The haunt itself wasn’t particularly scary with each stop in the cabins along the trail being near identical. Park officials with SCREAM-A-GEDDON in Pasco County have figured out a way to give you the horrifically haunted time you’ve been waiting for – safely. Infected: Sadly, we didn’t get to this one. Sadly, we only got to experience one of the two there but that had nothing to do with the event! Okay, if you're out in International Drive where we were, it was a bit of a trek to get to but we'd still say that it was worth making the effort. Scareactors can scream in your face or wave chainsaws at you, but you'll never have one so much as tap you on the shoulder. Does SCREAM-A-GEDDON have security staff? If it is one compliment we get, it is “This atmosphere is amazing”. Why not turn your fear at Halloween Horror Nights into a treasure hunt? Concession stands and game booths lined the grassy midway before him. Visitors wear glasses that blur colors and make paint pop. Scream-A-Geddon: The horror park opens Sept. 11, running weekends through the end of September and then every day in October, ending Nov. 1. What items aren't allowed at your facility? Unfortunately, for security reasons, only employees at SCREAM-A-GEDDON may wear costumes and face paint. Where: 27839 Saint Joe Road, Dade City; About a 90-minute drive from downtown Orlando via Interstate 4 west to U.S. Highway 98 north and then east on County Road 578, which is Saint Joe Road. Before entering, you had the option to ‘mark’ yourself by wearing a glowing necklace handed to you by the staff at the door. NOTICE: Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any location where people are present and we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. The General Admission ticket gives you unlimited General Admission access to all of our attractions throughout the night (Note: Food, drinks and other services in the Monster Midway, including Zombie Paintball Assault, are not included). Do I have to wear a face mask? Frequently Asked Questions SCREAM-A-GEDDON is what happens when the best minds in the haunted house industry come together in Tampa Bay, Florida to produce a premier haunted house experience. One, you're rushed through the scene so you miss the intricate details that make it great. A refund will not be issued if the original ticket price is higher than the ticket price for the new day of attendance, nor will this amount be applied to the $5 per ticket transfer fee. You won’t regret it. State law does not allow customers to bring alcohol onto our property. The dark paths are as spooky as the shacks. The Universal Soldier is on a reconnaissance mission for essential intelligence so that your foray into Universal Orlando Resort is victorious. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity. But if you stop for a second to soak it in, you'll likely get an usher yelling at you to "Move along!" Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. Find yourself alone in a cell with a murderous convict during a blackout prison riot and you'll be scared straight, for sure. Performers get dedicated training for those moments. Another successful collaboration from Faceless Ventures. In the midway an hour later, here's what happened: Reedy and the trainee stood for a second before he spotted fresh meat. Additionally, we do not allow admission into our facility or attractions if you are intoxicated. There are no sounds from a major highway, and no lights from the city. Please visit our Jobs page to apply to work at SCREAM-A-GEDDON. We do not recommend wearing sandals, heels, flip flops or open-toed shoes. Visitors entering our interactive attractions will be faced with an important decision: Those who opt-in for a truly interactive experience may be sent into hidden rooms, removed from their group or even forced to remain…, (Customers must be at least 18 years old to “mark” themselves). Studio Tour Hollywood, Cruelty Review (2019, UK) Faceless Ventures x Mikey Stuart, The Mansion Review (2019, UK) Zombie Infection. The outdoor attractions remain open during light rain and light wind. There's little time for drama in an HHN house beyond a character shrieking brief instructions at you. Website: The victim, Lauren, who … October is finally here and so is SCREAM-A-GEDDON. Tucked back behind acres of farmland in Pasco County, this locally renowned scare park is celebrating their eighth year in business. Furthermore, Scream-a-geddon puts a lot more effort into building whole scenes. We are one of the largest independent haunted house scream parks in the country, so you should expect the longest lines on Fridays and Saturdays. "Blackpool" and "Rage" are interactive: Actors can roughhouse visitors who choose to put on a neon necklace. Much of our facility is outdoors with unpaved terrain, including grassy and rocky areas. For some, their coworkers offer family and freedom. At Scream-a-geddon, two attractions have interactive features: Infected: Ground Zero, where zombies feed on the flesh of the living, and Blackpool Prison, the location of a prison riot. This works great for setting up jump scares and surprise characters. Once in the horror park, most of the attractions are open-air, under an old oak canopy. They learn how to touch guests with enough force to scare them, but enough restraint to keep them safe. However, a few of our attractions are “interactive”. Can I attend if I’m pregnant, have heart conditions or am in poor health? – Bring your ID to the box office so we can assist you to retrieve your tickets. Visit our Hours Page for exact dates and hours. Furthermore, Scream-a-geddon … Both of the indoor haunted attractions are wheelchair accessible, but the terrain leading to and from the indoor haunted attractions is outdoors and uneven in sections. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Far from the concession area, he and dozens more prepped for the night. [Popular on] Clermont’s Citrus Tower proves a timeless Florida monument, Alligator visits playground at Florida elementary school, Florida voters sour on state of nation, AP VoteCast survey finds, Marion County School Board fires Marine vet over medical marijuana use. Inside the house, her character starts in a cage, rattling the fencing when visitors enter. SCREAM-A-GEDDON Haunted House online ticket page. Group tickets must be purchased online, through the group sales page or the SCREAM-A-GEDDON Haunted House online ticket page to take advantage of group rates. Though it was obviously smaller with a lower budget, we had a better time here than at the two big theme park events. Understood. We do not offer refunds or rain checks. Please note there are several emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue. You can find those tickets and park hours on their website. What is the difference between the General Admission, VIP Fast Pass, and SUPER VIP Fast Pass? It’s probably the most in depth house we’ve ever done.”. It's a dank, dim facility whose occupants have taken over. Are your haunted house attractions open if it rains? Known hazards include dark passages, uneven terrain, steep terrain, sudden/startling scares, falling props and other hidden hazards that may cause injury, death or other physical or mental harm. Losee is a clown in the new "Rage 3D" house. Others like their scares low-budget and raw, relying on the psychological tension derived from a good story, intriguing characters and red-dyed corn syrup. Take your average haunted house and soup it up with more than $100,000 worth of design and effects. Blackpool Prison: Themed around a prison where a riot was underway; the first haunt that we went through was without a doubt our favourite. Yes, we accept credit cards for both online purchases and for purchases at the box office and Monster Midway. 'Panorama' author Steve Kistulentz takes a deep dive into reading about Russia. Who do I contact? The exception is Bedlam 3D, a dayglow wonderland of maniacal clowns and Alice-in-Wonderland visual effects, created with blacklights, neon paint and 3D glasses. "You want to scare somebody, but you don't want to offend them," said Derby, whose character goes from creepy to violent when visitors won't help the decapitated corpse — apparently his mother — propped on the toilet in his cell. SCREAM-A-GEDDON The park is open now through November 1, 2020. How long are the lines? You can purchase tickets through the SCREAM-A-GEDDON online tickets page. With fewer crowds, Scream-a-geddon has the luxury of holding guests back for a few seconds to allow gaps between groups. Here's what you need to know if you go to Scream-A-Geddon 2016: Subscribe. Zombie Paintball Assault requires an additional ticket that may be purchased online or at the facility. Some terror-philes like their scary movies hi-tech and glossy, with plenty of CGI and special effects. "Look at me when I'm talking to you," Reedy bellowed. This level of interaction really added to the experience and it seemed as though there were quite a few routes (or opportunities for the actors!) No one pushes you to keep moving.

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