placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Find out about President Jimmy Carter's family tree, family history, ancestry, ancestors, genealogy, relationships and affairs! Plains, Georgia 31780. Two areas where the Carter surname will undoubtedly be a big help are with name ID and fundraising, factors Republicans acknowledge as well. I don’t know how many would have been around when he was president.”, He added, “Jimmy Carter was president, that carries a certain amount of statesmanship with it. “As with any political family, it cuts both ways, it will help in some ways, hurt in other ways,” Chambliss said of Carter’s presence in his grandson’s campaign. Kindred Carter We humbly honor the old school soul music era and will keep pushing forward to keep it alive. Some polls show he could put the governor’s seat in play as Deal also fends off primary challenges. If my deceased aunt is correct, we both are descended from a Virginian named Charles Carter. ( Also on POLITICO: Jason Carter: Georgians think ACA ‘a mess’), “He says a lot of things,” the younger Carter said of his grandfather with a laugh, predicting that “we’re going to have a lot of differences in public.” He added, in a more serious tone, “It’s important for folks to know, I’m Jason Carter, I have my beliefs. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) said that Jimmy Carter’s relationships could help the younger Carter — who has represented a heavily Democratic Atlanta-area state Senate district since 2010 — introduce himself to the rest of the state. 1814) and Eliza Harris (b. This photo provided by The Carter Center shows former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020 in Plains, Ga. Former President Jimmy Carter marked his 96th birthday Thursday, the latest milestone for the … Well one things is certain, they have earned some SERIOUS bragging rights in their family, from music to politics when it comes to Jimmy and Berry Jr.! Kindred Carter Kindred Carter (c. 1750-1800) came to Georgia… Littleberry and Mary Ann moved c. 1860 to Sumter Co. near his father’s plantation. William A. Carter married Nina Pratt (1863-1939) in 1885. PO Box 17 Within hours, the newly minted candidate felt compelled to issue a retort: while he loves his grandfather, he told a reporter, “I believe in the death penalty for heinous crimes, and that won’t change when I’m governor.”. This land is now part of McDuffie County, approximately 35 miles west of Augusta, Georgia. Wiley Carter married Ann Ansley in 1821 in Warren County. Isaac and Ruth were the parents of Kindred and James, among others. _taboola.push({ They have three children: Amy Lynn Carter married James Gregory Wentzel of Herndon, VA. Their son, Hugo James Wentzel, was born July 29, 1999. Wiley Carter (1798-1864) ( Also on POLITICO: 10 things to know about Jason Carter). She was a daughter of Jeremiah and Christianna Ramsey Duckworth of Warren and Columbia Counties. It’s going to be a problem for him.”. In that will, Thomas, Jr. did not name all of his children, but Moore Carter (c. 1680-1741) who married Jane and moved to Bertie County, North Carolina, is believed to have been his son. We are related, but hardly intimately. Donnel Jeffrey “Jeff” married Annette Jene Davis of Arlington, GA. Former Democratic Rep. James had been a cotton planter and a Baptist. March 29, 1937, d. September 25, 1988). Deal’s campaign has already made clear it intends to hang the “liberal” anchor on the grandson’s neck, saying that the potential matchup could be, in part, a “referendum on President Carter’s administration.”. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter is an experienced businessman, health care professional and faithful public servant.

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