The later books’ attempts at “adult” fantasy clash with the inherent childishness of the Wizarding World. Indeed, Rowling treats her black heroine as an unworldly child. I spoke to people who hated the film, who thought it fetishized gay men, who thought it perpetuated a long living and horrible prejudice that associated homosexuality, especially in men, with pedophillia or predatory relationships. The conversations that problematic art starts are important for personal and societal development. Rowling’s unwillingness to tell a coherent story across more than a single book makes the whole Harry Potter saga feel like something of a disjointed mess. This coming from the woman who liked a tweet calling trans women “men in dresses.”  The tweet is as follows: Just days before I wrote this, in June 2020, J.K. Rowling doubled down on all her transphobic rubbish. Not long afterwards, on the 10th of June 2020, the creator of Harry Potter published a four thousand-word manifesto on her personal blog. Remember that for later. Written by staff writer Jade Cave. While much is said of her scarlet fingernails, her penciled on eyebrows, and her blond curly hair, she is also described as having large, masculine hands — the same as Pippa, perhaps — and an "an oddly square-jawed face." There’s no buildup and no payoff. As far as I could tell, Bellatrix was just another Death Eater from Molly’s perspective. Dobby, for example, later appears to serve Harry and other slaveowners like a Confederate’s ideal former slave. Starting in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so many more interesting characters die to protect him that I ended up hating Harry for it. Tolkien. They “wouldn’t know what to do” without slavery. She also wrote a mystery novel called The Silkworm, where she dehumanized a trans woman. The woman who created Harry Potter treats trans people with nothing but cruelty and contempt, always insisting that the trans women have “stolen” something that is rightfully hers. Psychiatrists had believed Gein was attempting to make a "woman suit" to pretend to be his dead mother. There’s also a vaguely pretentious air that becomes prominent in the later books. Dobby, we learn, was just a “weirdo.”. When we see muggles, whom we can assume oppose slavery, they’re nearly always portrayed negatively. From their fealty ceremonies to their treatment of their respective heirs Éomer and Faramir, Tolkien draws our attention to how different Théoden and Denethor are from each other. Mere pages after we first meet her, Bellatrix kills a supposedly-important character and then serves as just another Death Eater for the rest of the story. Harry has few character flaws outside of Book Five, where his teenage angst only makes him more unlikeable than ever before. Our “hero” Harry Potter, for example, regards Hermione’s abolitionism as pushy and annoying, and it’s clear we’re meant to share his views and laugh at her pathetic idealism. Harry is always framed as a good person who is all the better for having suffered. These consequences disproportionately affect black people, to put it mildly. The character of Luna Lovegood is a perfect example, entering the story at the start of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and then fading into the background just as quickly. Rowling’s excuses for consistently supporting transphobes ranged from “I was holding my phone incorrectly” to “I accidentally pasted someone else’s tweet into my own,” despite the transphobia being sandwiched perfectly between the main part of her tweet and her Ickabog hashtag. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is the way the author kills off characters. The wizards use the goblins’ concept of ownership to exploit them. Even in the Harry Potter series, Rowling included a character called Rita Skeeter, described as having “man hands.” Rita is a shape-shifter who uses her powers to violate the privacy of Rowling’s cis heroes. They raise awareness and force us to crucially consider things we’d never even thought of before. The most obvious example is that of Théoden and Denethor, who are heavily contrasted even though they don’t share a single scene. But unlike Harry, Samwise has a number of character flaws that make him an interesting protagonist. Even the prophecy predicting his fateful battle is worded in such a way as to make Harry’s character traits pretty much irrelevant. Sometimes a piece of art will find you at the exact time it needs to and be immeasurably important, and this movie and the book it’s based on did that for me. The first few books were almost entirely episodic: stories about Harry repeatedly defeating Voldemort and preventing him from restoring his former powers. While this is technically realistic, the fact is that realism does not matter or even exist in fiction. By contrast, if we look at the example of Samwise Gamgee, the chief protagonist in The Lord of the Rings, we see a character who saves the world by overcoming his character flaws. In her bizarre non-sequitur of a tweet, Rowling misgendered a trans woman called Tara Wolf who was fined for a crime. It deserves to be sent to the remainder rack between a dog-eared copy of "Microsoft Windows 3.1: Step By Step" and a 1977 Starsky & Hutch novelization, and has no place in the world of today. The book proceeds to tell us that Harry’s scar hasn’t hurt in many years, and the series ends on this line: To be honest, I can’t think of a single sentence you could end on that would be more vacuous than this one. Harry explains to his son (who’s named after his least-favourite teacher) that there’s nothing wrong with being a Slytherin. No one is saying that biological sex doesn’t exist; what scientists are saying is that a trans person really isn’t the gender they were assigned at birth. Thus, he doesn’t have to overcome any personal flaws to fulfill his destiny. Thus, when Denethor arguably kills Théoden indirectly, his death is more impactful than any of Rowling’s character deaths. The character is described unflatteringly, focusing on her hands and her Adam's apple. When you’re writing a story, try to ensure you actually bother to communicate whatever’s in your head. #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill. Éowyn was Théoden’s niece, and Merry had formed a bond with the old man. As someone currently living with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to abuse in schools, I can tell you that this all-important theme in Harry Potter is harmful to real people. It isn’t hate to speak the truth. Instead, she said “Dumbledore is gay” in an interview, and then the author wrote a screenplay where Dumbledore is never shown to be gay. I’ll tell you: a white author framing a black woman’s anti-slavery position as silly, naïve, and wrong! Both are characters whose arc supposedly ends in their redemption, but neither one is redeemed in any way. He doesn’t redeem himself, but Rowling seems to think he has. That slaveowner goes on to save the world from evil, and the wizards continue to own slaves indefinitely, hidden from the knowledge of the non-slaveowning muggles. In other words, the hero doesn’t have to get his hands dirty, because Voldemort does himself in. Harry never had any meaningful flaws to overcome, and he defeats Voldemort because…  he stole a random wand from Draco Malfoy or something? Ideally, Harry could have not returned from the dead, leaving Neville to defeat the Dark Lord. Because of J.K. Rowling’s tweets, a lot of ordinary Harry Potter fans are going to type “Is J.K. Rowling a TERF?” into the YouTube search. One book has little to connect it to previous volumes in the series; even the genre just changes without warning between the fourth and fifth book! Gwen Smith hopes JK Rowling will someday learn from her mistakes. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? But instead, everything proceeds almost exactly as the reader expects it to proceed, with Harry duelling Voldemort only for the villain to kill himself instead. I had been through this before; I think we all have been at some point. Rita Skeeter is a journalist for the Daily Prophet and an unregistered Animagus who would often turn into a beetle and snoop around to learn people’s secrets for her articles.

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