While traversing to their hideout, the pair learn that Marlene, the "queen" Firefly, is also looking for Robert. As the guitar and Joel fell silent, an emotional Ellie quietly responded "That was beautiful, Joel." Guy’s father was recently laid off from his job, The Advocate reported. The two would go on to form a close father-daughter bond. After a few attempts, he entered the room to tap her shoulder, startling her. They then battle through the city, fighting numerous hunters on the way. Officials said Joel and Lisa Guy were viciously stabbed, and their bodies were dismembered and placed in an acid-based solution to destroy evidence. Ellie jumps on the bus too, kicking the door to open it. KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Since the state of Tennessee isn't seeking it, the man accused of murdering and cutting up his parents' bodies in 2016 is giving a Knox County Criminal Court judge permission to impose the death penalty if he's convicted of murder this fall. He has maintained his innocence in the case and is not pursuing an insanity defense. Parents cut son off — he cut them up – WHEN Joel Michael Guy Jr learned that his parents were going to cut him … https://t.co/zQsUo9v9Bi, — londonlivepro (@Londonlivepro) December 1, 2016. He was shown to be an expert tactician, able to use both stealthy and overt means to overcome overwhelming odds. Upon writing Joel's character, Druckmann initially took inspiration from, Remarking on Joel's decision to save Ellie, Baker remarked that in doing so he robbed Ellie of her meaningful sacrifice to save the wider world from the infection and so robbed her life of a wider meaning because he believed Joel thought 'if we can't save one little world then it's not a world worth saving. It is implied that at one point they were in a romantic relationship, but the bond between the pair was strong regardless; so much that Joel decided to honor Tess' final request to deliver Ellie to Tommy after she became infected. However, his years in safety caused him to become less cautious with strangers, a trait that led to his demise. The ending scene also showed Joel slightly rubbing his watch after he said he "struggled for a long time with survivin'" as he encountered major difficulties in accepting Sarah's death and sympathizes with Ellie's survivor's guilt. Once at the apartment, Joel quickly lays down on a couch and goes to sleep, telling Ellie to "figure out... what to do". Maclean told reporters that the bodies were discovered Monday afternoon after Guy’s worried co-workers said that she had missed a morning meeting. She leaves him in the yogurt bar with Callus while she searches the Colorado Mountain Plaza for medical supplies. Affiliation(s) In 2017, Joel Guy Jr., 31, was. He is seen holding it in both promotional pictures, and trailers. Once safe, the meeting does not go well. They proceed through to the main hall, Joel's body giving in as he falls to the ground, attempting to shoot oncoming bandits.

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