FULL PERIMETER ALUMINUM FRAME Central Valley Trailer Repair, Inc. was established in 1984. The industry's best wiring harness, the Long-Life Light System is a maintenance-free, fully modular system backed by a 10-year warranty. Antimicrobial Protection A new feature, Everest reefers come standard with Microban®. AXLE (2) 5200# - TORSION - EZ LUBE HUBS - ELECTRIC BRAKES ALUMINUM ROOF ALL TUBE CONSTRUCTION 24" oc ceiling Rear Stabilizer Jacks 66" Interior Height We are torn between hardwood and laminate wood flooring. GROUND CLEARANCE: RAISE APPROX. I got lucky by having hickory put in as it turns out it is one of the hardest hardwoods out there. A Heavy-Duty Air-Ride Suspension Package is available for dry freight and specialty vans and refrigerated trailers. Full-width composite floor sills are located over each crossmember for support. 3/4" Plywood Floor 3/8" Plywood Walls... 2021 Darkhorse Cargo DHR 7 x 16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer 24in On Center Roof - Bows 2" Coupler 16" oc floors (Extended aftermarket warranty requires specified preventative maintenance. Front End Protection Long Lasting, strong and durable protection. Page 1 of 1. Cobra Lined Tongues and Bumpers Z-Tech Undercoating Fuel Efficiency US EPA-certified SmartWay trailer systems and components. (4) 5000# D-rings. This sealed harness prevents moisture intrusion, is extremely durable, and combines the flexibility of a custom wiring system with the reliability and simplicity of a sealed harness. CROSS MEMBERS - ROOF - 24" O/C We have to use non skid mats to keep our dane from sliding everywhere. Super, super easy to keep clean and very durable. The landing gear construction features a floating nut design which protects the elevating screw from damage caused by dock walk. 3/4" Drymax Floor COUPLER - A-FRAME - 2-5/16" 10,000# DOOR - ENTRANCE - 110 SERIES - 36" X 78" - RIGHT HINGE - FLUSH LOCK Get the best and you won't regret it! CROSS MEMBERS - FLOOR - 16" O/C Any opinions? 3500lb Spring Idler Axle 6" TUBE FRAME Great Dane Floors Inc. Quality hardwood floor installation and repair. AXLE SPACING - SPREAD AXLE 42" SPREAD Remote evaporators can be installed in multiple locations and combinations. FULL PERIMETER ALUMINUM FRAME Advantages of composite sills include weight savings and maintenance-free design. A variety of options are available. Now uncle sam just needs to grace me with a large tax return, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, General Great Dane Breed Information & Discussion. CROSS MEMBERS - WALL - CS - 16" O/C - 1" X 1.5" JACK - TONGUE - TOP WIND - 5000# AXLE - 5200# - TORSION - EZ LUBE HUBS - ELECTRIC BRAKES I have not had good luck with laminate or even that engineered wood flooring. TedsMom. 1 pc. A triple-fold rear door minimizes cold air loss. Hendrickson HKANT-40K Air Ride Suspension. Everest Series reefer floors are constructed with composite floor sills, which, unlike Apitong wood sills, will not absorb water. LIGHT - TAILLIGHT - SLIMLINE - LED - 12V - RED... 2021 Bravo 8.5 x 24 SCOUT Car / Racing Trailer LOVE it! 18" Wedge 3/4in Drymax Floor 24" On Center Roof - Tube 2" Coupler 16" On Center Floor ALL TUBE CONSTRUCTION (1) 12V LED Dome Lights w/Switch C/S Door Great Dane's exclusive spray-in-place thermoplastic coating sprayed on suspensions and support gear offers superior long-term protection from rock and stone impingement and chemical resistance to current de-icing chemicals and road hazards. FULL PERIMETER ALUMINUM FRAME 24 " On Center Floor Rear Stabilizer Jacks D Rings (Qty 4) They can be moved or removed quickly to facilitate various loads and backhauls. TRUCK PLUG - 7 WAY - BUMPER PULL ... 2021 Darkhorse Cargo 6 x 12 V-Nose 78" Interior Enclosed Cargo Trailer If I had to do it over, I would choose some type of non skid tile, slate, or marble flooring. © 1998-2020 Great Dane : A Division of Great Dane Limited Partnership Products shown may contain optional equipment, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65753&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105857&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105867&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65708&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105862&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65728&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65758&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106773&t=1604443810752, Hendrickson HKANT-40K Air-Ride Suspension, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105851&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=168615&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106329&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106306&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66046&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105762&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105772&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105757&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65743&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106278&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66058&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66016&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66011&t=1604443810783, /image/image_gallery?img_id=67063&t=1604443810783, /image/image_gallery?uuid=166a10d8-1ac0-4cbe-ae0c-7c3bd725c1f0&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, /image/image_gallery?uuid=bccd90c3-d09b-44b5-a0e2-ba7ef2bb5a9a&groupId=10162&t=1369081541032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=358212a7-4f88-4e40-9a3d-1ad81bc3aadc&groupId=10162&t=1369083508032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=000c6db8-2fc8-4a87-ada9-7200f638a9cf&groupId=10162&t=1369085041032, Ensures high foam quality for maximum thermal performance, superior lining adhesion and flat, smooth walls, /image/image_gallery?uuid=6423447c-105f-4e0c-b7c9-bb51b251df7e&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, /image/image_gallery?uuid=166a10d8-1ac0-4cbe-ae0c-7c3bd725c1f0&groupId=10162&t=1369085041047, /image/image_gallery?uuid=34fe0daf-6e5b-4d44-a106-e1c443b2ec3d&groupId=10162&t=1369082181327, /image/image_gallery?uuid=45acdd8d-041b-4b4c-8f0a-ee5458d61b59&groupId=10162&t=1369079775040, PunctureGuard - Premium Reefer Lining Standard, /image/image_gallery?uuid=a31b7733-b931-414a-8079-e60d5e50fdb9&groupId=10162&t=1369085041032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=c29409a6-ffe6-4199-ad9d-bcab5a7fa49d&groupId=10162&t=1369085041047, Heavy-Duty reefer floor with 16,000lb floor rating, /image/image_gallery?uuid=476740c8-ae05-4bd6-9661-f1c67b5fce3f&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, Composite sills, magni-coated screws, and thermoplastic sub pan, /image/image_gallery?uuid=ce49823e-92a7-4589-afe0-1c24444c4819&groupId=10162&t=1369082181327.

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