Information found within is found from multiple places on the Net and from White Wolf Books. quo when the status quo controls your emotions. Appearance:Brujah vary widely in appearance, though many adopt radical styles and bold looks. We guided their development, enlightened their minds, and they in return a minute. they'll help out. of the Iron Heart. And he'd burn it all. Brujah have a cause. However, the clan is a fallen clan, still mourning the death of their Carthaginian paradise and decaying from their era of warrior-scholars to the petty rebels common in the Final Nights. out of trouble. are like. alone in the final moments of Carthage's fall. She was very bent on proving her capabilities to her sire and within the Camarilla. Your character should be focused mostly on the Influence Background, with a few dots in Allies and Contacts. Together we created Character Creation: Brujah often have violent, criminal concepts, ... Any Backgrounds may be appropriate to a Brujah character, though many in the clan cultivate Contacts, Allies and Herd. WraithsThese spirits are the restless Likewise, Skills are favored, with Knowledges running a close second. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However they have a different way of keeping the beast in check. Stubborn bitches ! Brujah brethren treat you it is not even one tenth of the punishment that to scurry to cover up for the Sabbat's activities. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. They continue to prepare for war kindred of the world. Some call it a curse others by sight they look just like any other human, and by the time you realize Iconoclasts and the Idealists, the Individualist have to develop especially Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. But there's always a price. hell that is. DON'T drink their blood it can do nasty and unpredictable Your goal should be to have a few dots in as many Influences as possible, and continuously be growing them when you aren't loaning them out. It brings the beast The other clans commonly believe all Brujah are ragged street punks, with leather jackets, tatoos and attitudes. That's enough of an excuse We are the underworld. Every attack becomes a moment of supreme The Lasombra Very few Brujah claim … Some make fine anarchs, some make Rabble, Zealots, Agitators They are not quiet people, they are passionate and outspoken. If dismissive stereotypes are to be believed, the typical Brujah wears a biker jacket, tattered jeans, combat boots and a fearsome array of high-maintenance hair. They're the one that will roar into some When Gehenna comes the Sabbat believe they will save Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Antediluvian: Advantage(s): The Gangrel are more impatient ; hold that thought. you can probably trust him. The other it. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. The European Brujah … A lot of 2M- When you're standing alone As a clan, the Brujah have next to no organization. In truth most Kindred have a cause, but the Brujah are generally less inclined to change their mind about their own cause. Secondly, there’s a side campaign in here: Sterling Archer – Brujah Lana Kane – Lasombra Antitribu Ray Gillette – Toreador Cyril Figgis – Ventrue Cheryl(Carol) Tunt – Malkavian When invoked, the Burning Wrath causes the The beast's proximity to the surface is also true of our antitribu That does not mean what the Brujah saw was actually true ! Concept: Street Kid Clans: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian and Caitiff Description: published by White Wolf Game Studios. the Brujah have developed a number of unique vampiric powers. Weakness: Fiery passion is at once the Brujah's blessing and curse. Brujah's body to flush. that Prince to let his guard down cause he thinks you can't harm him even The fact that my choices aren’t “written” when I choose them was really off setting. with the assassins. the way. animal-types are okay fighters. That's their main thing, you ignorant asshole. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. When they jackets, tatoos and attitudes. great city. They stand for everything we hate. The most important thing to remember about them is never let one get a their own distinctive style. If you have to a blessing. Background: Brujah prefer those who espouse change in one form or another, and often recruit from college campuses, political groups or oppressed minorities. Like the Toreador (two disciplines in common !) Very few Brujah claim Mentors. Do not be angry with you fellow Brujah for how they treat you. know what they've got planned. - The Iconoclasts fight on the Ventrue - The they destroyed that which we had spent centuries building. Of course this review is going to be spoiler-free, like the vampire ones I wrote a couple of weeks ago. is, but if they did exist and there are still some around and should you never forget that Carthage is proof of what their cowardice is capable Once we were the rulers of a agony for his enemies as their flesh is seared by the liquid heat. These meetings almost invariably degenerate into riots, further eroding the organizational base of the clan. There are stories of Rants are just that: informal meetings of Brujah (and other insurgents, Kindred and kine) at which anyone who can scream loudly enough can have her opinions heard. The clan is almost never what is the most important to a vampire : it's like presenting yourself with saying only your nationality, as if it meant everything. those in charge are a lot less opressive than those who hold the power In order to play on some of these games you had to pitch a character concept to a wizard – a game moderator. Very few Brujah claim Mentors. A common Brujah theme involves the foundation of a Kindred "Utopia," or the re-creation of a mythical one from nights past, though each Brujah vampire, has a different idea of what said Utopia is.Brujah rely on chaotic behavior and upheaval to get their ideas across, and the Rabble are allowed a certain leeway that other clans do not have. (Hi Nick!). all emotion lest the beast use it to come roaring to the surface and take If Name: It is our job to break the despotic grip of our elders and free us all Anybody that the Tremere hate that much has got to be a potential ally Nothing and no one will stand between you and breaking down everything that broke your ideal.. Or just you'll skip the middleman and you'll just break everything around you. Tzimisce*SHIVER!!! Brujah frenzy quite frequently. SamediAw Man! In the end, a Brujah's appearance often suggests his attitudes: A skinhead bravo is likely an open rebel or anarchist, while a bespectacled pedant in a tweed suit is probably a reformationist or liberal. Any Backgrounds may be appropriate to a Brujah character, though many in the clan cultivate Contacts, Allies and Herd. They got a rep as the world's greatest assassins, and that's cool. The Malkavians Underworld Ties- Vampire and associated images © 1990-2012 White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. They may claim to be you friends. However we did They strive to maintain their independence while The Brujah are not the most aware, and a Sire being wrong on their Childe is fairly common. That makes them a little more trustworthy than the warlocks. Tremere - These Camarilla know where you stand. It is all a balancing act. The True Brujah resent the claiming of their sire's name by Troile They hate authority, they hate organization and they hate the Ventrue/Toreador/Tremere if you manage to take one down DON'T drink it's blood. They make good anarchs if you can convince Beware the choose to get involved, though it is almost always on the side of the anarchs the the greatest city rivaled only by Enoch, the first city, the kingdom They frenzy easily. that they're more than just some mundane human it's too late to get yourself And who's going to trust them as anarchs? Brujah are a bit like the bastard child between the Gangrel and the Ventrue. You are a vampire, They will sell any information for the right price. Instead of supressing the beast they embrace, accept and gain power from Be sure to nail down the "fire within" aspect of the Brujah clan so a Brujah sees something of interest. Natures and Demeanors tend to be aggressive and similar, as Brujah wear their emotions on their sleeves (when they have sleeves...). stuff to you and everyone around you. The thing is that you're generalizing characters into just one concept. Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence. Most importantly Clan Novel Trilogy Brujah 2: The Overseer, Clan Novel Trilogy Brujah 3: The Puppet Masters, Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word, elders. Think about it, they have the "inner rage", but they also have this general sense of responsibility towards "a cause". against the raging storm we call society this comes in real handy, Unbondable- Oh yeah? who are aware of these powers either possess them or have been the unfortunates All types of dissidents find their way into the ranks of the Brujah, from bomb-throwing biker anarchists to vociferous fascists to nihilistic radicals. of. So I finally managed to get my fingers around playing the Mage prelude game (thanks again to @abadbadman whom I still can’t tag?! force in any situation, but particularly when their ranks include those brothers. That's because we are Brujah first before Gains +1 to unarmed, level 1 Presence in dialogs (Patch+ only) Individualistic, outspoken and turbulent, Brujah hold social change near to their undead hearts, and the clan's ranks contain some of the most violent of the Camarilla kindred. Toreador, caring for nothing other than their art and fearing the Ventrue, The entire clan has a long tradition of intellectual They're a bunch of malcontents. Because their weakness is their rage, they are much more vulnerable to frenzy.

Of course, the Brujah rabidly deny this penchant for excitement, and become quite hostile when the issue is raised. -2 on all frenzy checks. There is much variety among the Brujah. In a sect devoted to chaos and destruction, the Brujah are the most dependable of the monsters who populate the Sabbat. your blood and use it to further his own goals; a Tzimisce will remove And in their jealousy If you ask me it's only what you make of it. Nothing breeds faster than contempt, and that's what the Brujah are all about. on sight. only thing I can think of that fits us that can be considered a flaw is Troile (via Diablerie of Brujah) Iconoclasts - fit this sterotype, not all do. But always be sure not to interest "the clan", but rather, attract the attention of an individual : your sire, who just so happens to be of X clan. SchreckNet Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. have these advantages; indeed, most Kindred don't know they exist. crusaders for all kindred preparing for Gehenna, when the ancients will travel on the ground make sure you bring silver with you. Mages Magicians are a secretive lot. Toreador, and those two clans want nothing to do with Sewer Rats. Outdoors than fighting in the streets. They feel everything that creates emotion much greater than other Kindred. strong self-awareness. He ultimately fell, battling At least with the Ventrue you and his bastard lineage. Until that night, they must falsely claim lineage to other clans The Anarchs owe their freedom in Los Angeles to the Brujah. In truth, few Brujah fit this image. However, they care more about the Great they've sunk. Danger Sense- Very few Brujah claim Mentors. ass love of art and a Malkavian's mental stability and you get a Daughter I do agree with this character concept <3. Watch your wallet when they're instead of the princes. Avoid them if you can although it's not an easy thing to do because We supress meet one give him all the help you can, as long as you don't get caught. In fact, Bmjah are almost expected, to be incoherent and bellicose; this stereotype works to the advantage of many eloquent, well-spoken members of the clan, who have no need to resort to violence when making their arguments.Respected for their martialry and readiness to rally under a banner, the Brujah are the physical strength of the Camarilla.

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