Sometimes, however, the family dog can be enticed by the sweet smell of some of these store-bought traps, which can yield disastrous effects if your dog ate ant poison. You can also jump on a live chat with a veterinarian from JustAnswer, who should be able to help you assess the situation. Busting the Myth! Minor side effect. Sometimes, however, the family dog can be enticed by the sweet smell of some of these store-bought traps, which can yield disastrous effects if your dog ate ant poison. According to Dr. Scott Nimmo MRCVS, BVMS, “even a small dog would have to eat the contents of quite a few of these traps before there would be any serious toxicity concerns.”. Toxicity is dose dependent, but even low doses of ingestion can harm your dog. In most cases, your dog is unlikely to suffer anything more serious than minor gastrointestinal symptoms, such as: Note that these symptoms are often triggered by the inert chemicals in the trap (the things used to bind and preserve the bait), rather than the poison itself. Broken Dog Tail: How to Heal Your Pup’s Busted Wagger. Of all the things that dogs eat, items containing poisons are often the most troubling. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Discover The Quick And Easy Way To An Obedient Dog WITHOUT Spending Hours Of Training & Thousands Of Dollars! 2) Dogs investigate things with their mouths. Amdro brand ant bait come in two different types:  ant bait stations and granules. Things may be quite problematic when instead of attracting ants, your ant bait attracts your dog and next thing you know youre entering my dog chewed ant bait as a query in hopes for directions and hopefully, some reassuring news. They can cause dogs serious health problems, and you’ll want to treat the situation seriously. Plastic can be very dangerous for dogs. Please view our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us with any concerns. Dog Health By Ben Team 5 min read October 13, 2020 1 Comment . Severe toxicity with these products is unlikely as it’s a formulated product, but the real danger comes from dogs being attracted to the taste of the product due to the peanut butter and powdered sugar additives. Thanks, I actually ate this not my dog, but I figured it would be the same sorta thing. Many safe options rely on essential oils like citrus, eucalyptus and lemongrass to control pests, which can be safe for dogs when used in very small and diluted amounts. As soon as you’ve discovered your dog has eaten the bait traps, call your family veterinarian, emergency veterinary hospital, or Pet Poison Helpline. For an ant infestation inside the home, a homemade spray made from three tablespoons of non-toxic dish soap and 16 ounces of water can send ants packing if you target the most heavily-invaded area. Active ingredient(s):  Sodium borate (Borax). If your dog chewed an ant bait, you are obviously worried as thoughts of poisons come to mind . Terro liquid ant trap contains chemical compounds that specifically for killing insects. These poisons vary in terms of the danger they represent to dogs, but, in almost all cases, the quantities present in an ant trap are too small to sicken your pet. This includes ant traps – the little plastic doodads many people place under kitchen counters and inside pantries to help address problems with ants. Borax is a common ingredient found in numerous commonly used household products like hand soaps, laundry detergent, and cleaning products. Depending on how much poison was consumed, your veterinarian may opt to induce vomiting by administering activated charcoal, which can rid your dog's body of lingering poisons and toxins. This chemical is only found in insecticidal products, especially for gardens/lawns. My Dog Ate Rat Poison, What to Do and Which Rat Poisons are Toxic to Dogs, Dog Safe Slug Killers – Get Rid Of Slugs Without Harming Your Dog 2020, Best Dog Safe Mouse Traps – Trap Mice Without Harming Your Dog. Signs of abamectin toxicity include pupil dilation, vomiting, seizures, and muscle tremors. If you find your dog has eaten or chewed an ant trap and is showing symptoms of poisoning it’s recommended to call and visit your local veterinarian or local animal hospital immediately. 1) They smell tasty. Foraging ants stumble upon the trap, grab a bit of the poisoned food, and take it back to the nest, where it is shared with the rest of the colony. One bag is capable of treating over 1500 square feet. If a blockage is identified, your dog may require advanced care or surgery to have the plastic removed. They will be able to direct you, based on how many of the bait traps your dog has eaten, whether there is … Another earth-friendly pest control favorite is diatomaceous earth, which is popular when ridding homes of fleas. When you contact your vet, he or she will likely warn you to watch for signs of such an obstruction. The most common signs of ingestion are gagging or vomiting. My Dog Ate Snail Poison What Should I Do? So, unlike other bait traps like gopher or snail poison, which, according to VCA Hospitals can be fatally toxic to dogs, a dog's reaction to ant bait traps generally mimics symptoms of food poisoning. If you are looking for dog safe solution to ant control, visit our Pet Safe Ant Traps page to see our recommendations. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park. 1 Comment. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Hot Shot ant bait stations boast a guarantee of 6-months worth of protection in your home. Indoxacarb can be found in some topical flea and tick medications for dogs, such as Activyl. If your pet has ingested any Terro products, it’s recommended to immediately call your family veterinarian, local veterinary emergency room, or the Pet Poison Helpline. Hydramethylnon appears to be quite safe in mammals, including dogs. Most dog owners have a dog that will happily eat anything and everything they can get their mouth on. Ant bait traps have very small amounts of indoxacarb, so unless your dog has eaten multiple traps, the risk of actual toxicity is very low. The bait stations are filled with granules that are transported back to the ant colony. Usually, it is small amount and the dosage is enough for ants. Then, grab the box the ant traps came in (if possible) and call your vet or the Pet Poison Helpline and follow the advice given. According to Today's Veterinary Nurse, ant bait traps do commonly contain insecticides like boric acid, fipronil and abamectin, but the concentrations are so low that housepets rarely experience side effects after eating one trap. An ant hill outside in your yard can result in ants inside of your home but a quick spray with a water hose will usually dissolve most ant homes without harming your pets or the ants. October 13, 2020 And when problems do occur, they are usually caused by the plastic, rather than the active ingredients. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to. 5 min read Whether it’s shoelaces, mail, or your kid’s favorite stuffed animal, some dogs are just insatiable. Other ingredients:  Peanut butter, vegetable oil, microcrystalline wax, powdered sugar. Put those bait stations in an area away from your dog’s reach or keep an eye on the bait stations. An ant infestation can certainly be a headache to deal with, which is why many people opt for poisonous ant bait traps to rid their domiciles of these invasive insects. This FREE video series will reveal the method that has your dog CHOOSING to obey you, every time! You certainly don’t want your dog to eat an ant trap, but they rarely cause serious problems for most dogs. Mixing the two chemicals can lead to more severe symptoms. It takes a large amount to become toxic to dogs. Spectracide ant bait granules come in a shaker bag for ant control over large areas. When reaching for diatomaceous earth, however, be sure to look for varieties labeled "food-grade" which are non-toxic if ingested by dogs. Share your experience in the comments! Active ingredient(s):  Lambda-cyhalothrin. Copyright 2018 by Smart Dog Owners. If an ant infestation is a chronic problem your home faces, or if you can count on these bugs to find their way inside at a certain time every year, you can still fight them off without risking your dog's health. My dog just ate Raid Max double control ant baits. Big pieces of plastic can cause scrapes or cuts to your dog’s digestive tract, or they may even form an obstruction. Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs. Ben Team Get tons of great dog training tutorials, canine gear guides, and the latest doggy discounts. Hopefully I won’t die haha lmao xd. However, things may not be … Instead, you’ll just need to exercise care when doing so. VCA Hospitals: Summer Toxins to Avoid with Your Pet, Today's Veterinary Nurse: Top 10 Toxins That are Rarely Serious, Banfield Pet Hospital: Preparing Your Yard for Your Pet. The small bait traps consist of granules designed to be carried back to the ant colony. Dogs encounter ant traps while wandering around the house, and, as they do with many other novel things, they often decide to check out the unknown item with their nose and mouth. If you find your dog is showing symptoms of toxicity, it’s recommended to call or visit your veterinarian immediately. This may mean purchasing a dog-proof trash can, if your dog likes to go digging through the trash. Vomiting (particularly recurrent vomiting), © Copyright 2020 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |, 3 Best Dog Knee Braces | Give Spot Extra Support. This may surround the plastic in a layer of food, which should help reduce the chances of an obstruction and protect your dog’s insides from any sharp edges. However, many dogs also find the odors emanating from these traps interesting and decide to give them a taste. I called the vet to see if I needed to bring him in. They told me not to and to watch for vomitting, diarhea, or … Terro brand is one of the more popular ant baits on the market, and it comes in a variety of liquid and granular forms. Her work has appeared on This Dog's Life and Wide Open Pets. The most important thing to do is to place the traps in places your dog can’t access them. But that doesn’t mean these pest-control devices are completely harmless, either. Borax, when ingested in small amounts, isn’t toxic, but large amounts can lead to kidney damage or even failure. If your dog has ingested Spectracide products, it’s highly recommend you seek care with your family veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital to induce vomiting and proceed with any necessary treatment or hospitalization. As a pesticide, you’re likely to only find this in pest-control products. He is a mix lab and weights 55-60 lbs. Perhaps, you may assume that what can kill ants, must somehow harm dogs. Active ingredients are Avemectin B1 0.05% and other ingredients 99.95%. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to First thing's first — ant poison can do serious damage to ants, but most dogs will need to eat an enormous amount of the stuff to become seriously ill, so you shouldn't panic but will need to take some health measures. Surprisingly, the plastic exterior of an ant trap usually represents the biggest threat to your pet’s health and safety. The first thing you’ll want to do when you discover your dog devouring an ant trap is to prevent the problem from getting any worse. If you have persistent ant problems and need a dog friendly solution, we have reviewed the best Dog Friendly Ant Traps on the market. Do not induce vomiting unless instructed to do so by a veterinary professional. This often leads to them licking and chewing the trap, and some will even swallow the trap during the process. Because Borax is naturally caustic and dehydrating, it isn’t recommended to induce vomiting at home with hydrogen peroxide. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. Clavamox For Dogs: Side Effects, Dosage, & More! As mentioned above, you may also try doing dog-friendly homemade ant traps.

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