Docks (upper area) – KO Kabuto (Deft deadeye). The Wonder Comic reality shift can only be activated in Country of the Musketeers. Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder spells all prove useful, as does Strike Raid and the flying slash portion of Blizzard Edge. The affinity point gain to time ratio is actually higher by not playing the games and instead cancelling out of them by using the button and selecting Exit, but this is also very costly. Welcome to my Treasure Chest Guide for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance!This guide is intended to help you in your quest to open all 438 treasure chests scattered throughout the game's seven worlds. For once there are no difficulty completion trophies but you are still required to play on Proud in order to unlock an ability needed for one trophy. Use the same procedure as before, and don’t forget to increase your materials to improve stats and tickle your pet aplenty before proceeding. This will be done naturally completing the story. On top of this no items or munny carry over. Wait until your opponent is readying an attack and defend by pressing, Use your transformed Mega Flare card to attack by pressing, While your Mega Flare is casting reload your deck by holding. Complete La Cité des Cloches as both Sora and Riku. Prankster's Paradise – Amusement Park (Sora). Champions of the Digital World Dream Piece Collector Avenue to Dreams (rooftops) – Aura Lion (King of beasts). All spirit levels and link board progress will be reset. In order to select a panel you must move the in the direction shown on the panel you want to activate. Destroying the crates reveals a chest containing a Vibrant Fantasy. Max out and install all Support and Spirits abilities. He has an extremely large amount of HP and the fight will only last a set period of time before he will run off on you. Below is a list of all commands required and where they can be found: Please see Bull's-Eye for an explanation on reality shifts and triggering them. The easiest place to unlock this is during the second tutorial, as there is a portion that specifically details duels and forces you to play one. Champions of the Opéra House Catacombs – Necho Cat (Footloose feline). Rinse and repeat until all portals are complete. Use Zero Gravira/ga in amongst the middle of them to lock them in place and lower their HP a little, hit a few of them to trigger your reality shift, activate it and then hope that it manages to defeat at least four of them. La Cité des Cloches – Court of Miracles (Sora). Story related and cannot be missed. Achieve 100% completion in Combat, Story, Items, and Game Records. It is advised to keep multiple saves when nearing 100% completion in any of these sections so that you may reload the save and recomplete them if needed. The Light Cycle mini-game is exclusive to Riku's version of The Grid. Followers 1. Fill in all nodes using accumulated Link Points (LP) on any spirit's board and you will receive a notification telling you that you have done so and this trophy will unlock. There is a lot to do in this step. Complete all Secret Portals as both Sora and Riku. Ability Ace Sora: Whenever you interact with a Battle Portal or Special Portal there will be an attached Bonus Objective on the information screen. Monstro: Bowels – Iceguin Ace (Slippery slider). You may need to drop between characters a few times to get this portal to spawn. To unlock this trophy you need to max out all Support and Spirit abilities and turn them on. They look the same as the other kind of portals but will clearly state Secret Portal on the information screen when interacted with. This trophy will unlock after completing The Grid and sealing the keyhole as both Sora and Riku. Riku arrives in Traverse Town. If you are having issues getting all three spirits happy at the same time try swapping out one to a different spirit (some seem harder to make happy then others) or wait a while before trying again as they seem to become happy easier when you haven't given them attention in a while. Secret Cup – Reach a Flick Rush rank of 17. In usual fashion there is a lot of journal completion to be done ranging from completing all mini-games, defeating the secret boss and collecting one of every single item in the game. The main factor contributing to your rank at the end is time due to the fact that completing the dive under a certain time will award you with a large score multiplier.

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