The authorities discover her situation. The mom wins an undisclosed settlement? In determining that certain parameters weren't being met, they denied any further funding to the project, which led to Genie going back to her mother, and then being placed in a series of abusive foster homes. These are the people we think are the brightest among us. California and the ppl who so called CARED for this child dropped the ball .Seems to me since she contributed to science so much...and she did contribute...they would have taken special interest in her well being. What strikes me now is how similar she seems to children with low functioning autism. Even the wearing of clothes may have. I'm not sure why anyone trusted her biological mother, especially in the case of a lawsuit. She had been abused, was naive and trusting, and making strides in her development as part of the research project. It's sad to see her horrid Father's views on society be echoed by the professionals that surrounded her, unintentionally and through their actions but still distressing to see the lack of irony in it all. Loving what God made, feeding his animals for instance. This does not excuse what the mother did, but she was also a victim of the father. So you can't really pin the blame on the scientists who took her in. behavior she witnessed daily from people around her. Lastly, for all of you comparing her to “unwanted puppies “ or”scientific guinea pig” I don’t believe that these were the best terms to use as she was also a human being and not some animal as some of u most likely non intendedly regarded to her. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. Stop with the feminist’s childish. I would have taken her and put her on the farm with me and our family. Her description is like a dance, telling a very sad story. And she really didn't speak at all. People who had no idea what was going on made erroneous assumptions and destroyed her stability, and thus her progress. The people who worked with her seemed to be truly caring BUT they should have been limited to working with her as therapists only. Others prly wanted notoriety. I'm a psychologist, just watched this although I'd learned about the story long again. To even entertain the suit, much less award it, was also bad judgment on the part of the legal system. The girl who gave an impression of an infant would be well known as "Genie." Brought up in confinement, "Genie" was primitive, brutish, and hardly capable of walking or talking. Genie was imprisoned in a bedroom and bound to a potty chair for the most of her early life. [Narrator] Genie moved from home to home. Oh and by the way I ahve credentials to say so because I work with 'troubled' children and teens and it disgusts me how little soul so called "professionals" put into their work. Genie is thrown around from place to place as a scientific guinea pig for opportunists. Fully kept under control, she was made to sit alone every day and night. I agree with the last guy that the more interesting study is of the researcher's behavior rather than of that tragic child. This is inhuman. Such a sad story. yes your nick sure shows you are qualified to talk about "civillized" society. Moreover, it's wrong to call her the 'Wild Child'. You must be licensed to cut hair. I have always maintained that two adults who are a couple should not be able to procreate unless they have gone through an assessment program and are in a situation where they are able to rear a child. She needed a mother and a family. And then they just dumped her back into the cruel world. There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. Who really dropped the ball here was the NIMH. The woman didn't see fit to protect her own children from the horrors they experienced at the hands of her husband. It's a very sad story. People weren't as aware of this as they are now, all the doctors and scientists waned to do was give her a good place to live(their intentions were good) and they expected that out of the foster system. Its the simple things! And you would regress to defensive behaviors, just as Genie did. You should just take her as she is and raise her as your child. she was cared for, but she was not loved and she was not nurtured. She hardly articulated anything or produced any noises. Investigation showed that she was abused for making noise and as a consequence, had learned, basically, not to vocalize. With a case so unique, the medical community had no clear plan worked out for such and event. Many people are frightened of the unknown, and of something (or someone in this case) who could disrupt their way of living. Susan (Genie) was not a wild child, she was an extremely abused child. Then, she needed therapy, whose priority would be her emotional health. In moments of pure frustration and weakness, I too have echoed your feelings about procreation. The video evidence of her progress is clear. I was struck most by the people who had her for 6 years (if I remember correctly.) The real lesson here was to not study a poor soul who has been put through such a terrible experience. Moreover, the documentary should have shown Genie as and an adult, too, and let us see the result of such abuses, first in the home and then outside. From the TLC documentary 'Wild Child :The Story Of Feral Children'. Ratings: 7.92 / 10 from 224 users. Genie would have had a lot better memories and a whole lot of less frustration. It is surprising that she survived at all. The foster system was not as thorough as it is now, and people were scared to give Genie a chance because she wasn't a normal child and didn't have a normal childhood, or any social interaction. in which she had been so terribly abused. WTF? I'd say this poor human soul who is "a child" only just craved proper nurturing, love, care and support that every human being is entitled to only to be exploited. It would have to take an extremely caring, patient, stay at home parent to take care of Genie, and some people weren't up to the challenge. Why get involved in the first place. A lot of people stating that "she needed love before testing and therapy" don't realize that at that time, most people would not have known what to do with Genie as she was the first case America had ever seen of severe social isolation. This is an Emmy Award-winning documentary about a girl who spent her early life chained in a bedroom. They had to know she was not going to be an easy child to have in a home; she required more than a "normal" child would in development process and learning. Talk about ABANDONMENT ...the so called ppl who 'cared' for her should be shot! To give a little happiness then snatch it away. Another sad example how our Society works everything about money and headlines but by the end that beautiful little girl was passed around like a ball,and ended up being abandoned by everybody.her mother should be in prison for the rest of her life she is not a Mother. If having to go through tons of paper work to make a child is what u stand for how about just having to go through paper work just to have sex in general. That goes for everyone! She was loved and nurtured and cared for by many people. This is an Emmy Award-winning documentary about a girl who spent her early life chained in a bedroom. The said they wanted to send her to a good home. so-called intellectuals, just like 'Nim', the chimpanzee, betrayed by the loved ones. She was profoundly disturbed and ill-equipped to function as a human, much less in a civilized society. Kathy H didn't say all men. I hope the scientific community learned from this humanitarian disaster and nothing like it will ever happen again. 1) A loving family, 2) therapy, 3) education. Then the mother has the temerity to sue the caregivers for their lack of care for the child? He’s dead. The girl allegedly was emitting immature noises and was still in diapers when social workers found about the case, but the officials were anticipating she may still possess a normal ability to learn. I don't understand how they wanted Genie to be in a "good home", yet she would come back to the child care hospital traumatized AGAIN by being punished. I could have had some of my workers watch out for her and let her feed the chickens, cows, gunnies, pigs, horses, turkey, ducks, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and the rabbits. Genie needed to have love and care instead of being treated as a scientific object. Just teach them what you can and try to give them a place to belong were they can love and be loved, we wouldn't put somebody through such torture simply to study it and so we shouldn't look upon such a thing happening outside of our control as an opportunity to do it either because then the only problem you're having is that you couldn't get away with it if you did emulate it rather than it being a problem of ethics at all. ON OFF. Sad story. There are obviously some men who shouldn't become fathers for the best interest of their children. Genie needed love and acceptance as any other human being but she was treated as a scientific guinea pig, for the sake of science and experiments. Kids in prior generations were almost treated like little adults. All because of a domineering, subhuman male beast: Genie’s father! It is poetry. If this were you, would you lose trust in everyone around you? She blossomed emotionally in their care, even as a research subject. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. Brought up in confinement, "Genie" was primitive, brutish, and hardly capable of walking or talking. truly sad how such a cute little girl-woman could never enjoy life as she truly deserved, how true and deep she could be, but, never found an equal in this shallow world, that could not adapt to such a simple person, she really deserved better. She continuously spat, sniffed, and clawed. That I think is the hardest thing to wrap my head around. You definitely would! NOVA follows the contentious attempts to unbolt the secret of the wild child who has reached near maturity in an agonizing seclusion with almost no human contact. First, I want to start by saying that if your going to start something then u should finish it which wasn’t the case in this situation and for FERENC CSICSERI who said “her mother should be in prison for the rest of her life,she is not a mother” seems to me as if he wasn’t really paying attention to the story and put a little to much blame on the further explain the documentary clearly states that her mother was blind and was also a victim of her husbands(genies dad) abusive ways.second it also mentions how genies mother did try to take her back but as a blind person of course she found some issues in were she most likely was not able to interact much with genie. Her father apparently hated children and tried to strangle Genie’s mother while she was pregnant with her first child. among the many people involved in her life. It always seems to come down to ego and money as the motivators in these cases Sad !!! Parents of that era were not as intuitive and in fact, were just newly coming into emotions and child psychology. The mother, who witnessed and possibly participated in this torture of a child, is allowed to take back the child for the summer of her 15th year. They never saw her as a human being. 0:01 - 0:03 [Reporter] Officials in the Los Angeles suburb of Arcadia. Very interesting documentary, I hope she has had a better life since the last events of the documentary. She was mentally warped herself. All she needed was someone to give her that extra time and care, to understand and work with her.. she did not deserve to be thrown around like a unwanted puppy.

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