In her Hawkesbury refuge, Mrs Keating has built a studio for her painting and photography and said the scenery reminds her of her childhood. In 1998, Mr Keating released a statement announcing the end of the marriage. In 1966, he became President of New South Wales Young Labor. Paul Keating has been in an on-screen matchup with John Partridge in EastEnders (1985). When Keating was Treasurer in the Hawke government from 1983 to 1991, Mrs Keating and Hazel Hawke became friends. [70] Keating himself was so unhappy with the book that it brought the two men's friendship to an abrupt end. [6] He was initially more socially conservative; in his maiden speech he declared that the Liberal Government had "boasted about the increasing number of women in the workforce. Keating used the authority and relative autonomy provided to him by Hawke to become one of the major driving forces behind the various extensive macroeconomic reforms of the Government. The success of the move, which was lauded by economic and media commentators, gave confidence to Keating to pursue even more reforms. proposals; this package came to be known as 'One Nation', and involved using funding from the budget surplus to produce new welfare-to-work programmes, as well as introducing a new degree of competition within the telecommunications and communications industries and creating the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA). [13] Although Howard was widely regarded at this time as being "discredited" by the hidden deficit, he had in fact argued unsuccessfully against Fraser that the revised figures should be disclosed before the election. [5] He then worked as research assistant for a trade union, having joined the Labor Party as soon as he was eligible. [53], Following the creation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Forum by Bob Hawke, Keating developed the idea further, winning the support in 1993 of recently-elected US President Bill Clinton and Chinese Premier Li Peng to expand APEC to a full Leaders' Meeting. [21] Keating's management of the Accord, and the close working relationship he developed with ACTU Secretary Bill Kelty, became a source of significant political power for Keating, who negotiated multiple versions of the Accord with Kelty throughout the Hawke Government. [76], In 2019, during campaigning for that year's federal election, Keating spoke out against the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation by calling them "nutters. An intensely private person, the Netherlands-born Mrs Keating said that was the time she realised she had to move on and make a life for herself. Although Keating was able to win the support of a reluctant Cabinet, Hawke believed that the opposition from the public, the ACTU, and the business community would be too great. [8] Keating successfully gained the Labor nomination for the seat of Blaxland in the western suburbs of Sydney, and was elected to the House of Representatives in 1969 when he was just 25 years old. Hawke won the ballot by 66 votes to 44, and in a press statement afterwards Keating declared that he had fired his "one shot" as regards the leadership. [62], Like Hawke before him, Keating was able to benefit from splits in the Liberal Party. It was described as "the first [biography] by an individual not from inside the Keating bunker, and it is the first with which Keating has co-operated, even if not fully". Asked if a third party was involved, she replied: "No, I don't think so. Keating repeatedly declared he would not write a memoir, so his cooperation with O'Brien was perceived as the closest he would come to producing an autobiography. But she said it might have helped her deal better with the break-up. Paul Keating (born in 1976) is an English actor. Paul Keating and Anna von Iersel had a relationship. Former prime minister Paul Keating told his wife in front of friends at a dinner party that their marriage was over, Annita Keating has revealed. When asked by Opposition Leader John Hewson why he would not call an early election, Keating replied, "because I want to do you slowly." Howard was able to give the Coalition renewed momentum after when Labor lost the seat of Canberra in a by-election. Keating routinely succeeded in outwitting Downer within Parliament, and in early 1995, Downer resigned to be replaced by John Howard, who had previously led the Liberals from 1985 to 1989. [46] The policy allocated AU$250 million over four years to promote the cultural and creative arts sectors in Australia. After Labor lost power in 1975, he held increasingly senior portfolios in the Shadow Cabinets of Gough Whitlam and Bill Hayden. Mrs Keating said she was afraid of her husband during their marriage but now had no one to be fearful of. [68] He was also appointed a Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the University of New South Wales and was awarded honorary doctorates in law from Keio University in Tokyo (1995), the National University of Singapore (1999), the University of New South Wales (2003) and Macquarie University (2012). [66][67] Keating was also appointed to the Advisory Council to the Chinese Government Development Bank. Mrs Keating did not discuss the split with their four children - Patrick, Caroline, Katherine and Alexandra - wanting to spare them the heartache. I don't know, to tell the truth.". [73], In February 2008, after Labor's victory in the 2007 election, Keating joined former Prime Ministers Whitlam, Fraser and Hawke in Parliament House to witness new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. Mrs Keating said that speech was hurtful and devastating and did not tell the true story. He joined the Labor Party at a young age, serving a term as state president of Young Labor and working as a research assistant for a trade union. The couple has never spoken publicly about their split, but Mr Keating mentioned it in a speech at a Labor Party conference in 1999. She has been married and has two daughters. He was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 25, winning the Division of Blaxland at the 1969 election. Paul Keating and Anna von Iersel were in a re... See Mrs Keating said the couple would divorce but she was unsure when. He also developed a friendship with former New South Wales Premier Jack Lang, who Keating took on as a political mentor. Keating entered office with an extensive legislative agenda, including pursuing reconciliation with Australia's Indigenous population, deepening Australia's economic and cultural ties with Asia, and making Australia a republic. It was a big job, I can tell you.". But Mrs Keating said that, while she remained faithful throughout their marriage, she could not be sure about her husband's fidelity. Mr Keating later issued a statement, saying he was saddened that details of the break-up had been made public. Keating briefly served as Minister for Northern Australia in the final weeks of the Whitlam Government. The pair developed a powerful political partnership, overseeing significant reforms intended to liberalise and strengthen the Australian economy.

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