Here's a link to what we bought if others are curious:, Can my neighbor legally put a trail camera on a tree and have it facing my windows. She has studied home and business security issues for years, and always shares useful tips and tricks with her fans. Even if you’re not intent is not criminal, the act itself is against the law, making you the criminal. Report him to PETA, lol, they'll get him squared away. My name is Ben. Security cameras can be jammed. If someone were to harm my cat I'd find it very difficult to remain calm and composed. I have a feeling there's much more to the story that you're not telling us. You may adjust the angle of your CCTV cameras to check if they can capture the intruder. You could place something to block the light from your neighbor's porch light. Monetary penalties, up to $112,500, can be applied for just one act of using a jammer. Also, you may consult local attorney for further assistance. The goal is to keep our homes and property as safe as possible. Hope this helps. Cops say I have to catch him on the camera. Not a single helpful tip in the entire thing. but i really pissed him off installing a cam to catch him coming and going into the back door of his home (or entering his back yard from anywhere) b/c then i can go an do a sweep of the yard once i know he's been out. i also installed them watching the back of my yard over the fence toward his property where most of the large glass has been thrown, since it's where my dog likes to dig. We are entitled to quiet enjoyment of our properties, we should not be expected to live in the dark with closed curtains and paper on our windows! Later on when I got home, I couldn't find my cat anywhere. For now I just put up a piece of cardboard in my window so that the LEDs don't reflect off of it the night vision LEDs, that allows it to really pick up the outside much better. He's been trapping cats and taking them god knows where, never to be seen again. i have recently notices several cameras at a neighbhors house sorta pointed at the street with one and atleast 2 more aimed pretty close to road dont seem to know why they have done this. It would be unacceptable and illegal for your neighbor to set up a security camera and face it towards your property. WAIT! Disturbing the function of the security device by interfering with communication will lead to jamming. If a home invader or burglar is determined to get into your home, simply locking the doors may not be enough to keep them out. why would you want to be such a creepy neighbor, i had one before, i smashed his face with a cinder block, got 3 felony charges, but once police got a warrant and seen his footage, he got 7 years, state dropped charges against me and asked me to be a witness against the creepy moron he was. You are no doubt peeping Tomming on your neighbor and they'd had it. Also, you can close the curtain or shade on the window to block security cameras. Once a person showed up and then blanked out. Click here to learn more, /how-to-protect-outdoor-security-cameras-like-a-pro/ & /how-to-prevent-security-cameras-being-tampered/. I don't want them to touch their porch light and that sounds a bit ridiculous to even ask. Learning your country/state security camera privacy laws can also help you learn whether your neighbor has violated certain laws or regulations. Hello, there, it depends on how intense the laser is. The neighbor BROKE his camera on HIS property. And oftentimes with these solutions, there’s someone very determined to override that solution to go back to the same problem again. And you can show the police your video footage if the camera captures your neighbor trapping cats. It’s obvious that blocking someone from using their cell phone for communication would cause quite an issue. Hello, Barrett, you may communicate with your neighbor and ask them to change their porch light. Hope this helps. Freakin loser needs to be caught...and fast. Some models have GPS tracking and cellphone call blocker. A Wired Security Camera can be jammed via tampering with the wire or connected equipment. What's the best most non-intrusive way to stop the CCTV camera working and retain our privacy? Hi, Calli, setting up a security camera is a wise option to catch your neighbor in the act. They have put up about 6 long metal poles, about 30 metres in height and aimed multiple cameras to capture pretty much my entire property wirelessly. Though it’s important for a […], link to 8 Ways to Reinforce a Door to Prevent a Kick in, link to Are Double Pane Windows Safer? You may also contact the police and local attorney for further assistance. But best thing if wireless is to change passwords use VpN and encryption but as far as cameras can't be hacked go pro trail camera anything that records to internal without any sort of network connection without psychical contact with it to change the video or delete it. In the United States, it is illegal to sell, advertise, or even use a jammer. If you are not comfortable with those cameras, you may talk to your neighbor and ask him to redirect the cameras away from your home. However, when a jammer is being used, it can block any device within a certain range from connecting and communicating. it went dead black cold and will not reboot. In addition to security cameras, jamming can affect other types of communications, such as…. He hid the cat somewhere before I could get over to his place. For example, new N.Y. law allows neighbors to sue over unwelcomed outdoor cameras. Thanks. But criminals are so determined to find ways around these systems, making it difficult to make them 100% secure. No sympathy for peeping Toms. I've seen this countless times on the local news........and as a clue, always close your blinds during evening hours, cameras or not....jeeeeeez, Hi, there, thanks for sharing your ideas with us.^o^. Be cool and polite and ask him if he could reposition his cameras. Copyright 2020 © Reolink All Rights Reserved. been plugged in ALL weekend and nothing has changed. Told them no, so they started drilling large nails into one that is obviously in the way of one of the cameras. Hope this helps. I've got horrendous neighbours over the road. I agree, I would never ask my neighbors that and in fact I don't want any of my neighbors to not have their porch lights on. There are very few rational reasons to do this. Depending on the capacity you’ve been caught using the jammer, there are various punishments one can face. Two of our previous posts cover the best ways to protect your outdoor security cameras from being tampered with and you may take them into consideration. Impede your location services when enabled on your mobile device, making it impossible to find you (this is particularly dangerous if you’re in an emergency situation). Keeping in compliance with the laws prohibiting the use of these devices is one way that we can defend ourselves. If your neighbor's security camera just captures your house as part of a broader area, it is perhaps not invading your privacy, at least not deliberately. Hope this would help. Additionally, you may put up cheap posts with cloth flags along the property line to block the CCTV security camera' view. Use a small device that you can easily store. It also proves to be a practical way to blind or disrupt security cameras by searching related information online. Hi Tabatha, it is only acceptable and legal for your neighbor to set up a security camera in his own property. Jamming a GPS signal could result in someone not being able to dial 911, or the emergency services being unable to find that person. Paranoia is a common and unfortunate refrain and I don't know what you can do beyond trying to make your friend feel better. Some cams have an option to block certain areas of the field of view just for this problem. Hi, Vic, it is best not to point your security cameras to your neighbor's yard in avoidance of any privacy disputes. So we (as an HOA) got one of these license plate readers and posted it to the entrance/exit of the subdivision, so when someone hits a car parked on the street, or steals an amazon box, or breaks into a car, we get their license plate number when they exit the neighborhood, and the cops can actually prosecute them. The most straightforward and effective method to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to have an open conversation with him. I have a camera in my window some aiming at my front porch. You may visit the forums to see if there are people having the same problems and how they disable or disrupt a security camera. :). From his angle all you see is the camera not where it was pointing. I have some on my kitchen window, bathroom window and on one of my living room windows. Preventing any devices using wi-fi from actually being able to access and connect to the internet. I finally just put a piece of dark cardboard on my window to hide it and it helped but because my cameras are shooting through the window there's reflection. If you adopt one of them to jam, destroy, mess up or turn off security cameras, you might be involved in criminal trouble due to these illegal acts. And thanks for acknowledging my really long comment. The first is that you must determine the frequency of the security camera. (Learn how to find the security camera blind spots.). My neighbour has been gaining access to my home for quite sometime now and although I have had 3 cctv cameras installed he is still getting in. Please try again later. I have firearms in my house legally purchased and stored. Using a transmitter to affect simple communication might seem like a prank or a silly joke, but these devices could also impede nearby emergency communication. How to deal with a snooping neighbor who has actually installed what looks to be a game-camera on my front yard. It was super easy to put on too. "I've got a snoopy neighbor pointing his CCTV infrared cameras at our back yard. Is it possible to blind or disable a game camera? IK know...:-( Mine doesn't I THINK I'm going to just black out that part of my window because it'll then not reflect and show at least HALF my yard...Can't buy a new cam just yet. Under our useless laws the police were not able to charge him. He said they were pointing at HIS own entrances. The privacy fence, bamboo curtains and yard shade sails are also effective tools to disable CCTV security cameras. Google is a trademark of Google LLC.Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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