I will become your weapon! "Pete, now see here-" her brother started before she rose her hand to cut him off. The only thought that crossed his mind was that Lucy was out there somewhere alone, helpless and without any plan or precautions. She gave each of her siblings a good glance up and down and she felt a tightness come to her chest and useless tears prick at the corner of her eyes eyes that were far more mature for a nine year old. She had stood at that same place, the same words had been said in her honor but difference was her siblings were not here to share this moment with her. Your Majesty I bring grave news…" he paused to catch his breath "…Calormen had decided to wage a war against Narnia. Because just like I am like a representative of Narnian culture, you symbolize the Telmarine dynasty. "There really aren't that many stories after your majesties departed. He began to smile slightly. With these thought the young Queen finally broke down with heart breaking sobs. Eustace gave Lucy a teasing smirk. What had happened? Though if you see William Moseley you think you send him over to my place? "Simply memories. Realization dawned on her that she was in the presence of the man who had seen her naked, two nights before. Who will be my brother and sister?" Trumpkin was staring in surprise as Peter's siblings smiled in memory. Her siblings all had selfish motives behind what they were doing. She continued in her steady movement. "Fine, I will help you but you have to take me to them. A silence surrounded the How as the great Lion himself materialized in front of the Narnians. As far as I know the only higher royalty Narnia has ever had is yourself, the High King." When the Seafarer was completely immersed in his thoughts. "The High Queen, you majesty? Books: Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction archive with over 12,476 stories. "Dear one…." "The High Queen, you majesty? Lucy asked her. " He blamed himself for her rash decision and it was eating him from inside. Then eyes fell upon the sword that was logged into her left soldier blade. The little clearing was quickly filled with different voices of outrage. YIPPEE!! Although he was very happy for her return, it had also intensified his guilt for betraying her trust as a kind hearted King. She gave one hurtful glare to Caspian before she marched away from the room. He still remembered her smile as tears of joy trickled down her cheeks. Lucy jumped down from her horse and ran to Caspian. I have my right to speak here. Caspian said approaching her. "Tomorrow will be the last time we will ride together my friend." Pale-pink dusted her cheeks and she turned away from him. "Naïve child…" One of the advisors whispered under his breathe. YES! "I bet it was one of those wretched beasts that had informed them." All chatter died down as the King's arrival was announced. Trumpkin turned wide eyes on Peter, his confusion evident. You took husbands and wives? "My fellow Telmarines and Narnians I have apology to make to all of you. I should not be here at this hour in a lady's bedchamber no less." Caspian had never estimated how week their army had become with the loss of Narnian warriors, they were falling behind, rattled by the share size of the Calormen Army. They still had long way to go but he was happy to share his path with the Mistress of the Dagger.

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