I'm NOT recommending my style … JavaScript is disabled. Working on one-sticking with a 2-step amsteel aider on a Hawk stick for now. This year (and maybe next) I really wanted to lock down my WT hunting and be successful, particularly with a bow. The new saddles on the market are head and shoulders above it. Thanks for all the info. Hopefully i'll get some decent weather here while i'm on break and i'll get to try it out. i hope this is helpful, its not step by step, but if you just follow the rope from end to end you should be able to create it. Go. The friction hitch cord shown here has a scaffold knot in each end for attachment to the karabiner. I prefer knots and rope over mechanical devices for my lineman's and tether. Roger, i'm a forestry student at Purdue University in Indiana and that's all the longer i've been doing real climbing. Elm survivor in Massachusetts..is it lonely? A: because your going for a forestry degree. Thread starter Ryan Willock; Start date May 13, 2003; 1; 2; Next. Thanks guys. Saddle vs Tree Stand for Stationary Hunting, What would you do? Definitely takes a few hunts to get your bearings, practice is key. 1. hitches e.g. It’s not fraying; rather, the buried end of your amsteel loop is showing through. Should be pretty clear! Hello all, couldn't figure out how to strt a thread, but as this is a distel question, I will place it here. I just learned in August how to climb and we only used the closed system with the Blake's hitch and i was told that the distel or swabish allowed for better movement in the tree. Worked fine for me, but as I say, I am on the light side and I would hate to send him up a tree on a hitch I wasn't sure of. Super informative post. The Distel hitch is commonly used as a friction hitch for lanyards. I run a schwabisch hitch with a tender and it gives me the same functionality as a ropeman. I'm really hoping I can get the hang of it, as I'm I'm in the NE PA big ass mountains and weight is a priority. In part because the prime part of the seasons I have been out West chasing Elk. FWIW: This is an OLD (6-7 years ago) photo. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Cruzr, TX5, Method, Phantom just to name a few. Next Last. So is a proper climbing gear. TreeBuzz was created to help unite the Arborist community from around the world and provide a platform to share current information and exchange ideas that help increase safety, efficiency and professionalism in real time! Been very successful with Western Elk, but WT have eluded me for the last few years. There are many configurations for each friction hitch, but as ever, when trying new tools, stay low until you are truly competent with the system before advancing to greater heights. Combined with a micro pulley it makes a great one handed adjustable lanyard friction hitch. So my question is....is it acceptable and safe to remove a wrap from the distel? That's part of the fun, getting your system the way you like it. Joined Sep 7, 2002 Messages 2,274 Location. I'm also a newbie saddle hunter. Forum software by XenForo® © 2010-2020 XenForo Ltd. JavaScript is disabled. The new saddles on the market are head and shoulders above it. The only hours i've loged thar was at Math Sci, Krannert Building etc. Location W MD. I'm a first year saddle hunter as well. Website Visit site. I understand it is safe. http://www.treebuzz.com/pdf/climbing_hitches.pdf. I use a New Tribe Aero Hunter, DIY sticks, and a ring of Cranford steps. Cruzr, TX5, Method, Phantom just to name a few. Old timer here... Getting into Eastern Whitetail hunting late in life. Umm, It looks like a taught, and presuk just with diffrent loop combinations. Being rather a small guy at 150 pounds, any hitch I use with the Yalex works perfectly fine for me, but Andy (the guy in question) at a healthy 230 or so has a problem with the fierce grip you get with Yalex....his hitches bind pretty badly and he has to work the hitch loose after wieghting it.

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