Loretta Preska is a Senior Judge for the Southern District of New York. I think the judge is afraid of people being exposed and might be getting paid off. She’s a monster and will accept money to hide the child perverts. Chief Judge Loretta Preska. This is a daily action. Bush appointed Roberts to the Supreme Court. If there is evidence of crimes on video or on some other modality, to destroy it is criminal! In all due respect the judge must have sniffed too much glue and it has gummed up her This is what President trump Meant by cleaning the swamp if the riots don.t stop put it out so all can see all the crooks I like to see it myself no judge is above the law. [email protected]. Time to Clinton cartel, Soros, Obama, etc. What well known people is she trying to protect? Destroying Evidence is heinous and must be appealed to the highest court. Prejudice ? Yet even Kavanaugh would only go but so far. “In light of the Court of Appeals’ mandate affirming this court’s July 23, 2020 order, the parties shall, as soon as is practicable, prepare for unsealing (1) the transcripts of Ms. Maxwell’s and Doe 1’s depositions and (2) all materials quoting those transcripts or disclosing information from those transcripts,” Preska wrote in an initial, two-page order released early Thursday afternoon. I agree STRIP her of her Judgeship an throw her AZZ in gitmo. “In order for other . There are thousands of ways of obtaining evidence. This is outrageous! It better be. Greatest AG in history. Probably a threat from Killary’s goon squad – rule “this way” or else!! Hope they keep a good watch on maxwell. SO ORDERED.”. That is what is in your craw! My best hope is that those records can be shown to be “findable” by “legal and acceptable” means and recovered completely legally. HRC DID have a private server. The GOVERNMENT itself uses this method DAILY against citizens. Maxwell is appealing U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska's order to release other materials, including her April 2016 deposition and a deposition by a second Epstein accuser. That request, however, was quite literally ignored–at least at first. Who was this judge appointed by OBAMA, When you sign up to comment you'll also receive our regular newsletter. Absolutely do NOT destroy this evidence. Who is paying her to keep her edict intact? Keep the originals of everything. That thief delivers the documents to an agent of government. In fact, the judge who literally judge ordered an entire agency to be shut down appears blissfully unaware of Murphy‘s existence. There’s more to this. William Barr! Hell awaits them. First they kill him and now this. It is unlawful search and seizure, PERIOD. “[T]he Second Circuit’s ruling regarding the appeal was issued late in the day yesterday,” attorney Laura Menninger complained. Senior U.S. District Judge, Loretta Preska, said that Giuffre’s lawyers gained possession of the files improperly and that all the materials must be destroyed. They won’t be able to get a job or get a repairman to show up at devils den homes or businesses! A federal court in New York City ruled that deposition testimony from alleged sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell must be released within the next two days. Trump Outperforms, Believes He Won and Will Fight Against Fraud, If They Get Away With It, It Will Be Worse Next Time. Snakes come in a variety of skins. Where in the hippocratic oath does the destruction of exculpatory evidence ordered by a district court judge have precedence over investigation, justice, truth, and trial? Do not get rid of any evidence. No excuse for this other then trying to cover up for someone with connections like Epstein’s girl fried soon to be on trial for trafficking underage girls. Before today, only one judge claimed that the entire CFPB must fall.

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