John Laurens 22 Apr 1799 - 18 Oct 1827 managed by Shannon Moffitt last edited 9 Jan 2019 Caroline (Laurens) Maffitt 01 Jun 1826 Charleston, South Carolina, United States - 03 Mar 1859 Neeltjien (Laurens) Laurens Wouters abt 1562 Schoonrewoerd, Zuid-Holland, Nederland - 10 Dec 1645 managed by Dutch Roots Project WikiTree last edited 29 Dec 2018 His father Henry Laurens, the American ambassador to the Netherlands who had been captured by the British, was exchanged for General Cornwallis in late 1781, and the senior Laurens had proceeded to the Netherlands to continue loan negotiations. During the voyage to his post, Henry Laurens's ship was seized by the British, resulting in the elder Laurens' imprisonment in the Tower of London. King of Prussia, PA He never met his daughter, Frances Eleanor, born in London after he departed for South Carolina. Laurens was depicted heroically as a supporting character in the 2015 musical Hamilton. Upon reaching Charleston, Laurens was put in charge of some rear guard troops who were in danger of being overrun by the enemy. Thanks Gordon, just a peak at the amazing story of those who gained our independence and their sacrifice…, Your email address will not be published. John Laurens was extremely persistent in this endeavor, despite encountering many setbacks. He participated in the dramatic night assault on British Redoubt # 10 on October 14 along with his friend, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton, who commanded another light infantry battalion. [9], Due to Laurens's connections, his activities could not escape notice; for example, in a May 5 letter to the governor of Virginia, South Carolina's lieutenant governor Thomas Bee added a postscript: "Col. John Laurens received a slight wound in the arm in a skirmish with the enemy's advanced party yesterday, & his horse was shot also – he is in a good way – pray let his father know this."[10]. Select the name you want and when the list of records is displayed you can easily refine the search, choosing a single parish, given name(s) and/or start and end dates. [20] When he learned that the British were sending a large force out of Charleston to gather supplies, he left his sickbed, "wrote a hurried note to Gen. Greene, and, in disregard of his orders and the important duties with which he had been charged – a practice which the loose discipline of the American forces rendered not unusual – put off for the scene of action. In early 1780 he took up that post and successfully negotiated Dutch support for the war. The New York Times & Arno Press, New York, New York, 1969. [18] With his command,[17] Laurens left the plantation at about 3:00 am on the morning of August 27. Laurens envisioned enlisting slaves into the Continental Army. In November 1774, Laurens began his legal studies at the Middle Temple. Not to be denied, Laurens ignored this dismissal by Vergennes, and went directly to King Louis XVI. "[5], Three years after Laurens's death, George Washington responded to a question about Laurens's character by stating that "no man possessed more of the amor patria [love of country]. In the spring of 1779, the British embarked upon a campaign in the south, captured Savannah and moved next to Charleston. Both men fired simultaneously; Laurens was not hit, but Lee was wounded in the side. British troops surrendered on October 17, 1781, and Washington appointed Laurens as the American commissioner for drafting formal terms of the British surrender.

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