Moreover, the opportunity to hunt areas with healthy elk herds, mature 6 point bulls and adventures for that abound! The 3 year harvest average is sitting at 76%. If you are after a fun hunt with the possibility of a 300 class bull or slightly better, this is a great hunt choice. The 3 year harvest average is sitting at 76%. Definitely a noteworthy choice. Trophy potential is standard for Idaho and harvest odds are great. With ample public land, those who are fortunate enough to draw a tag will have a great pursuit and likely harvest. Being a bowhunter with a couple of mule deer hunts already on the books, I knew that I would have to pick up a different weapon and hunt in the later part of the year to get more opportunities. Joined Aug 25, 2019 Messages 1. Nonetheless, draw odds are better than most, and the harvest odds are excellent! Either way this area is worth a second look. High public land and good access make this hunt choice excellent. Using goHUNT Maps species distribution layers for Colorado elk and deer, How to use the measurement tool on goHUNT Maps, Four things I wish I knew when I started backpack hunting, Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg, OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt, Montana hunters survive grizzly bear attack. Somethings not … Skills, Insider, mule deer, hunting, opportunity, OTC, scouting, research. Nonetheless, the Gem state is not where we tend to apply for giant bulls. As with pronghorn hunting in many western states, rifle hunters have the highest success rate, with muzzleloader and archery coming in second and third respectively in terms of success. Although you may hear some bugles, there are 100 permits here and the elk will likely shut down in short order once they start hearing rifle shots. Are your kids ready to hunt out West yet? If you want to hunt deer and elk in Idaho, think about buying your tags early. Even at a distance the sight is awe inspiring. To start more in depth research I went to INSIDER, plugged in Idaho > Mule deer > Rifle (over the counter) to look at what units offered an OTC season on the map. Unit 36A-1 and 36A-2 Comprising mid-level foothill country. I was both excited and nervous; I had not hunted deer with a rifle in nearly 15 years and backpack hunting in the middle of October would be an extreme hunt due to terrain and weather. Idaho offers several very good unit choices for hunters looking to harvest a trophy antelope. The following units are a selection as top choice hunts for Idaho, these hunts are not likely to produce Boone and Crockett class animals. lacking slightly on the access panel this hunt choice is a bit rough but still far from extreme. Idaho experienced a harsher than normal winter in 2018-2019. Draw odds are excellent, and harvest odds are very reasonable considering the weapon type. However, 83% of those were 6 points or better and rumor has it there are some big bulls being killed down there. For nonresidents, there are a limited number of general season deer and elk tags available. Excellent hunt dates, very high public land percentage and harvest odds that would make any bowhunter double take. A difficult unit to draw, Unit 37-1 offers excellent hunter success rates wile consistently produces trophy quality pronghorns. Hunt for a COLORADO GIANT! This caused a reduction in the pronghorn population across the state. For the nonresident applicant 30A is a solid choice. By accepting you will be accessing a service provided by a third-party external to, Copyright 2016-2020. Dive into this article on how Brady Miller uses INSIDER to read how to go through the process.

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