This store allows players to purchase some of the resources needed for crafting. Location #13 ARK Genesis Resource Map Metals. Location #2 If all goes according to plan, the creatures will attack the spikes instead of you. Location #7 When doing so, HLN-A tells you a short story and you earn 1,000 It is located at Latitude 17.0 and Longitude 71.2. Specifies the scaling factor for player characters’ food consumption. I found this to be EXTREMELY helpful. Not every command is working in the INI File or in the Command-Line. If set to True, allows building in caves when PvE mode is also enabled. It is located at Latitude 40.7 and Longitude 73.6. Pelt is found by killing arctic zone-specific creatures such as the mammoths, or other big furry creatures. Location #14 The easy map isn’t easy at all. To use non-admin spectator, the server must specify a spectator password. Cause characters that have not moved or interacted within the KickIdlePlayersPeriod to be kicked. Whether its flying mounts, metal collectors, or straight-up angry monsters for defense, you need that mount ASAP. with you all the engrams, and weapons. This glitch location is present in a small area in the pond. By far the easiest way of earning Hexagons. If you are in PvP, you don’t want to be right on the spawn point because you will be an easily found target for raiders. (this will only destroy wild creatures that are NOT currently being tamed, Survival of the Fittest servers can launch with this commandline option to output a dated log file to \Saved folder, which will contain a timestamped kill & winners log listing steam id, steam name, character name, etc. Location #5 Only Windows, -StructureDestructionTag=DestroySwampSnowStructures, One-Time Auto-Structure Demolish on Swamp and Snow Zones: To do this, which you can only execute once after updating to v216, run your server or game with this commandline. when you reach the level for that engram. The Obsidian is a flat top, smooth-edged, marble-esque texture. Location #3 They are found on large underwater mountain pillars. In addition, all the resources are spread out between the different maps, so you have to port around and then make it back to your home base. an oil refinery on top of the spawn and farm oil super easy. Changes the maximum number of platformed-creatures/rafts allowed on the ARK (a potential performance cost), Higher number increases (on a percentage scale) max number of items place-able on saddles and rafts. Location #12 This value determines the length of each day, relative to the length of each night (as specified by, Specifies the scaling factor for the damage dinosaurs deal with their attacks. Ark: Genesis the brand new DLC for the popular Ark: Survival Evolved. The default value, Specifies the scaling factor for the damage players deal with their attacks. Luckily for you, we did that research. Specifies the scaling factor for the decay rate of player structures in PvE mode. Feel free to comment on any article, guide or video if you have any questions or feedback. Always keep some spike traps on hand, and when you inevitably get pounced or need to escape, drop a spike trap between you and your attacker. It is located at Latitude 42.7 and Longitude 73.6. Must be placed under [/script/engine.gamesession] in GameUserSettings.ini to function when not used in the command line. from the Lunar Biome instead. hexagons. We believe that every child can achieve great things. The specific effect(s) of this option and its range of valid values are unknown as of this writing. This glitch location is present on the edge of a pond of lava. They pull you in and suck your blood if you are not careful, but when tamed make a fantastic mobility utility for all zones. Set up some spikes and let nature do the rest. I am not sure why the Arctic Zone isn’t categorized as hard because if the fang and talon creatures don’t kill you, you’re going to freeze to death. Mission zones are highlighted when placing building pieces or can be toggled on at all times by speaking with HLN-A. Fix the glitches to get Hexagons as a reward. Elder Scrolls Online Next Chapter Announcement in Las Vegas, Ambergris (found in the floating whale’s inventory). Fixed a savegame corruption case with large savegames: this is experimental, so try with this command, if you have any saves that don’t load. Specifies the scaling factor for dinosaurs’ food consumption. Location #3 Making playing each zone a necessity. It is located at Latitude 43.2 and Longitude 80.6. to transfer around your main high-level character through all the maps, taking It is located at Latitude 17.2 and Longitude 87.9. All of your CPU cores will be used, if all of them are not being utilized after using this launch option, then try to disable it! The Black Pearls are probably the biggest resource draw for this zone. Location #5 The oxygen tank is tripled in the ocean. The super rare items such as Element is very Specifies the scaling factor for dinosaurs’ stamina consumption. Ocean and Volcanic have been deemed hard and Lunar is very hard. ~70% faster loading speed option. Base time when value is 1 appears to be 1 minute real time equals approx. Higher values increase stamina consumption (dinosaurs get tired faster). There is a ton of new content added with this new DLC including missions, creatures, and brand new areas for you to explore. Run up when it stops shooting gas and collect similar to how you collect from a Bee Hive (for me I press F on it). Location #4 New games come out every month, let us help you figure which ones are worth your time.

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