Taking advantage of the distraction, Hange quickly takes Levi and escapes by diving into the river while being fired upon by Yeagerists on horseback. Ambiguous[4] [70], On Erwin's orders, all the soldiers deploy. Commander (団長 Danchō?) Hange states that they can run these all day without the need for soldiers fighting Titans or using cannons and other resources. Hange Zoe is known for her “Mad Scientist” like personality and is often portrayed as a Titan Freak. Hange Zoë In this latest episode, we go all in on the IT CHAPTER TWO trailer and do a deep dive into all the movies coming out this summer! Hange states that Reiner most likely threw Titans at the soldiers in hopes of Eren being devoured, creating a new holder of the Coordinate. Soldier During the battle, Hange is injured in the shoulder by a hook fired by one of Kenny's subordinates and thrown into a wall, then crashing down on the floor. When he agrees, Hange fearfully looks into his eyes for confirmation. RIP Hange, this show really doesnt care about ANYBODY lol. ...of Revolution Hange was occasionally shown pulling their glasses up onto their forehead from time to time, often to indicate seriousness or anger. Hange is later called to the other room to find Niccolo threatening to kill two Marleyan Warrior candidates. [17] Furthermore, Hange even smiled and sarcastically joked with Sannes during his torture at Hange's and Levi Ackerman's hands. Hange states to know it is made from spinal fluid thanks to Eren and Historia, but claims that since it evaporates as soon as it touches air it is hard to research. Hange insists they must kill him immediately, but Jean continues to press the subject until Hange sends Mikasa to retrieve the serum. The soldiers dismount their horses, roll up their pant legs and step into the water in awe, where Hange retrieves what appears to be sea cucumbers before staring into the horizon. In the same fashion, Hange believes that the Reiss family are going to feed Eren to a Titan in order to pass the Coordinate on to someone they can control. In reality, Hange falls victim to their enormous feet but in a fantastical vision, Hange is helped up by Erwin, among countless other fallen comrades. Hange then orders another round of spears to be used on his nape. Eren's notes lead Hange to theorize that Titans can absorb the powers of their victims, which allowed Ymir to go from an ordinary Titan to a human with the power of the Titans after devouring one. Hange wears square, thick-rimme… He orders Hange and Moblit to leave immediately, and names Hange acting commander of the Survey Corps in his absence. During her experiments on Eren she is unable to figure out the trigger for him to transform into a Titan for a while and the Special Operations Squad who is also with Hange and Eren did not have a solid trust for Eren, being on guard at all times and even ready to take out Eren at the drop of a coin. Two months after Historia's coronation, Hange is actively engaged in running tests on Eren's Titan hardening ability in preparation for their journey to Wall Maria. Yelena admits that Eren will likely be heading to Fort Salta, but she asks in exchange for Hange to admit that Zeke's euthanization plan was correct. Which makes sense of his transformations prior to this experiment, previously he was able to transform with the clear objective of trying to protect Mikasa and Armin. Humanity has not perished outside of the walls. After cutting down as many of the Wall Titans as possible, the steam they let out becomes too much for Hange to handle. [65], On the way to Shiganshina, the soldiers come across a Titan near dawn. Hange is deeply active in the research on the Titan race and innovative scientific experiments. Hange then spots a soldier near the river and goes over to investigate; and is horrified to see that it is a severely wounded Levi. Afterward, Hange discovers Flegel being pursued by the Military Police, and carries him to safety. [107], The Survey Corps officers later arrive at a restaurant and are told by Niccolo to wait in another room while he attends to his other guests. Hange then tells the reporters assembled to spread the news to the people, and then turns to Eren and says that they can mass produce these and put them in every Wall city, but stops after seeing Levi handing Eren a handkerchief for a nosebleed he has. We can see this when she is trying to get Pastor Nick to spit out information by threatening to push him off Wall Sina where he is inches off falling down but she also shows her happy and cheerful nature when she is excited. Captain Levi. They explained that they first had a very resentful heart and insecure character when they joined the Survey Corps, but when they kicked the head of a 3 meter Titan they were shocked and amazed at how abnormally light it was. [115] Floch goes to check for sure, but the nearby Titan begins to suck steam into itself and dissipates, before a fully-healed Zeke emerges from the Titan's stomach, much to everyone's surprise. When Hange was caught in an explosion caused by Bertolt Hoover transforming, their left eye was badly injured.

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