You can camp or holiday (including booked accommodation) with the people you live with, your intimate partner, or the household you have formed a bubble with. While boating you cannot travel more than 25km from your home. You cannot travel into regional Victoria to participate in outdoor exercise or recreation. To see what's been stocked and where, click here., Deaf, or hearing or speech impaired? Need to conform to council regulations in regard to water depth? Stingrays, Banjo sharks, skates … Check with your local council or building surveyor for advice. You must be able to maintain a 1.5 metre distance from others. A new outdoor pool or spa area must not be directly accessible via a building. Keeping your fish healthy and happy can reduce the risk of them contracting, and potentially spreading, water-borne diseases that are a significant threat to the aquatic environment. In Victoria, the design, construction and installation of swimming pools, spas and safety barriers are subject to strict requirements under the Regulations. Information about applying for an owner-builder certificate of consent, including eligibility, training requirements and more. in a bathroom) used for personal hygiene and emptied after each use. Boating must be undertaken within 25km of your home or workplace (while carrying your permitted worker certificate). Boating maintenance is permitted with marine and specialist mechanics able to operate as required for the safe operation of boats. See Springfield Pond's WDNR Lake Page for more information on this lake's characteristics. If you want a physical copy of the new Recreational guide you can request it through VFA by ringing the Customer Service Centre on 136 186. If you are planning to get a pool or spa . Work to alter an existing barrier will need to comply with the current Regulations. This means that people can take their boats and trailers to businesses that provide boating safety inspections, necessary servicing and maintenance services within 25 km of their residence, unless the nearest service provider is further than this.

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