Episode DescriptionThe chilling thriller concludes with a dramatic and emotional finale. I think we can group the wind chimes in with the "ritual killing" quote from Morton during Stoddard's autopsy. A man who tried to help me. Elena has relocated to Fortitude after spending seven years in prison for the violent murder of her ex-partner. “Yes. The whole waspy bit was badly thought out and badly played out. Did the mammoth wasps infect the young boy at the start and he offloaded into Stoddart. Still there was some unevenness in some finer details (both tonight and throughout): some fuzziness about Elena's infection, Dan's presence in Stoddart's home, the reindeer fetuses, and where did Jason get that gun to off himself? There's no mystery of who did what, no unexplained killings, and the parasites seem quite well wrapped up. I look forward to next season whatever it may be. When Shentel Biotech officials mistake Petra for Dan and run her off the road, the sheriff comes to Petra’s aid but it’s … > Not sure about that finale. How was this supposed to happen? That's not development, it's lack of commitment. How did Elena get infected. The tenacious and stubborn DCI Banks unravels disturbing murder mysteries aided by his young assistants, DS Annie Cabbot and DI Helen Morton. I figured that Ronnie got burnt up along with everything else in the house. Why was Dan at Stoddart's house ALREADY. How did Elena get infected? The behaviour of the alien in the film Alien is modelled on the natural history of the ichneumon wasp. Fortitude “They are called ichneumon wasps. And he’s lived with that in the same way that he understands that Dan has lived and wrestled with his feelings for Elena. SPOILERS: Did Henry know what Dan had done? “When I was doing the research, speaking to a parasitologist at the Natural History Museum – and this for me became a really important idea – she said that the really interesting thing about parasites is when they parasitise a host that they haven’t evolved to co-exist with. Surrounded by the savage beauty of the polar landscape, its future sparkling with the promise of Arctic opportunity, wealth and discovery, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on earth. Indifferent to the finale and not convinced by any of their wasp containment/eradication methods including the explosion in the hospital. Elena Ledesma (formerly Esmerelda Sorolla) is a waitress at the Midnight Sun Hotel in Fortitude and the mistress of Frank Sutter. A psychiatrist. She's currently having an affair with Frank Sutter, a Search & Rescue worker, much to the Sheriff's dismay. It was probably her best day at work ever) and so was 5c, Carrie and Ronnie's home, with Ronnie still inside. There has never been a violent crime here. Vincent faces a life-threatening situation, while Dan must make a devastating decision. Some hated The Wire and Twin Peaks etc etc while others thought them brilliant. Police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences. When Carrie Morgan (Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips) returns from Fortitude after leaving with her father Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris) Elena is tasked with taking care of the little girl. The series is set in the fictional Arctic Norwegian settlement of Fortitude. The final episode of Fortitude Season 2 leaves many questions unanswered, but provides plenty of scope for a third run. Ronnie and Jason found it, Shirley wandered absent mindedly into the cold store, Elena was bitten by one of the wasps in the house Ronnie was stored in. Something stings him…, “It’s full of mammoths but not all mammoths are full of wasps. How did Henry take the photo of Pettigrew’s arm without being immediately aware of what Dan had done? Why is Liam possessive over the doll? 29 of 41 people found this review helpful. I actually thought that there was too much wrapped for a new series. View production, box office, & company info. “You and me are the same,” Pettigrew tells Dan on the journey to the frozen wastes, before graphically describing what he did to Elena, and what he assumes Dan has always wanted to do to her. https://fortitude.fandom.com/wiki/Elena_Ledesma?oldid=4633. Why has no one from London arrived immediately in light of Tucci's death. Is everyone so underwhelmed by the ending they aren't posting? I thought it was left too much in the air for the end of the series. A prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the U.K. and France, and two agents have to work together on behalf of their respective countries to find the murderer. What happened with Natalie Yelburton in the last episode at the end of the show? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Elena Ledesma (formerly Esmerelda Sorolla) is a waitress at the Midnight Sun Hotel in Fortitude and the mistress of Frank Sutter. Did Elena know he was there because the key was gone? 1989. At the beginning of the series she is having an affair with search and rescue officer and former British army pilot, Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock) and is with him when Liam Sutter leaves the house to kill Professor Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston). Thats life....but dont waste your own life watching something you dont like so you can comment on it, because ultimately its only a tv show. If nothing else, Fortitude has been a bold and occasionally bonkers attempt to subvert the detective drama, and it will be interesting to see how the show deals with its forthcoming second series. Dan always visited them there. Elsewhere, Elena's mysterious past is about to catch up with her. Obsessed with the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl near a freezing lake in New Zealand, a brave detective will find herself up against small-town secrets and a side of herself that was meticulously kept at bay. That was never answered. “I always think that it’s related to both the suggestion, the belief that Henry has, that he might be Dan’s father. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the drama television series Fortitude, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Maybe I should rewatch it, and some of the answers I just missed, but it's certainly frustrating at the moment! New information about the death of Billy Pettigrew, Hildur makes a heart-breaking discovery. A mess. Registered in England.

People used their excess fur that was shed to make warm clothing. Location and acting were fantastic. Fortitude was clearly inspired by the Scandi dramas and its biggest problem was that it fell far short of the standards they set for character development. I think right up until he met Morton on the glacier, he didn’t want to face the ghastly truth of what he knew in his heart, and had also seen through his camera lens – that Dan was completely complicit in the savage execution of Pettigrew. However, for me, it did more or less answer the larger questions of the main plot. Dan is a Norwegian Police Service officer who has been stationed in Fortitude for eight years, where he serves as the Sheriff. Fortitude is a place like nowhere else on Earth. But nowhere in the story did Dan get infected. Later in the series, Jason Donnelly is infected with the wasp parasite and kills Ronnie Morgan, hiding his dying and infected body in the cupboard of Ronnie and Carrie's house. To me that was partially a symptom of this episode being a wrap, but that doesn't excuse it either. During epidemics there are always people who don't get sick or survive whatever is killing loads of other people. “In the opening sequence when you see Henry walking along the beach and then hearing a scream, there’s a sequence of significant jump cuts. Overall though, a great series with fantastic acting, especially from Dormer. While others expressed this as a "let down," I didn't really feel that way. They are better in a cooler environment due to their double coat which consists of an undercoat and a thick outer coat that stands straight out. Why has no one from London arrived immediately in light of Tucci's death. Fortitude is a place like nowhere else on Earth. Thursday night’s season finale of Fortitude may well leave viewers with questions about Sky Atlantic’s eerie drama, which saw a crime thriller develop into what writer and creator Simon Donald calls a “horrible, grotesque, distorted version of the natural process”. It is shown in flashbacks that Elena was raped by Billy Pettigrew thus being the reason Dan cuffed him to the pole to be eaten by the polar bear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "You know, when I was in prison I met this man. Has the Russian not now released thousands of wasps with his hole? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Didn't have any of the tension that the rest of the season did, especially with the comical fight between Eric and the Russian. How did he get out? By and large I think so, though your appreciation of this denouement probably depends on how willing you were to go along with the weirdness of the past few weeks. How did the dog get infected. There, she and her boyfriend murdered a man called Ricardo Scelsi, which she several years in prison for. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! Liam seemed to just get up in the middle of the night and killed Stoddart unprovoked. I'd have to rewatch everything to get a handle on how big a disparity it is. Fight between Eric and Russian was hilarious,especially to the background music of Patsy Klines "Crazy"!! Thanks! You see it when children get dog worms – it can cause all sorts of psychological disturbances, blindness and so on – so what we did was we took a real parasitic wasp and we brought it into a human population where it had never been before… This is a wasp that existed pre the last Ice Age in that region and had never before been present in a human population. Plot with more holes than Tesco's value emmental.Why does infection turn you catatonic in some cases (the kid) and perfectly lucid in others...(the crispy burnt guy)?Just a poor poor plot. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Fortitude creator Simon Donald answers some burning questions about the chilling drama, Fortitude series two will pick up seven weeks on with “those who are left standing”, Michael Gambon and Richard Dormer take you behind-the-scenes of new Sky Atlantic drama Fortitude, Sky’s Arctic drama Fortitude is returning for a second blast of chilling drama, Fortitude preview: Atmospheric, eerie and full of stars. fortitude how did elena get infected; Changes Rumored to Be on Horizon for DEA Suspicious Orders; Prescription Delivery Gains Startup Community’s Attention; Vermont Updates Rules to Align Regulation with the DSCSA – And Then Some; Licensing Issues Causes Public Skirmish with State Boards for Drug Companies Good finale and glad they actually gave a feasible explanation for everything that had been going on and glad that it wasn't necessarily obvious before the penultimate episode. It is mentioned by Dan Anderson (Richard Dormer) that she shared joint enterprise for the crime with her boyfriend and that Scelsi was apparently harassing, threatening and abusive towards Elena. Elena also (possibly) had a relationship with a man named Billy Pettigrew, who was recently killed on the outskirts of town. WHERE IS HE?" Overall though, a great series with fantastic acting, especially from Dormer. There are around 12,000 species of them. We see the burning of the mammoth, the burning of Ronny’s house. Why didn't Liam get infected? With Richard Dormer, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Sienna Guillory, Mia Jexen. There has never been a violent crime here. Why Dan was there when Stoddart was killed, and also killed his dog? His father is revealed to be Henry Tyson, a close friend of the family, but this remains unknown to Dan. Following Dan's loss of control, Morton takes over the murder investigation. Why didn't Liam get infected? It's hard to keep track of the timescale in this show. I believe an insect crawled through the keyhole and bit her. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

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