Chcę, aby syn poświęcił się temu, czego pragnie z całego serca i nigdy się nie poddał. “I want to move as fast as him.”. } catch(e) {}, try { In this Instagram post he is seen beside a picture of his idol Bruce Lee, in a photo dated 12 May 2020. var _g1; You have brave heart. “I want him to devote himself to what he loves with an honest heart,” his father said. Myślicie, że mały Ryusei Imai ma szansę w przyszłości dorównać mistrzowi, jakim był Bruce Lee? (Photo: Ryusei Imai/Instagram) More. fight! At his training ground in Jeet Kun Do, he kept trying every single day to improve his martial art skills, he usually wakes up at 6 AM every morning and trains till 7:30 AM before preparing for school, this as never once distracted his education. „Powtórzę za protestującymi: WYPIER***AĆ!”, Znamy imię dziecka Lary Gessler. Ryusei Imai Wiki Biography. I love Bruce Lee and so does Ryusei.”. Japanese primary schooler Ryusei Imai has become an internet sensation after seemingly devoting his entire childhood to becoming a mini Bruce Lee. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Ryusei is training daily to make his dreams come true, which includes more pushups, runs and floor exercises. Although the names of both his parents remain unknown, as soon as Ryusei’s parents are identified, Celebidentity will update. ", Look at Ryusei's face. By subscribing, you agree to In The Know's Terms and Privacy Policy. “I want to be cool like Bruce Lee,” Ryusei said on the Australian variety show Little Big Shots. If yes then who is he, where is he from, who are his parents, what does he do being regarded as the Kid Bruce Lee. Ryusei Imai is a Bruce Lee Kid who is breaking the internet with his martial art moves. Side Kick #stayhome #おうち時間 #sidekick #brucelee #ryusei, A post shared by Dragon Star-竜惺- (@ryusei416japan) on May 5, 2020 at 7:14am PDT, “I want to be as cool as Bruce Lee,” Ryusei told Yahoo Sports. Now the young martial artist has over 508,000 followers on his Instagram. Chcę być jak Bruce Lee. "I want to be as cool as Bruce Lee," Ryusei says. Ryusei Imai Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height & Weight. Nowe doniesienia. These days, it’s rare to find a BOGO free sale and PacSun is the brand giving you a treat. Martyniukowie przeprosili Ewelinę, bo bali się więzienia? Japanese primary schooler Ryusei Imai has become an internet sensation after seemingly devoting his entire childhood to becoming a mini Bruce Lee. "And never give up. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Ryusei Imai will surely make more in years to come, hopefully, if he doesn’t get hooked from his profession. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { His father is well aware of the intense pressure being named the mini Bruce Lee can bring. As long as he remembers that and enjoys himself. Ryuji who is popularly known as Ryusei Imai is a YouTuber, martial art master, and gymnast who was born Ryuji Imai in Nara, Japan on the 16th of April 2010. All rights reserved. Na treningi przyszedł czas, kiedy Ryusei skończył zaledwie 4 lata. In this Instagram post he is seen beside a picture of his idol Bruce Lee, in a photo dated 12 May 2020. i am so proud of Ryusei #ryusei #9yearold #japanese #brucelee #martialarts #training #bruceleestyle, A post shared by Dragon Star-竜惺- (@ryuseiimai0416) on Jul 12, 2020 at 7:42am PDT, Girl power: Young gymnast, 10, stuns social media with six-pack abs - NZ Herald, Meet the West Auckland nurse keeping buff in lockdown, Why supermodel loves her 'superhero' stretchmarks, The most loathed parts of parenting revealed, Ivanka mocked over 'desperate' US election day tweet, Inside Prince Charles' whirlwind romance with Diana's sister, Staggering cost of Melania's election day outfit, How your life choices could be alienating your friends, Tyra Banks slammed for insensitive food waste tweet, Author's offensive moko kaue comments: The backlash, US election: Follow the results - updated live. „Dobre dziecko z niego, co mu strzeliło do głowy”, Przełom w diagnostyce SARS-CoV-2? Dalsze rozpowszechnianie tekstów i materiałów wideo publikowanych na stronie w całości lub w części wymaga wcześniejszej zgody wydawcy. Aż trudno uwierzyć, że jest dzieckiem. All posts with Ryusei Imai. Dzieciak mimo młodego wieku nie ma najmniejszych problemów z tym, żeby podciągnąć się na drążku, zrobić szpagat czy pompki na jednej ręce. Ryusei’s usual training involves doing so many push-ups that his knuckles are covered with blisters. Here are the races and surprises to watch as polls close, Family tortured woman with mild intellectual disability who sought refuge with them. Tak długo, jak tylko będzie mu to sprawiało radość – dodaje Ryuji Imai. By Kylie - Mar 31, 2020 Quick Facts Of Ryusei Imai Ryusei Imai is an 8-year-old little martial artist who became popular after his martial art moves broke the internet worldwide. True enough, being able to withstand all that tough training at such a young age is indeed a remarkable feat of resilience, determination and endurance. Imai amassed 66.5K followers on his Instagram page, 9.1K likes on his Facebook page and 52.8K subscribers on YouTube. Ryusei Imai is a 10-year-old kid from Japan who is a hardcore fan of Bruce Lee. He also does suspended leg raises, handstand push-ups using knuckles, and even one level higher – handstand push-ups using fingers! Four years later, in 2015, he went viral when he managed to perfectly recreate one of Lee’s nunchuck moves from “Enter the Dragon.” In this Instagram post he is seen beside a picture of his idol Bruce Lee, in a photo dated 12 May 2020. var _g1; Copyright © 2020 MEDIAPOP Sp. "The phrase Bruce Lee used to say 'don't think, feel', I can see that feeling coming out of Ryusei's face," his father Ryuji Imai says. Jednym z najwierniejszym fanów mistrza jest 8-letni Ryusei Imai z Japonii. He's amassed half a million followers on Instagram — including surfing legend Kelly Slater — but his dad isn't putting any pressure on his young shoulders. Here he is, with a shockingly muscular physique for a 10-year-old, complete with an impressive set of six-pack abs. Mały wojownik nie ukrywa, że od zawsze imponował mu charakter, a przede wszystkim umiejętności, jakie prezentował Bruce Lee. A może… będzie jeszcze lepszy od swojego idola i uczeń przerośnie mistrza? Popełniałem błędy, brakowało mi synchronizacji i koordynacji. ul. Also Read: Arat Hosseini’s Full Biography. Czasem byłem za szybki, czasem zbyt wolny, ale powoli stawałem się lepszy i lepszy. After years of training, Japanese Ryusei Imai looks nothing like a regular 10-year-old child. Czego jednak się nie robi dla bycia najlepszym. He is also known as the Bruce Lee Kid. Oczywiście był to dla nich jednoznaczny sygnał, że muszą pielęgnować zamiłowania syna. © 2020 Verizon Media. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); At the age of 5, he started his training in Jeet Kune Do and grabbed everyone’s attention with videos uploaded on his social networking page. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Apparently, Ryusei trains every day and when asked what he likes to do when he is not doing impressions of Bruce Lee, he replied after pondering hard for a few seconds, “I only do Bruce Lee.”. "It's the coolest. z o.o. 00-511 Warszawa, NIP: 7010518274 Protest w Londynie z pewnością przejdzie do historii. Co na to rodzice chłopca? He also does a lot of running, squats and kicks to build his brawny body, just like his idol Bruce Lee. Uwielbiał naśladować przy tym ruchy swojego idola. Rząd planuje nowe obostrzenia. Ryusei was born under the lineage of the Imai’s. REGON: 362622422 Ma zaledwie 8 lat, a ciało wysportowane jak 20-latek. I love Bruce Lee and so does Ryusei.". Lin Qiunan Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height & Weight - Celebidentity, Javon Walton Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height & Weight - Celebidentity. As of the year 2020, the estimated Net worth of Imai is over $ 5 Million which is basically derived from his Social career. To on wspiera chłopca w jego treningach, ćwiczy razem z nim i robi wszystko, aby malec mógł dorównać swoimi umiejętnościami mistrzowi.

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